Are Brown-Skinned Asians More Receptive to Black Men?


Since I entered high school, I’ve developed a huge fascination in Asian culture – mainly out of curiosity, in addition to the fact that I was also unhappy with the erratic behavior of my own people: The African-American. The fascination started with my discovery of the Hong Kong Chinese entertainment industry, which turned into my learning Chinese (Cantonese) and Japanese. Of the two languages, I’ve learned that Japanese was harder than Chinese. I’ve taken Japanese in high school for two years. Unfortunately, much of it I forgot. Chinese, however, stuck with me because for one, my interest in Chinese superseded Japanese. I then developed a huge interest in Asian women.

I have always found Asian women to be naturally beautiful, with a mysteriousness about them. And if I ever saw a curvy Asian woman with the ass of a Latina or a Black woman? I go into predator mode. In the Detroit suburbs, there are not many Asian people to be found and for those who do reside in the area, they have maintained beauty and barber supplies, nail salons and they stay quiet and low-key. So, there were hardly any Asian women in sight. Most certainly no hot Asian girls in my high school – no that I’d see many in the club scene as I became an adult, either. My town was full of pompous black girls who were also filled with hidden rage, just waiting for the right time to show their asses and unleash their furies, in addition to young white girls from various walks of life. While I admit I’ve seen many hot Asian ladies on social websites such as Asian Avenue, dating websites and Asian cinema, the likes of the stereotypical angry, scorned black woman – who I could care less about – would love to take the ball and say that I was “conditioned by the media”. In all actuality, I was curious.

Among studying how many Asian people conduct themselves (particularly when I was in summer school one year, as well as engaging in certain online communities), I’ve noticed the brainy, lighter-skinned ones kept to themselves, refusing to interact with anyone else out of either safety, contempt for others or because they simply had more in common within their own kind. It would only be a couple of Vietnamese girls who would interact with their peers of other ethnicities. Due to my additional observation as I entered adulthood, I would bear witness to how brown-skinned Asians (ranging from Thais, Filipinos, Cambodians, Indonesians and the Vietnamese) who originated from Southeast Asian countries were very attracted to black men and hip-hop culture. I’ve seen a number of Southeast Asian, as well as some Americanized Asian and Hawaiian ladies mingle with black men without any qualms, pauses and no interference from their parents, even though the ladies were at an age where they could live freely, by their own will and without facing traditional and familial guilt. I’ve seen many black men who do prefer Asian women have an easier time approaching brown-skinned Asian feline than light-skinned Asian women from the East (who range from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese). Now do not get it twisted; I know a number of East Asian women who have no problem mingling with black men, on either a monogamous level or a sexual level (though some of it deals with sexual stereotypes which leads to sexual fetishes, be they pertaining to Asian women being submissive, or black men being hung like horses or having an extremely higher sex drive than any other ethnicity of men).

I have discovered based on my own observation that not only are East Asian parents more strict to the point of near-slavery towards their children and will not allow their children to have much of a social, outdoor life based on their obsessions with their children’s academic over-achievement (which causes them to excel in the corporate world). In addition to their employer/employee-like relationship with their own offspring, I’ve heard very many instances from East Asian originated college girls complaining about their parents interfering with their personal lives and not letting them go out in the world and do anything. In my senior year of high school, I met a reckless Latina girl who hated Asians with a passion and never understood my attraction to Asian women. She always ranted about how they were always book smart, but never street smart. One day, she bragged about embarrassing the hell out of one Asian girl who was at a local McDonald’s, simply because she was overdressed and purposely threw a beverage in the poor girl’s face. “She put on a hundred pounds of make-up just go to McDonald’s.” One story that struck with me is how another Asian woman’s mother broke into her college dorm room, snooping through her clothes, laundry and dresser drawers. I must say I was appalled by this and this was enough for me to reevaluate ever dating these women for a while. One of her peers suggested that she sue her mother for invasion of privacy or emotional distress, which this young lady never even heard of or had the guts to do.

Upon reading Stefhen F.D. Bryan’s book Black Passenger In Yellow Cabs (a book about a Jamaican black man’s journey of fulfilling his fetish of Asian women, bedding Asian women all throughout the continent of Asia), he described a disturbing discovery of how in Japan, if a woman was not married, whether she had children or not, she was obliged to remain at home with her parents and that it is not often that women are free, thanks to certain traditional standards which are carried on by ridiculously sexist Japanese men. The author admits in an interview that based on this, Japan is in dire need of feminism (and upon hearing this, which occurred before I even read the book, I’m thinking to myself “I thought Middle Eastern women need feminism more than anybody.”). Plus, as he wrote and experienced, Korea has a strong dislike for tourists and they certainly did not allow black men entrance in Korean nightclubs.

I have also noticed that brown-skinned Asians tend to enjoy life more, even though their native land remains economically disenfranchised, they live happy without much moral restraint, they relate with persons of other ethnicities (which includes the stereotypical “Ghetto Asian Girls” who speak to black men with their overuse of Hip-Hop lingo, including their use of the “N” word, which I notice young Thai girls using freely), they tend to be more lenient towards their children and do not interfere with their sexual development.

