Defining “Game”

I want to take this time out to discuss “Game” and what it means (to me).


Game is something that is played for competitive sport. In America’s dating scene, it deals with pick-up lines (or dare I say lies and acts) used to flatter, hypnotize or trick the opposite sex into pulling their panties down. Game also includes putting on acts such as chasing, begging, pissing contests, roleplay, Jedi mind fucks and railroading other men. All for pussy points (ranging from below-mediocre to glamorous, supermodel platinum pussy). All men who engage in game have a quota: To keep the scoreboards lengthy.

For some people (men and women alike), game is a word substitute for vital necessities of humanity, such as one’s personality or one’s sexual skills. But essentially, this is not the case. Yes, there are women who will say “He has game”, which is a hip way of saying “He is the man”, “He has me from hello.”, or possibly “His dick game is the best”. In America’s dating scene, what game essentially consists of is games, tricks, Jedi mind fucks and men portraying themselves as no more than actors and magicians, rewriting scripts as old scripted lines become outdated and too familiar. What can also be found here is unhealthy male-on-male competition to see who can be the first one to score or who can fuck some nightclub chick first. The male is in predatory mode and the female prey becomes written on the score-board.

Here’s my example: A guy at a New Year’s Eve and work his mojo or magic of talking shit to women, buying them all drinks or bragging about his career status (providing he really has one and is not some undercover loser who is actually 34 years of age, still living with his mother). He will practice on as many as ten in one night, providing he is at the club for several hours. Even if six of the women are not impressed for whatever reason, well hey, he’s got four other women’s phone numbers. How many of those numbers are fake? How many of those women are actually up to his high standard of beauty, providing he has one of those, too (unless he’s just a pussy hound who doesn’t mind fucking fat, ugly bitches who resemble characters from Yo Gabba Gabba!)?! How many of them will he actually fuck? How many of them will respect him the next morning?

Game, as I see it, belongs to the same family of pimping and macking. The fruit does not fall to far from the tree. Most game-practitioners see women as conquests to brag on, not so much because he values the women in his life, but to validate his ego – to give him a sense of self-worth as he may need women in his life to provide him with a sense of self-worth because he may not have any. This is similar to women who embarrass themselves for the sake of male attention, though she has no interest in these men sexually. Like such women will play men against each other (using men to make other men jealous), these wannabe alpha males are the root cause for some women fighting and degrading each other, just to be able to say she is his “only one”, which is nothing more than another Disney Myth.

What I have a hard time understanding is how Game advocates school men on not taking shit from a woman, while simultaneously chasing and throwing other men under the railroad tracks for mediocre pussy, more often instead of congratulating men on getting pussy, even if a man beats another man to the punch. The reality is, life is like fighting on a battlefield. Every man for themselves. An individual must watch his own back as even his closest friends will not do it for them. Everyone has their own battles to fight, just like everyone has their own hell to raise.

While I do understand that most of us humans live for the moment because tomorrow is not guaranteed, game is also not guaranteed. Game does, however, work for a certain segment of the human populace who live for the moment to a degree where humans can be disposable. Most men who practice game waste lots of unnecessary money, energy and stamina by engaging in game. They fail to realize that, as Dissention stated previously that when it comes to dealing with women, a man is “…just her current stepping stone till she can find someone better.”

In my view of things, game is nothing more than a verbal date rape drug, laced with cons and cheap thrills that are not so cheap after all.

In the second installation of this trilogy, I will be discussing the cons of “game”, why “game” is not guaranteed, arenas where “game” DOES work and why “game” is a fad practiced only in America that will not last long.

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