My Crazy Love For Crazy Motherfuckers

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always admired crazy motherfuckers – ranging from reckless bad boys, abusive musicians, asshole athletes, my stepfather and people who just went against the grains of societal norms and approval. And I admire them not just because they had the chutzpah to go against societal norms, but because of their ill-will behavior, which was either televised, rumored or written in autobiographies. I don’t know why this is, but I guess the heart of the matter is based on my belief that if you want to go far, you have to be crazy. Too much sympathy can get you hurt, burned or killed. Truthfully, I’ve been told that I am crazy by select few people. My mother even tells me at times that I am “the devil”. The most remarkable crazies on my list include Miles Davis, David Ruffin, Ndamukong Suh (who plays for the NFL’s Detroit Lions – even Bill Romanowski had words for him), Kanye West, Principal Joe Clark, Wesley Snipes, 2Pac (though I feel as a rapper, he is highly overrated), Chinese filmmakers Ringo Lam and Billy Tang, Dustin Diamond (who showed his ass years ago on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club), Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Michael Jackson and even Chris Brown, who I believe is on the verge of going crazy. When I say “crazy”, I am not implying it describe evil, like Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong, historic slavemasters and Adolf Hitler. Hitler was crazy, but Hitler was pure fucking evil. Hitler was, however, a smart motherfucker, though. I mean, there is absolutely no such thing as a sane genius. The most brilliant minds are attached to the bodies of the most evil, nuttiest sons-of-bitches. Even evil stems from those who possess the highest mental capacities.

This topic is meant to be only a summarized glimpse and I know some of my readers may feel cheated due to my lack of major detail on each individual person. I cannot get into details on each of these persons’ behaviors, the hows, the whys and the whats – nor can I offer a detailed explanation for this – but I will briefly notarize remarkable stories I have heard from one crazy man who left a legacy in American music.

Upon turning 21, I had owned almost every Miles Davis album created from 1958-1985. I became interested in his personal life to the point to where I bought his 1989 autobiography, written two years before his dying to cancer. To put it briefly and boldly, Miles Davis was a crazy motherfucker. His mother disapproved of his career choice and he and his mother would frequently argue and hang up the phone in one another’s faces. He was abusive to total strangers, men, women and kids. You know you are an asshole if you sock your mentor John Coltrane in the nose. If you had no business being by him, he would make you feel it in his words. His relationships with women were very turbulent and most of his marriages did not last long; most notably his marriage to Cicely Tyson (he spoke of how he beat her and how he would beat women so much to where it would make Ike Turner look like Dr. Phil). Most of his brutal treatment went on and he remained unapologetic. He admits that when it comes to (black) women, they do not respect artistry and they feel they can fuck with a man who is trying to focus on his craft, saying you cannot keep fucking with a man who is trying to build something – bothering him with semi-crisis and drama. In the end, however, although he was unapologetic about his behavior, he did acknowledge that you cannot go around beating up on everyone. With that said, it’s best to just avoid certain people. Now, I am not advocating domestic violence, but most of the shit this legendary artist has gotten himself into is quite shocking. Scarily, there are worse people than Miles Davis around.

Why do I celebrate crazy motherfuckers? Well to a degree, I, myself, am crazy to the point to where I scream “Fuck conformity!” I do see myself in some of these people and they have possessed qualities that I celebrate. If everyone acted normal (or the same), wouldn’t some of us drive ourselves to an unhealthy version of insanity, or knock on wood, suicide? As rapper Lil Wayne said, “I thank God that I am not basic!”

Besides, how many humble-pie eating, passive motherfuckers do you see raise the bar and leave a legacy? Christianity says “The meek shall inherit the earth.” But life says “Only the strong survive.” Plus, there’s no such thing as a sane genius.


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