Preface: What Price For Freedom?


There are various places men dream of flying away to – like a bird. The destinations vary due to the individual man, his preference, his endurance level and his history. Those men who are like bird have trouble staying in one destination and it does not necessarily have to do with the change of seasons… A change of heart. Or to sample different climates, by their own admission. Unfortunately, some men are not like the bird, but like vultures instead. Even for the bird without legs; birds fly away humbly. Vultures prey and will go as far as feeding off of the feeble and the dead. Both will eventually land to their desired destination, but is it true that the vulture will make it there faster and more steady? In some cases, birds kill while others are killed by simple wind turbulence, hunters or other forms of destructive nature. I suppose you can say, some birds wings are just not that strong.

All of this, in the name of freedom.

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