Is Promiscuity Caused By Loneliness?

ImageI ask myself a lot of hard questions and I was told so by someone I knew years ago. This may further my success or hinder my ability to cope with reality. Truth is, much reality is shitty, but I bear with it. I ask myself at times – though I already know the answer – are we a generation of whores or is nature finally taking it’s course?

I was watching Wong Kar-Wai’s Happy Together – a Chinese Hong Kong love story about two gay men struggling to maintain a relationship that was destined to fail. One is loyal, monogamous and hardworking, which causes him to endure mistreatment from the other guy, who is shiftless, promiscuous and risk-taking, which will eventually cause him to further his unknown cause of self-inflicted unhappiness (hence, the loyal guy moving on). Situations like these – and worse scenarios – happen in daily life. I found myself in the middle of a similar scenario, thanks to my falling in love with a lady who lived in a different state from me. A lady who threw away plans I made for her, thanks to an alpha loser who placed her under his spell of Good Dick. This lasted up until Christmas Eve, 2011; the same day he robbed her blind for money. Ironically, the same day I planned to visit her. And I won’t get into details about that in this topic (I may eventually dedicate a topic to this exclusively). But once I moved on, you better believe it hurt her more than it did me. Only one of us remains a star to this date. If you think karma is unreal, you better think again.

I brought up the 1997 movie Happy Together because one of the film character’s narrative dialogue said something that stuck with me. He said, in other words, that lonely people all come to the same place. That place could imply promiscuity. This line was said when one character sneaks into a late-night restroom in the city where strangers hook up to have sex with other strangers – familiar or new. It could imply that promiscuity is caused by loneliness. While this is true for a certain segment of the human populace, it is untrue in its entirety. Either way, gay, straight, bisexual, we all go through the same trials, tribulations or fulfillment.

Now, I have absolutely no problem with promiscuity. If a male or female chooses promiscuity instead of being tied down with relationships and marriage, it is purely their right. And who is anyone to disagree? I myself am very promiscuous. Meanwhile, I am not a whore. I have standards and I have extremely discriminating taste as to who I sleep with. I do have a huge problem with lack of accountability, a lack of boundaries and mind games. My standards are like a mixture of a celebrity, an asshole and a high-end escort. Certain acts I will not perform on all of my bedfellows either. Only certain ones. This is not so much because of a bedfellow’s endurance level. I will not go down on just any female and earlier this week, I had a former bedfellow tell me she never wanted to have sex with me again. One reason was because I never went down on her. Ever. She then accuses me of practicing on her, as if she was a blow-up doll, which put me in a state of hysterics. I admit she was one bedfellow I never intended to go down on. I never asked for reconciliation and I told her “It was good knowing you.”

As far as blaming promiscuity on loneliness goes, that generalization can only go so far. Lonely people do not have options and they act out of desperation. The effect to that cause is that they deal with lots of unnecessary drama, bullshit, control-freak behavior and disrespect from people due to their fear of being completely lonely and soulless. Just like, in my opinion, men who chase street prostitutes [streetwalkers] who are filled with scars, diseases, drug issues and mental handicaps. But when there are alternatives – providing you are socially, physically, psychologically, financially and sexually competent – you don’t have to settle. And if they don’t want to dance, move to the next one! It’s quite an oxymoron that people can be desperate in an age filled with options. However, not everyone is qualified to explore other options for various reasons. Not to generalize, but speaking of desperation, there are many desperate black women on the rise – like desperate old hags trying too hard to maintain their youth and can’t get over the fact that young stallions aren’t checking for them – because stereo-typically, black women are “fucked up” and some are actually paying for the sins of their mothers and grandmothers, who took joy in fucking over so many men. Now, those men and their male offspring are exploring THEIR options by dating, marrying, dining out with, spending their money on and butt-fucking other women of other nationalities. I can’t blame that on promiscuity. It’s just that desperate times call for desperate measures for those hit by karma and these women ran out of options, if they had not lost access to them already, due to their wilting or the horror stories created by them. And this is where those black white-knight pimps come along, putting the minds of established-but-lonely women at ease, hence maximizing their profits from dumb, delusional women. [Not to say that black men are entirely innocent, because some black men will take whatever nasty, fat, sloppy, skanky, hoodrat, easy street-trash they can due to their worthlessness or just to have more notches under his belt to brag about.]

In this generation, there are alternatives that were not available to the general public before the sexual revolution (circa 1967). Marriage was the only option for women and now, women are catching up with men in the arenas of infidelity and having a certain amount of sex partners. I would say times are better now, aside from the mind games, STDs, jealous men and losers in high places. I would like to say we have evolved into something better, that is, unless you are old-school. Arranged marriages are non-issues in many countries, with the exception of India, Africa and the Middle East. Let’s be real, none of us who really value our lives could a sixty-second fuck about our parents’ dislike for our lifestyles. (I have heard the bitterest motherfuckers say they would prefer arranged marriages for their children, ranging from retarded women who are unqualified to take part in the dating scene and men who claim to be hardcore Men’s Rights activists, due to their being fed-up of watching the young and the beautiful reject their bitch-asses. Because they don’t get pussy. The pussy gets them!) People don’t buy shoes before trying them on first. That’s just plain fucking asinine.

 “If you buy the cow without testing the milk for free, then you may find yourself stuck with a fat heifer with bad tits.” ~ Anthony Clark

3 thoughts on “Is Promiscuity Caused By Loneliness?

  1. Is promiscuous learnt brided to be, is worth married if her told lies all thoughing the relationship build on pretend love?

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