American Culture is Microwaved Instant Crap


“We have become a nation that wants everything fast, from our food to our sex.” ~ Anthony Hervey (Why I Wave the Confederate Flag)

“We have the most wonderful hospitals, the most fabulous prisons; the best equipped and highest paid army and navy, the speediest bombers, the largest stockpile of atom bombs, yet never enough of any of these items to satisfy the demand. Our manual workers are the highest paid in the world; our poets the worst.” ~ Henry Miller

Before I continue, I want to say that I am not anti-American and this is not an anti-American rant.

Ever since I was a child, the desire to see life overseas really burned in me. As far as I’m concerned, that fire will never cease. I always knew there were things wrong in America and I discovered much later on that how America has failed in the arena of race relations became the icing on the cake.

And to think this is called “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” Well, I’d like to think of it as “The land of the greed and the home of the moral slaves.”

American culture is not only poisoning it’s women, but it also has become financially bankrupt, it’s public system is miserably failing our children all in the name of conformity (specifically the boys, thanks to the birth of misguided Feminazi culture consistently spewing anti-male rhetoric and this has, unfortunately, rubbed off into other continents of the world, which is the reason why the queen of daytime TV opened up an all-girls school in Africa, while African boys are also given the short end of the stick) and while certain groups of people have become more productive, others have become more lazier, fatter and stupider. Even while occupational productivity is on the rise, human interaction is on a serious decline. Sociology has been degraded with fear. Dogma corrupts logic. As a result, America has become mentally ill. We have been trapped in a less-than-terrible culture jam. It’s as pure as our obsession with fast food, pornography, publicized scandals and horror movies.

Our nation is laced with poor, talented people. Talentless bastards get acclaim by luck, betrayal and tomfoolery. Poor people get lengthy prison sentences for nonviolent crimes so that lawmakers can meet their quotas, get the best quality of life and the best food while poor people milk the welfare system or breaking laws designed by lawmakers who break their own laws better than the rest. Yet and still, the rich bitch about welfare and paying taxes. Funny thing is, welfare is a non-issue in foreign countries. While that may explain why some foreign countries are poor, guess what? Foreign women don’t try to beat a system designed for them and their sons to fail. Children are not used as bargaining chips to try to trap a man into commitment. If that is not devaluation of human life, what the fuck is? Rape? Well, rape is more rampant here than it is elsewhere. I mean, non-Americans may be poor, guess what? They live. They are happy. They have the climate and they have each other.

Maybe it is true what someone said, that too much freedom can lead the soul to decay. We complain about the young generation being fucked up. If this is so, who raised it? If anything is wrong with these kids today, no one is there to push them hard to succeed. They lack originality, so they turn to mimicry. They become desperate to say they belong to someone or something. Our women and children are spoiled rotten and are given everything without learning an ounce of accountability, which leads them to become more demanding and lazy. The few who actually have any sense. in addition to a percentage of Non-Americans cannot even bear the thought of mingling with us in the slightest. They assume we are ignorant, immune to importance, they believe we allow our women to walk all over us, we value materialism over vital human interaction, we waste too much time and we eat too many goddamned Whoppers and Dairy Queen Blizzards. Fact is, it’s real. It’s widespread.

America’s lack of authenticity is just as potent as it’s financial and social bankruptcy. Thanks to the brilliance of modern technology, women don’t want to talk to men over the phone. Nowadays, they rather text and blame it on their carrier’s bad reception. It’s more convenient to text instead of upgrading to the highest standards. The quality of music has been watered down and it’s golden era faded, once birth was given to keyboards, club anthems and American Idol. Take a gym shoe that is hideous or popular 20 years ago, pay some oversized, illiterate athlete to wear it and advertising tells us it is the best of the best. The news tells us the world is more dangerous than what it is; as a result, we choose to stay at home and hide from sunlight and social interaction. We disable ourselves to where we avoid conflict. No stories to tell, no fulfillment of reality, so we turn to Reality TV. We spend money on bullshit only to upgrade to something else years or even weeks later. By the time you take your iPhone 5 out of the wrapping package, you discover the iPhone 6 will be released in three months. Or better yet, you find out, the Samsung Galaxy S4 takes better quality photos, even though there is no iTunes app available for it. So what do you do?

Excess is a bitch. We have everything and we still complain.

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