Deconstructing “Game” – II: What RooshV Does Not Understand About Game Alternatives


Now, I have the utmost respect for RooshV as an author, a self-made businessman and a blogger. I most definitely agree with most of what he has to say about American women, American culture, business and whiny Men’s Rights Activists. RooshV asks this question: “Is Banging Prostitutes a Worthwhile Alternative to Game?” in a blog he wrote in 2009. While I respect RooshV as a writer and agree with much of what he says in regards to the decline of the American woman, what he does not understand is this: banging angels supersede banging bar-stars and vanilla women, whose history is quite unknown or purposely swept under the rug. Because women plays games, too. They play it better than men ever will (one reason is because men are not easily receptive to rejecting women as women reject men at the drop of a nickel). Yes, a sex worker may actually pretend to like you. But there are exceptions where she actually does like a guy, based on his natural looks, personality and sharp sense of etiquette (I recall an escort telling the story of a guy who tipped her $500 and he instantly became her favorite guy.) In addition to that, it is much safer to fuck sex workers due to the fact that professional sex workers take better care of their sexual health than the average woman who is out there. A random one-night stand could have one-night stands every weekend with various guys without any sense of guarding herself properly with contraceptives, or getting tested on a regular basis.

RooshV actually states that learning game is similar to going to college, which guarantees employment for the rest of your life. You know what I say to that? Bull-fucking-shit. With America’s recession, inflation, jobs being shipped overseas and human labor being replaced with machinery and modern technology, it actually means if you lose your job, you are fucked. In 2009, an Ohio school nearly had 700 applications for one open janitorial job. Many applicants had PhDs. Detroit’s bankruptcy is causing hundreds of law enforcers and those who work city jobs to be laid off. Greedy businessmen ship jobs overseas to keep their pockets fat. iPhones being built overseas in Asian sweatshops, not only because when it comes to technology, Americans pale in comparison to Asians. It is also which keeps businessmen’s bank accounts high and more Americans going jobless. Which means you are fucked in the ass with an erect elephant-trunk with no lube, because since childhood, you have been trained like animals to work for others. CDs are being replaced with mp3 players. What will happen when cars stop manufacturing built in disc players? CDs will be worthless, like cassettes and vinyls. Game will face the same downfall. It is a fad that may not last very long. Did Game work in the disco era of the 1970s, where people just hooked up without knowing each other’s name until the morning after? Game only works here in America because money for sex is seen as illegal, which is the most retarded shit I’ve seen, because you do it anyway. Take a chick you’re having a LTR with to the mall and spend $400 on designer heels with no guarantee that she will give you sex or that the sex is even worth the price you spent on stilettos. Game is also escalating because radical feminism and jealous beta males cockblock and do not allow men to actually be themselves, openly. Even if Game worked in the 70s, there were more options than we have today. Men and women did not hate eachother as much as they do now. With that said, is game a worthwhile alternative to financial health, high standards and having great sex with a stunning sex worker/supermodel who would make Halle Berry jealous?

RooshV also states that not having game is based on laziness. Most self-respecting men who value their time would rather not jump through hula-hoops, tap dance and run faster than Jesse Owens trying to chase a woman down. He may refute engaging in Jedi mind fucks and play bullshit or have a woman play him like an out-of-style Xylophone and use him as a stepping stone, wiping her feet on him to get to the next man. As I’ve said before, I have my reasons for frequenting escorts as I deal with the world’s most ethical and beautiful women. Plus the fact that I don’t have to take her shit, no more or less than she has to take mine. Any male or female who knows their worth never settles for less and therefore, does not have to rack up. How often will you see a woman who resembles Beyonce, Monica Bellucci, Lucy Liu or even Kelly Carlson at a nightclub every weekend, putting up with musty, odor-ridden men who have nothing to offer at a nightclub stalking them? If that is the case, she should at least work it for her benefit. Comparing pro sex workers to nightclub-hoppers is like comparing a T-Bone steak from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse to a sack of ten shitty White Castle hamburgers. RooshV states that the average john is creepy. Yes, most johns are creepy and socially inept. But guess what? So are most American women or women who have been used, abused and played by pickup artists who tell the ladies what they want to hear, without an ounce of sincerity. “Pump ’em and dump ’em” is the name of the game. After all of that, these women go on anti-male/Feminazi rampages, or marry autistic, doormat men who they do not respect and have zero sexual interest in. After all, a husband is supposed to be busting his ass like an old black slave or an overworked Japanese businessman to support her whims until he kicks the bucket. Not spending his energy on massive pipe-laying. So that is when some unhappily married husbands have that BWE; “Bitchy Wife Experience” and finds more happiness frequenting paid women, escaping from the BWE (“Bitchy Wife Experience”) syndrome. Need I say more?

Granted – and this is really something every healthy sexually active person should consider – Game definitely works in the BDSM lifestyle and that is the only time I will practice game in my personal life. In the alternative sexual lifestyle that is BDSM, it is all a form of roleplay to either validate the ego of the person who is considered “dominant” or because a submissive female (or male) may actually want to be a devoted sex slave to a person who she gives complete control to. Therefore, she will call him her Master, her Daddy or her Dom. She, as a result, will be his pet, his puppy, his slave, or his bitch. (BDSM, like prostitution, has been around much longer than game and is much more mystifying than game). However, even this does not last very long as, eventually, some of these women are married to a man who encourages her to fuck around on him, whether he fucks around on her or not. When the party is over, she knows where home is. Plus, the fact that as women age and stallion studs are no longer checking for them, they want to marry. A paid dominatrix I once knew gave me this reasoning: “I want to have fun while I’m young, but I don’t want to be some lonely sixty-year-old woman sitting on the porch in a gown, drinking lemonade all by myself.”

In the third and final installment of this trilogy, I will offer my final thoughts on “game” and why “game” can be, to a degree, dangerous and why other alternatives pertaining to dating, mating and exchanging orgasms are much better.

5 thoughts on “Deconstructing “Game” – II: What RooshV Does Not Understand About Game Alternatives

  1. Bro, it just a bunch of rambling about your opinion. You gotta back it up to have any ‘cred. No wonder nobody else is commenting here.

    And this is coming from someone who has no blog??

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