There are still a high number of East Asian parents who have a strong dislike to their offspring, especially their daughters, socializing with black men. I am reminded one young nerdy Chinese guy’s justification for this: “Elderly Chinese Asians view black men as the most violent, the dirtiest and the dumbest and we have the 10’o’clock news to support this perception.” He continued to say “My biggest fear is that they will steal all of our prettiest Asian women.” This guy, in particular, hated seeing Asian girls explore their sexuality as he believed in oppressive traditional standards and hated white guys with a deep passion. If I had a hundred dollars for every time I heard an East Asian guy voice out his ugly contempt and hatred for seeing Asian women parade their sexuality and especially engage in interracial dating with white and black men, I would have bought a used 2007 Pontiac G6 from a fucking B-Lot by now, providing that money went untouched over the years.

Again, I am certainly not categorizing an entire group of persons based on my observations, which will never come to an end, unless that is caused by death or being placed in the shackles of marriage, which may restrict any human interactions I have with the world. I am also witnessing how women in America, regardless of their race, are taking charge of their lives and controlling their own destiny. Five years ago, I met a crazily amazing Chinese lady who was married to a white man with two sons, who resided somewhere on the west coast (California, I believe, which is loaded with Asian beauties). Her eyes were like daggers with the softest lips and a round, curvy ass built for some serious intruding. We both lost touch of each-other three years ago and I’ll just assume this was based on her focusing on her sons. Her and I never met offline, but every other weekend, her and I would webcam, particularly while she was alone at her office, right before her staff clocked in at 9AM pacific time. She would occasionally lift her skirt (while she came to work without any panties on occasion), show me her buns and rectum, her pussy and stuff her fingers in her mouth, as if she yearned for me to deep-throat her via oral sex. It did not stop there: She would text me photos and videos, asking me if I wanted her to pose for me. That turned into the occasional sexting and phone sex; all without her husband’s knowledge. She discovered I was a huge ass-fetishist and she would always show me her buns and asshole and her even-more-beautiful angelic-like MILF face. Whatever I wanted from her, she virtually gave it to me. She would go as far as telling me she couldn’t stand the husband as he was “a control freak”. I could have met her in person, but my own laziness and my not having my shit together thwarted that. Then, I lost touch with her. This was not the only time I’ve had a positive social interaction with an East Asian woman (one of my personal trainers was a Chinese lady).

I now, however, find myself more attracted to Southeast Asian women and not only because of their liking to black men, but I dig brown skin. I like curvy bodies. I love shapely brown and tanned bubble butts. I am currently pursuing a Cambodian lady who lives in the States and owns her own food catering business. She, like very many brown-skinned Asians I’ve come across recently – foreign or domestic, is very savvy in African-American culture, speaks with overused hip-hop lingo and loves “thug sex”. Looking more foreign without an Americanized look on her in the slightest, she possesses beauty, elegance, an insanely curvy set of buttocks I’ve only seen from one angle (she remains shy about showing me the rest, knowing I have an ass obsession – or maybe, she’s playing hard to get, which I accept coming from the likes of her), adding to the fact that she’s unhappily married to a black man because her insatiable sexual appetite is larger than his, to the point to where she is an at-home nudist/exhibitionist.

On a more disturbing note, I met a streetwalker in my town who was a full-blooded Thai, which I am happy to say that I avoid her and streetwalkers like a plague now as my standards have gone so much higher than ever. Plus, she has done some embarrassing shit that I will not mention at this point. She was also a hustler who played men just as bad as some men play women. I’ve come across a number of women like her or worse who play men so much to where alpha males would look like boy scouts and choir boys. In regards to elite black men traveling to Southeast Asia, it is becoming very common and based on what I’ve been informed, brothers are treated with the utmost respect there; Something I will not comment on as for one, I have no experience, yet and I will leave it at that!

I cannot wait to get to Southeast Asia someday!


  1. My Aunt is married to a black man and I have 3 little blasian cousins. I’m Vietnamese BTW and SE Asia fucking rocks! Thanks for following BTW!

    Jayde Onyx Lei

    Jayde, you’re welcome. You aren’t a bad chick at all and I enjoy your blog!

  2. Well your article here pretty much sums up why East Asian parents don’t want their kids getting involved with non-East Asians. CULTURE.
    I mean, that Latina chick you described is a perfect example of why East Asian parents in this regard are correct.
    And who wants their kids growing up loving hip hop and using the n word?

  3. “The author admits in an interview that based on this, Japan is in dire need of feminism (and upon hearing this, which occurred before I even read the book, I’m thinking to myself “I thought Middle Eastern women need feminism more than anybody.”)”.

    Nobody needs feminism. Feminism = Female supremacy. As another black male, I agree with your stance on black women, matriarchal societies and what it has done to the black community and image.

    If you really don’t like any of this then why in the fuck would you support feminism? Its a destructive ideology the inherently tries to label men as “oppressors”, women as victims and attempts to excuse the abuse of men under the banner of “equality”.

