Great Sex Compels Obsessive Behavior


Has anyone ever had sex so good that you just can’t stop thinking about it? Then you masturbate to the thoughts in your head that you backtrack about it? Can you honestly remember the great sex you had back in, let’s say, 1997?

Well, this past Labor Day week – the final holiday of Summer – I’ve had two great sexual encounters with two of the most beautiful women that I just cannot get out of my system. Not just because I lasted so long without coming and maintained erections so hard to the point to where my dick needed possible anger management for being so damned hard (the veins protruded like never before), but because these two ladies were insanely beautiful. You know, like supermodels.

Asses were slapped, pipe was laid, mouths were covered and noises were made. Throats were choked, sweat was shed and I made them both rub my leathery head.

But honestly, this was not the first time I’ve had two different partners in one week. Before, I have settled (once with a stripper who passed away 9 months after I met her), but this time, the elegance of these women were beyond my wildest desires (at least that what I’m saying now, but even then, I doubt I could ask for better, unless I traveled). The sex was captivating, making me feel better than the birth of the summer sunrise. The masturbation, however, makes me oversleep and fatigue.

I hate waking up at 11am. I fucking hate masturbating even more.

I guess home isn’t that bad after all…

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