Religion Is For the Feeble, the Dumb and the Abused


“Religion has convinced people that there’s an invisible man … living in the sky. Who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn’t want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer, and suffer, and burn, and scream, until the end of time. But he loves you. He loves you. He loves you and he needs money.” ~ George Carlin

Touching on the subject of religion is very rocky and it can be a touchier subject than race relations, politics and America’s gender war. All four subjects, I try to avoid as they are equally heavy to the point of damning persons who go against the grain of primary beliefs. I am more focused on my happiness and I refuse to be categorized and places in one spot. Besides, there are other and more vital life matters which are more stressful to indulge in. I’ll try to make this one brief, unlike many of my blogs (I am currently working on that).

Religion is for the feeble, the dumb and the abused. In my observation, the only people who attend church are those who have no guts to defend themselves or former assholes trying to repent and clear up their resume. Those who have problems facing reality. Those who have no authentic hobby. And especially, those who have been used and abused. And I am not saying this just because my mother turned religious right after my stepfather cheated on her years ago… on her birthday. Suddenly, she turned into a real bible-thumper and she even used religion to dumb his ass down (as misery loves company and to a degree, he deserved some of that) and, hell, it worked. Fortunately, I was smarter and gutsier than that. The only time most people I knew went to church was after someone or a group of people fucked them over. And it burned them pretty bad. This, because suicide is not an option, because most people actually choose to live. But to live in vain is just as bad, if you ask me. Let the meek tell you (who some guy who wrote The Bible told you “shall inherit the earth”), “Just put it in God’s hands and you’ll be alright Let them keep fucking you over, but just pray about it.” Well, last time I checked, God is an angry god, although His choice of profane words are not as strong as those that we use today! Every time I went to church, it was only to make my mother temporarily happy and every time, I felt like I had down syndrome. I felt worse than I did when I entered an Ethics class in college, feeling as if I were surrounded by a bunch of fucking criminally idealistic dreamers. And the acts people would put on… After all of that jumping, speaking in tongues and shouting God’s name out the loudest, they would go home and it’s back to business as usual. Yet they actually believe doing acrobats would magically erase history. I’m sorry, but doing jump ropes in church will not make you bastards go to heaven any faster with a VIP pass!

For years, it disturbs me of how the elderly and parents use the bible to justify control-freak behavior towards women, children, blacks and even underpaid employees. In addition to the concept that almost everything you do, you will go to hell for it. Listen to music that does not serve Jesus? You’re going to hell. You watch porn? Go to hell. Drink? Go to hell. Smoke? Go to hell. Have sex? Go to hell. Gamble? Go to hell. Stay out past 3AM? Go to hell. Get a tattoo? Ear piercings for men? Attend Hedonism? Not placing the produce on the grocery-store checkout scale properly to avoid paying an extra $2 you may not have? Use profanity? Defend yourself from irate bitches and bastards so that you won’t have psychological scars to live with for the rest of your life? TAKE YOUR ASS TO HELL!

Religion has become an excellent mind control tool to perpetuate fear, separatism (“Us vs. Them”), forced shame and passivity, among other things. Why is prostitution seen as “immoral”? Not so much because of feminism, but because of religion. Christianity started that shit first. Why are bisexual black men living “on the down low”, hiding their sexuality from the public, thus engaging in risky behaviors and infecting their “other half” with HIV? Because of religion. Who influenced preachers to mislead their congregation by telling them to vote against any politician who favors gay marriage and abortion, while the cost of living skyrockets – thus, the rich eat London Broil and the poor eats pork which leads to cardiovascular disease? Religion. I won’t begin to get into how The Bible is laced with utter contradiction. If God’s word was really in there, why would there be need for revisions or multiple versions?

Religion has also become a huge part of American capitalism (Not to turn this into a race issue, but the black church, arguably, has swindled more money from the poor and the middle class than the fucking Reagan Administration. But hey, churches ran by ministers of other ethnicities are equally bad for different reasons). I am already familiar about the endless sex scandals in the Catholic church, but it happens in havens where other religions are practiced alike. We just don’t hear about it. With that said, who knows what they are getting away with? Most preachers take your money and spend it on themselves. They can only work once a week (usually on a Sunday) and somehow, make more money than everyone who lives on the street that you live on, combined together. Isn’t that swell? Like comedians and white knight Captain Save-A-Hoes, their sincerity is as fake as processed meat. Is anyone actually stupid enough to believe that they practice what they preach, or shall I say get high on their own supply? Many preachers are equally deplorable as white knight captain save-a-hoes, like Steve Harvey, Steve Wilkos and Jewel Woods (the author of the pathetic 2008 book, Don’t Blame It On Rio, which is dedicated to throwing black men who travel overseas under the railroad tracks). Most preach the message that “Fornication is wrong”, “Go to church and find your wife or husband” (whatever damned collective sense that makes) or “Wash away your sins.” However, after the sweat from their foreheads are wiped off and the congregation leaves the building, they are the main ones who are caught cheating on their wives, fucking under-aged schoolgirls, choking their daughters and roughing-up teenage boys in the ass. Remember the Bishop Eddie Long scandal? Jimmy Swaggart? Creflo Dollar? Even the likes of Keith Butler, from Metro Detroit, Michigan’s Word Of Faith mega-church. In addition to him having an affair, rumor has it that T.D. Jakes showed up at his church for a convention and out of jealousy, Keith Butler made him exit. And guess who told all of Africa to stop using condoms? Also in Detroit, Michigan, a pastor Ben Gilbert made headlines on the news in 2007 when it was revealed that he purchased a $3.65M mansion, at the expense of his gullible congregation. Lawyers quickly came to his defense, stating “In this country we value rock stars, movie stars and athletes. They can have a lavish lifestyle, and a pastor who restores lives that were broken shouldn’t? When our value system elevates a man who can put a ball in a hole and not a man who does God’s work, something is wrong.” Another lawyer publicly came to Ben Gilbert’s defense by stating “Tiger Woods can make $100M per year and it’s not newsworthy.” True. But Tiger Woods, like many celebrities and athletes, pays taxes. I’ve discovered that in the state of Michigan, not one church pays property taxes.

I will conclude that most of life’s ills, in my view of things, comes from religion and those who use it as a crutch, to justify restriction of basic human necessities and how certain folks use it only to their benefit while keeping everyone else in the dark and feeding them plenty of bullshit. Then again, isn’t that the name of the game? Politicians, lawmakers, businessmen, advertisers, so-called parental guidance, pickup-artists who practice “game” and authoritarian figures – who are so hell-bent on controlling others – all live by the same motto: Keep Them In the Dark and Feed Them Plenty of Bullshit; brilliant mind control tactic. You may ask me am I religious? No. If I were to be, I would choose Buddhism. They believe in karma. So do I! Do I believe in God? Well, yes. But religion is similar to a trip to Disneyland or visiting a brothel. Name your price and your dreams may come true. I would prefer visiting a brothel. It’s a more honest, more ethical, more choicer and a much more beautiful experience.

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