    BTW the middle east has “had” feminism before. Like its destroying the USA and UK now. What happens is women abuse the newfound privileges men gave them out of good will and end up ruining everything. So then men go back to stripping women completely of their rights and putting them in a more subservient position. As a blogger that has presumably read the manosphere and a black man (this stuff affected blacks before anyone else in the US) I would thought you would have known better.

    Ergeniz, consider a few things:

    I am not against ‘equality’ for women in regards to equal pay and decision-making. The true concept of feminism wasn’t supposed to be about ‘supremacy’, but ‘equality’. However, many feminists and power-hungry bitches took the ball and ran with it. There’s even a book about it called “Who Stole Feminism?” by Christina Hoff Sommers. I agree that it has turned into something quite destructive and I know how it’s causing western society and other parts of The Anglosphere to deteriorate from the inside out. But consider what’s happening in the Middle East with the evils of Sharia Law. Yes, I said that The Middle East needs feminism more than anyone else, because look at the bullshit that is happening there — Honor killings, female genital mutilation, women being decapitated and beat by their own brothers, uncles and fathers for engaging in the simplest provocation in regards to adultery and women being stoned to death. I will not advocate any of that shit for a minute.

    Middle Eastern women (and those who have had Muslim and Islamic principles force-fed to them) are not free in the same way other women are nationwide, unless they are Americanized. I met a young Middle Eastern chick who was Americanized and she, like most western chicks, had a lust for thug dick and bisexuality. Plus, she was an escort. She rejected me because I wasn’t ‘hood’ enough, though she has a black boyfriend in prison for murder. You should have heard some of the things she said about Muslim culture and how “fucked up” it is and I actually agree. I’m not supporting feminism, but I do still firmly believe that Middle Eastern women need it there the most. Not spoiled, entitled western women or women in other countries who do not have the problems that the Middle East has.

    Everything else you’ve said, I agree and we have seen what matriarchy (Feminism 1.0) has done to the black community. But in an odd way, it has worked in favor of the alphas and the intelligent brothas, because they get to aim for the best and engage in greener pastures. Most black women are starting to feel the hurt and the karma of high-value black men leaving them hanging in the cold. If there’s anyone I feel sorry for in that situation, it’s the children – especially young black boys who can’t function or become late-bloomers in life, if they bloom at all.

    I’ll explain this in further detail in an upcoming topic about Unrestrained Female Hypergamy and I hope to get your stance on it once it’s posted hopefully before the year is out.

  4. Actually, you’d be surprised friend. Christina is wrong; no-one ‘stole’ feminism. From the start feminism was about bored middle-class white women looking for something to stir up. I’ve also heard other sources say it arouse from ugly women’s contempt for sexual marketplace which has support as well. But regardless, none of it was about equality.

    Are you aware that is was not men who denied women the vote? It was actually other women. At the first assembly where it was discussed it was women who were against the right to vote. Also, in most countries the common man only gained the right to vote mere years before women did. Traditionally, it was people who owned land and wealth who could vote (and in the US, yes that included women).

    Women traditionally did not hold the same “rights” men had because they had privileges men did not. You cannot say women deserve the right to vote for example, when they don’t have to do anything to earn it. The common man has to sign up for selective service to get his right to vote. Men (especially single men) are also taxed more and men in general pay at least 70% of taxes in the US. Where is this equality you are speaking of? If women actually wanted it from the start like you said they would have done that and not just cherry picked things they thought they wanted from men and kept their privileges from being women.

    Things like having to wear burkas, female circumcision, mercy killings are beside the point. Women brought that on themselves. You say women should be free to express their sexuality, make choices on the country, etc. And look where it gets us. Women vote differently than men and they almost always vote for more socialistic laws unless they are married to a man that does not share those views. Not to mention feminism and women have not introduced ONE law that has benefited both genders. Just laws to hurt men, blame men, steal men’s resources.

    This is why the founding fathers said women should not vote. Because women don’t look after other’s interests but themselves.

    Muslim women were actually asked about feminism awhile back (I’ll see if I can find the article). Guess what? They said they didn’t want it. Even if we disagree about some of the ways muslim women are treated feminism isn’t the answer. A ideology that puts one group of people over another in the name of oppression will never lead to anything good.

    Last thing. While I agree women deserve equal pay, etc. There’s a few factors about this. First of all the wage gap is a lie (I’m assuming you know this). Its because women generally don’t work as hard, long and in as tough professions as men. Women have a serious problem with the apex fallacy – they only see the top men and what they do. So when they scream oppression about jobs and stuff what they really mean is, “Why can’t I have the cushy executive manager position” ? So you have affirmative action attempting to get all these women in those jobs and things like STEM. That’s also why we have a shit economy. Because so much money is devoted to paying women who basically do nothing. But women don’t see the “lower-end” jobs. You don’t see trashwomen. Female electricians. Female plumbers. Female mechanics. You know, jobs that actually matter. When the power grid goes down or there’s a natural disaster who is doing the work to keep society running? On the opposite end who are the ones always complaining and bitching with their hands on their hips. How many female inventors are there, period? Let alone made anything useful.

    Men don’t hold women back from equality. Women do that themselves. Women are not victims, and while I don’t agree with what the muslims do there are rational reasons for them rooted in the nature of women and what they tend to do when they become ‘equal to men.

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