Dissention Saves Lives

Dissention Saves Lives

First and foremost, I want to give thanks to a blogger who goes by the name of Dissention. I’ve been reading this man’s blog for nearly a month now and I’ve discovered it right at a time when I’ve discovered the beginning of my own happiness. Everything he says is on point and it’s like scripture to me. I think it, he blogs about it and the topics touched are things that I have innately known and experienced for years, but never written it down and mastered it to the public eye.

From Men’s Rights, preferring escorts over “real” women, the decline of The American Dream, The American Woman, pussy (healthy sexual development), overworked Asian cultures who are “devoted to anti-happiness”, dickless beta males (including the beta court system who are pawns for women in America) and how the good gets fucked over repeatedly – in addition to occasional photos of sex art – this blog answers most of my hard questions that I’ve asked myself for years and it leaves me more thirsty for knowledge. I salute him and place him in the small category of great men whose real-world knowledge and words of wisdom inspire(d) me.

Mr. Odessa

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