White Girls Like Getting Buttfucked


Just about every woman discovers that I love fucking women in the ass. I make it no secret and no surprise (unless I give her surprise sex). It’s one of the first cards I lay on the table. My trump card. It’s part of my dark side that I embrace, like a weakness. To put it bluntly, it is my sexual weakness, just like my obsession with ass, natural body scents and being dominant. Almost every non-white woman I’ve ever pursued or been intimate with say the same thing, right after a moment of either shocking surprise or disgust: “You must have been with a lot a white girls. They like getting fucked in the ass!” Without getting into details about the stereotype (which is almost similar to the stereotype of black men having big dicks and extremely high sexual urges), I will say that most white females that I know, intimately or platonically, enjoy being sodomized in the butt. Only two or three white girls who really stood out with me said they didn’t, including a stripper who tried it during a pregnancy and as a result, it scared her. I have come across a number of black women who enjoy that as well, but not as much as the former group of women. The reasons vary.

I do respect the fact that not every woman will be into the same sexual pleasures – guilty or otherwise – as me. There was a time when I would have said that if she doesn’t like her asshole intruded in or enduring rough brutal fucking, then she’d be kicked out of my bed. As my maturity level increases along with my number of bedfellows, I become more of a realist. I realize I am not that shallow. It could be that I was born under a bad sign. Men who are Aquarians are some smart motherfuckers, but they also have a tendency to seduce the women in their lives; not like gamers, but like authentic psychics who know how to bring out the hidden wild and dark sides of the women in their lives, thus bringing them so much joy they never knew existed. This includes being sexually authoritative and making the women in their lives endure things the general public would stamp with an overblown “degradation” label; women being helplessly and gleefully fucked in the ass being one of those things. One white lady who I’ve been intimate with enjoyed certain things she never had before until she met me, though I did intimidate her when she discovered I possessed spanking whips, handcuffs and a ball gag. The handcuffs, she enjoyed. The whips and the ball gag were out of the question for her, though her being intimidated turned into something intriguing. I tried butt-fucking her on several occasions, but I was too big for her to endure, plus my being impatient to play in her backyard. This only left her craving it more than I.

Last week, I visit one of my favorite ladies: an escort, who happens to be a black woman. She unintentionally stood me up two days before and I told her I was going to “punish” her by handcuffing her and fucking her in the ass; something she doesn’t like. She laughed and said “That’s not a punishment. That’s an excuse!” After spanking the evil out of her ass with my bare hands for ten minutes straight, she smiles while her eyes watered heavily, smearing her mascara. She flinched and squirmed constantly after my remorseless attempts at trying to get in her big-ass booty. She, too, assumed that I date white girls exclusively, due to my apparent ass-obsessed antics. After having lengthy conversations with this woman, we both came to the conclusion that women are batshit. But I never voice out the fact that I find it real hard to believe that even today’s woman can endure painful events, such as childbirth, tattoos, piercings, spankings or fighting other women, but they are too scared to take it up the ass (although some have zero problem with it).


Why some women do it? Simply out of pleasure. Others, however, prefer this over vaginal sex as it is a peculiar form of birth control (I won’t get into stories I’ve heard about young, white girls in high school digging butt sex and oral sex either to experiment with their freakiness, to prevent pregnancy or to save their vaginas for “the right one”). In addition to that, when you look at pornography, it seems obvious that almost all white porn starlets take it up the ass more than most black, Latin and Asian porn starlets. Anal sex is arguably the nastiest, taboo and degrading sexual act a woman will submit herself to… An act only initiated by dominant men who is privileged to have that control over a woman (although beta males enjoy it likewise – from the ass-kissing office guy to the chronic masturbating loser). Dominant alpha males have a disturbing sexual psychology which gives them one-upmanship over the women in their lives, plus the desperate beta males who fall in love too easily. Some believe “If I come in her mouth, I own her”, or “If I fuck her in the ass, I control her life.” Like in the BDSM arena, only certain men can be called “Daddy” or “Master”. It’s a privilege, one of which can spark jealousy and uncontrollable rage in the most confident, alpha male, reducing him into a bitch.

The thing about stereotypes is that they are easily believable, thanks to them being perpetuated and praised even more by the majority of the public. For every non-white woman who I hear say “(fill in the blank) don’t do that shit”, there are even more who actually do. This ranges from butt sex to engaging in bizarre BDSM behavior. Stereotypically, black women do not engage in BDSM because it resembles slavery. I was quite shocked last year to discover how many black women engage in BDSM under the Submissive title. I saw photos on one social network of a black female submissive in a bathroom, while her black Master/Dom put an unloaded gun to her head while she gave him head, by her own admission. I was alarmed, yet intrigued (and not because of this woman’s sexiness). When it comes to black women, they may not be the most sexually progressive group of people in the planet, thanks to the legacy of slavery, religious practices and trying to save face – especially in comparison to other races of women. A black, alpha male character in the 2008 indie-film The Cuckold made mention of that “Black girls didn’t start sucking dick until last weekend.” Yes, there were times when I heard a black female say “I’m not doing that shit. You better find you a white girl to do that nasty shit with.” Yet when we do, they become resentful. That turns into “Go be with your nasty white whores”.


Shopping at Meijer one day, I overheard a group of four black guys who worked in receiving and stocks say among themselves – yet loud enough for me to hear it from ten feet away – “Yeah, man. I love white girls, because white girls are freaks. I mean, they put it on you and they make your ass work!” I am not one to generalize, but white girls are true sexually exploratives and we do not need porn or televised media to remind the lot of us who are outgoing and engaging in real-life situations. However, there are instances where once black sexual culture influences and stimulates white girls, all of a sudden, it becomes “shameful” in the public eye. If you don’t believe me, think about Miley Cyrus’ twerking antics, when she bent over in front of Robin Thicke on the 2013 MTV VMAs. Most men I knew (black and white) thought Miley Cyrus’ performance was horrid, simply because she has no body and her ass looked like bologna flapping together in those abhorrent latex booty shorts. Others want to see more of Miley Cyrus. America is becoming an ass-obsessed nation, just as Latin American and select European and Asian countries are (non-American countries are becoming obsessed with ass, partially because of black America’s focus on a woman’s ass). And it’s not just because men like booty, but we imagine what can be done to that booty!

White girls rock! And I say this with exuberance, in addition to the fact that I almost enjoy women of all ethnicities.

7 thoughts on “White Girls Like Getting Buttfucked

  1. It’s true, not everybody has an erogenous bunghole. Black women hate anal. I have known two mexican women that preferred it to regular sex. like anal was normal sex for them. Some women have an inverted cervix that can only be stimulated by anal.

    LOL – Thanks for the comment. I know some black women who enjoy that and with that said, it happens to be the freakiest sex act they enjoy. I don’t know too many black girls who enjoy BDSM. Though I have yet to be with a Latin woman (I plan on doing so before the year is out), I keep hearing that many of them enjoy it over “normal” sex (especially if she is from a Latin American country). It’s becoming common for Asians, as well.

      1. I buttfucked two Asians. One of them liked it and was up for anything, but the other hated it. I had a similar experience with black women. Never had the opportunity yet, with a white woman. Still, I think it just depends on the woman. Race is probably not a factor.

  2. Ive nailed more Black women in the butt than I have White girls. Truth be told all women at their core are the same; they love getting screwed by a man who loves, respects and is honest with them but hate getting screwed over. Is you love them right they will give you the world and their BUTT for some anal sex.

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