Debunking “Game” (Finale)


In my own personal sex life, most of my bedfellows accepted the fact that they would never be my only one and that I define myself as not being relationship material. No game was ever ran and I laid my cards on the table. Though they may not like it at first and tried to tame me, they came to the realization that they had no choice but to respect my honesty. They come to terms that they are looking for the same thing, all along, because relationships are too draining, whether they are perfect or otherwise. People know their role. Some have even stated that “We need more men like you instead of men running game, fucking with women’s heads.” Most women I have met, even platonically, admire that about me. There were very few instances where I turn out to be the one they escape from, after she discovers that either

a)      I have found someone superior to her.

b)      She found a man who can give her what I cannot (commitment, children, etc.)

c)       They discover I’ve slept with other women and they become jealous.

I hate boasting and bragging, but not only have I slept with beautiful women, but I attract beautiful women annually. Not because I performed magic. Not because I act like George fucking Clooney, but because I am myself (although there are some ladies who want me to be their Master, making them into sex slaves). No ego validation necessary. The happiest sexual conquests I’ve ever had come from NSA/FWB arrangements and spending hours with escorts. However, not everyone appreciates this, as we are in a generation where some of the sexes are clueless and everyone wants to either partake in trends, or perform desperate acts, just to say they are someone’s “other half”. Game does not last long. Money and standards does. Flirting and attraction comes naturally, which game has nothing to do with. If you ask me, game is for girls. Just like “swag” is for boys. Is game needed in foreign countries? Do foreign men chase women as much as American men do? Providing a man goes to a foreign country, all he needs is a passport, financial health and to learn the fucking language. Yes, women look for losers to take advantage of nationwide, just as there are females who may throw a guy under the bus by saying “He has no game”. But for every young, immature, clueless girl who says a man has no game, ask yourself “What the fuck does she do other than look good, spend men’s money and suck dicks like they’re going out of style (which in America, the average dick has no value, unless it is attached to a man with money. Thank feminism for this, in addition to the fact that all dicks are not created equal. Life is unfair. That’s why condoms come in different sizes!)

I am not complaining about the dating scene because I have no problem attracting women. But there are many flaws in America’s dating scene that many want no part of, myself included. Men playing women and women playing men, people stuck in depressing marriages and LTRs, desperate to get out, people desperate to have a warm body to sleep next to, people in love with someone who does not feel the same, etc. Thus, a never-ending cycle of drama and cutthroat behavior continues and passes on from generation to generation. All for egotistical gratification, which is more vital than sex to these clowns. And what this does is create generations of bitter people who got burned and played, only to inflict their misery off on the next man or woman, with some actually creating movements that will eventually cripple basic human interaction, with government helping to further the cause of these broken, fucked-up individuals. There are some instances where bitter women who get played by men (or who got played by one man) try to inflict their wounds off on their offspring, sending their own children out in the world fucked up or trying to bar their sons and daughters from basic, natural human interaction. I know because my own mother tried to inflict that post-spousal stress disorder shit off on me, while simultaneously trying to break up my sister’s marriage, due to her own personal hatred for my brother-in-law, in addition to the fact that my two fathers walked out of her life. It has gotten to the point to where people stupidly believe that we should go back to an era of arranged marriages. Even if marriage was the norm, that does not guarantee sanity or stability. People in The Middle East have arranged marriages. You think they have it better than Americans? The Middle East is ridden with war-stricken and poverty-stricken violence, misogyny and REAL degradation of women, not to mention the American armies going to male prisons, threatening male prisoners with dogs, death, homosexual rape and other forms of dehumanizing torture. Marriage and relationships can be more dehumanizing than practicing game, I will say that. But if this game shit continues and gets out of hand (due to scorned bedfellows hungry for revenge), we could become reduced to that.

You can spend your entire life engaging in pissing contests, behaving like some hyper-exuberant college kid at a stupid fucking beer chugging party, trying to one-up other men with childish taunts, such as “I get more pussy than you”, “My beer is stronger than yours”, “I can drink more than you” or “My dad can kick your dad’s ass!” Be my guest. But don’t get mad when you try to rob a man of his masculinity and it comes back to haunt you. You can go to some hedonistic carnal resort, thinking you’re the man and you try that shit on the wrong person and without your knowledge, someone pisses in your drink, if another man doesn’t sent your ass to the hospital (think of the numerous fights that breaks out at nightclubs due to some young, drunk pseudo-alpha asshole which led to someone being killed)! What happens if the women you fucked railroad you to other women? What if the bitch you’re fucking falls in love with you, becomes clingy and inboxes your female friends on your Facebook page, telling them “My man is off limits!”, cockblocking you for her own selfish, heartless and insatiable gratification (I have witnessed such atrocious acts with my own eyes, which I will mention in my upcoming blog A Canadian Threesome). Though you may be single and can do whatever you please, she could very much cause you psychological or bodily harm. Or at the least, she may stalk you. Every time you go to an NBA game, her stupid ass is sitting behind you on the bleachers, stalking your every move, worse than a John Lennon fan. Movies like Fatal Attraction and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate depict reality of scorned women and that shit is real!

Men only chase and women get brutally mind-fucked because, as Brett Tate said, “America is a sex prison country”, which leaves the male species doomed. Women – excuse me. WHORES use it to their advantage. It seems like the only time male sexuality is embraced is in pornography, male strip joints, the BDSM lifestyle and taking safe, closeby trips to Hedonism (where middle-aged white women fawn over black studs without remorse). Women, however, get a free pass and are rewarded for their bad behavior. The result is America quickly going straight to the city sewer: a place full of shit and transparent, dark waters. As Men’s Rights activist Paul Elam states in so many other words, it is senseless for men to practice game and sell that idea in an age where women are throwing pussy left and right at social gatherings and social media networks. Dissention also states that PUAs, feminists, scorned women and white-knights have the same common argument. BLAME THE MEN. As a result, many MRA whiners play tit for tat, starting their own blame game. Once men stop giving these women so much power over them, you spoil their fun. You kill their social life. The asshole also has no choice but to create standards and ethics, toning his shit down (unless he turns homosexual, running game on other men and transsexuals). He may no longer validate his existence based on spitting game, exclusively. Ethical women who present themselves sexually with class (sex workers) do not negotiate with assholes and gamers. If a bouncer at a strip club witness guys acting like assholes from afar, their asses are tossed out in the streets like rag dolls and made an example of. I’ve seen it happen. If sex for money were legalized, not only would men stop making buffoons of themselves, but game-practitioners, ugly plain-Jane bitches would be out of business. Not to mention, beta court systems, marriage and ugly divorce statistics shunned by moral slaves would decrease. So would expensive, senseless trips to overrated places like Las Vegas, laced with plain-Jane playboy bunnies who are devoid of beauty, possessing bodies like adolescent boys fresh into puberty. And there won’t be so many women trying to inflict their misery off on the next. Everyone will know what to expect. Everybody’s happy.

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