Dealing With Escorts: Evil Virtues


Author Todd Wooten stated in his book White Men Can’t Hump (As Good As Black Men) that what is evil to one man may be another man’s virtue. This largely depends on an individual’s value system. After getting my ass kicked a couple of times by Western female vultures and bloodsucking leeches, I grew tired. Just like other American men who travel abroad who knew innately that more than half of the women in their homeland is fucked up. Now, I have yet to really travel abroad (places like Canada, Jamaica and Mexico does not count), but my frequenting escorts will probably prepare me for future promised-lands. One thing for sure, I have developed higher standards, not only pertaining to aesthetics, but I have a hard-boiled level of self-respect. This includes focusing on currency, health, friendships and vanity now more than ever, plus me updating a list of qualities when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, or people in general. Now, I know what I will and will not tolerate. I no longer have to settle for something due to it’s easy access or geographical available.

I do not participate in game (unless it’s in BDSM), pissing contests and being reduced to an animal circus, jumping through a burning ring of fire for the amusement of silly, special-needs minded bitches. I don’t have to throw another man under the bus for a piece of ass and I do not have to worry about the same being done to me. For one, everybody’s business is not everybody’s fucking damned business. I know one guy who practices game, as it pertains to the art of cheating on your spouse. But his number one rule is “Never hate on the next man.” There are too many women in the world to cry and complain over one (my father made an example out of me for crying over a girl in 5th grade). If a female doesn’t like you, so what? Lil’ Wayne didn’t lie when he said “I lost a few good bitches, met some more bad bitches.” Providing a man has his shit together, the next chick he pursues or pays for must be better than the latter who blew him off, if he didn’t have the balls to play her like a game of Monopoly. Women do the same shit to men daily. If you find out she’s fucking someone else, don’t get your feelings hurt, because just like a woman has options, a man needs to have options. Just make sure your options are better than her(s).

I have wasted enough time on childlike infatuation, love and playing with stupid hoes. If they aren’t showcasing their sexual availability, they are showcasing themselves at a high paid price paid by men, which has nothing to do with finances. Author Alan Roger Currie stated in his book The Possibility Of Sex that women are masters at playing men who are gullible, desperate and impatiently horny. Women dangle pussy in front of men like the carrot on the stick. I discovered that women in the dating scene and on social networks play the game of “I’m not interested in having sex with you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to stop giving me the attention.” If more men would wake up, take care of themselves and explore their options, these bitches would be put out of business. I’m not using the stupidities of these women to justify my actions, because even if things were perfect, it is innate in me to always explore the dark side of human nature. I’ve been that way for years and I cannot see myself fucking that up for anyone.

The day I took charge of my destiny is the equivalence of rebirth. Learning to walk with exuberance after crawling or being knocked on your ass and your face repeatedly… it’s refreshing and it made me want to kick myself for not discovering this any sooner. But again, I did say that I did not want to wear myself out in my 20s, to the point to where I’d become bored with life in my 30s and 40s. I will not answer any personal questions about my “evil virtues”, but I admit I had a remarkable summer this year. I’ve engaged in some things the average Joe Blow will only read about in dirt-cheap Kindle books written by PUA gurus who brag about their endeavors (which includes me spanking and butt-fucking two beautiful women in the same damned week). My endeavors could never be written for Penthouse, nor Maxim, as they are so graphic and defiant against the natural order of things.

It’s funny how too much optimism for nothing leads to laziness. Over the years, I’ve had my ass kicked for my lack of balls and brains (you get your ass kicked a lot in your 20s). Fortunately for me, I’ve got a head start and learned vital lessons before reaching thirty. Hell, most men may not know or give a damn until they are well into their 30s or 40s. In order for men to succeed, they must endure some hard ass kickings. I can never believe that any success story has endured scars they have to live with for the rest of their lives. Women are the greatest teachers when it comes to the lesson that being nice, genuine or putting your feelings into them will get your ass sidetracked for the next man, as you are reduced to draining masturbatory sessions with girlie magazines and porn so filthy, it can poison your desire for sex with real people. Fortunately for me, I’ve never been married and I have no added responsibilities of dealing with children. I have fell in love once and though she unintentionally screwed me, it strengthened me up. It was as if God Himself struck lightening into my soul and said “Stop being a bitch. There’s a world out there for you to see!” I am reminded of a lyric from a Ying-Yang Twins song, Hoes.

“I done cried before, that don’t make me a hoe.

That just shows me where my feelings ain’t supposed to go.”

Upon my discovery of insanely gorgeous female sex workers, I had come across an insanely sad conclusion: Beautiful women with ethics are given the lower hand while ugly, beekeeping bitches are placed on pedestals they do not deserve to be on. Just as the world is laced with poor, talented people, there are just as many amazing women who are victims of circumstance, living in horrid conditions (not to say all beautiful women are sex workers, impoverished or unhappy). It breaks my heart. Part of this is our fault – the American male – for playing along in the hands of derisive bitches. Social network dependency and gamers add more to the pathology. Now, we have $20 crack-whore look-alikes and flabby soccer moms with excess skin believing they are supermodels and celebrities. We label women in general, or those with ethics in human nature as “bitches” while patronizing female gamers, prudes, con-artists and whores, giving them the time of day without any guarantee of receiving anything in return. Not saying that this could be the main reason why they choose to auction themselves off to high bidders. Fact is, all women auction themselves off to bidder, high or desperate and the fact is, most men are either desperate poon hounds or they just feel as if they cannot afford it. Others who can afford it are oppressed from knowledge and alternatives, thus giving money away to matrimony, which leads to castration, abuse and divorce.

In regards to societal puppets who scrutinize men who prefer paid women, you all do the same thing – except with additional time, money, stamina, resources and sanity wasted. It is also asinine to believe the assumption that if a man chooses certain acts with an escort (such as eating an escort out), he may be even more vulnerable to STDs, which is highly understandable, but highly overrated.

Ask yourselves, what’s safer:

1. Having unprotected/protected sex with a professional lady who showers daily, use protection and takes STD tests monthly like women in the porn industry?

2. Having unprotected sex with random bar-stars and sluts at nightclubs, NYE parties who gets rammed in the ass by random guys without protection annually?

3. Falling in love with a chick who does freaky, kinky sexual acts with other men she would never do with you, while playing that “love card” on you, who is her last resort, after she’s been rode as frequent as Cedar Point rides? Or one who lied to you about her getting smashed by 20-50 other guys before she met you, like Joey Lauren Adams’ character in Chasing Amy and then you go off on her ass worse than Ben Affleck?

4. Marrying a decomposing she-devil, becoming her bought bitch, being mind-fucked by the court systems once you try to escape into the land of freedom? If you think what I’m saying is a joke, just look at all of the great men who sacrificed years and decades of hard work by catering to, let alone gaming women whose poker-faces are more daggering than their Revlon painted faces. (prime examples: Paul McCartney, Nas, Terrell Owens, Sam Rothstein, Detroit Judge Wade McCree, Tiger Woods, victims of Cleopatra, the old, rich guy who married Anna Nicole Smith right before kicking the bucket, etc.)

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