High-IQ Professions Never Guarantees Happiness


Coming from the gym, I ran into one of my favorite white girls – who has a boyfriend and has yet to give me her phone number. Which, I am not bothered by it, but we do exchange conversation at the gym. She used to play secretary for a doctor who, according to her, was unconsciously temperamental, pompous and who only paid her $17 an hour without commission, though he made $5,000 a week. Therefore, she referred to him as not only “cheap”, but an “asshole”. Her hatred for doctors was made clear to me on various occasions. I am shocked hearing this due to the stereotype I keep hearing about doctors having to maintain their composure. In Detroit, Michigan, fast-food employees for McDonald’s and Popeye’s Chicken protested that they should make $15 an hour for their services. After explaining this to her, she felt even more entitled and justified in her actions of saying goodbye to the medical care field, feeling as if she was being used and abused.

She said, “They are dickheads, I fucking hate ‘em. They literally think they are God and they are above everybody. They have no social life, they can’t even attend bars and nightclubs.” I am hearing this more often about men in high-level, high-stress fields, such as health care, medicine, law, finances, etc. A bunch of beta males with no social lives, not getting any pussy. While I am a firm believer that money buys quality pussy, why aren’t surgeons, bankers and law-firm specialists building strong social rapports? It is understandable that more socialites such as low-level alpha males (thugs, pimps, ghetto drug lords), bartenders, DJs, gymnastic personal trainers and blue collar assholes get more quality pussy than high-IQ, high-income white collar slaves. This, because they are treated as celebrities in their town. Their professions are not as demanding, yet they are semi-prestigious, thus, they relate better with the general public, have more time on their hands, which leads to better social lives. Men and women who have high-IQ professions actually live in a world where they could lose their careers because of word of mouth or they were caught (or photographed) drinking beers, smoking cigarettes, attending nightlife gatherings and freaky sex parties.

Not to generalize, because I have seen blue collar guys, struggling wannabe rap stars who sell mixtapes at gas stations and grocery store parking lots and ghetto hooligans bang “clearance pussy”; the kind no one else wants. The crack-whore lookalikes, the fatties with saggy bellies, the uglies and the ones with animal-shaped figures. Blue collar roadies who travel the country making deliveries and bartenders who makes not even $100 in tips in one night has a higher chance in fucking multiple women quicker than the average doctor (though I attended an interracial swingers party with a young black doctor who was 28 at the time). But none of us had parents who aspired for us to be blue-collar truck drivers and bartenders. Instead it was the typical “Be a doctor” or “Be a lawyer”. Some of our parents wished for us to be the next big-time NFL or NBA player, but what are the chances of that actually occurring? Entertainer and self-made entrepreneurs are the only exceptions pertaining to men who have the best of both worlds (pussy and money).

If I had the choice to be the castrated guy with a high-IQ or the struggling author living with his mother at 31, but gets quality pussy on a regular basis, I would chose the latter, providing I’d have to pick one of the two. Realistically, I would rather be the guy who has the best of both worlds, because nothing in life is free. Nothing! Few exceptions show that rich dickhead doctors can pay for supermodel pussy while ghetto youths living in shitholes have access to what? Bloody battles over a pair of Jordan’s, Madden NFL video games and easy sex with low-level skanks and lonely, established black women who cannot attract a man to save her miserable-ass fucking life. Speaking of which, the same can be said for women in high paid professions. A percentage of women in America have large bank accounts, but boring sex lives, if any at all. Could it be due to their hectic schedules, or their cynicism about life in general, which no self-respecting person is willing to tolerate? Oprah said years ago that she always knew she was not physically desirable and this is part of what made her focus on her status.


Most popularity, like sports careers, can only last anywhere between 5-15 years. Money lasts forever. So, why is it that the only women who will nastily obey sexual commands from rich guys happen to be celebrities, enthusiasts or sex workers? Why is it that the only women who will ever commit to a rich guy are those whose prime has slipped away from them like silk on oily hands or bitches with cutthroat elements who want to stick him with an 18-year bill while the popular, heavily-flawed, rolling stone asshole alpha dude with no prospects fucks her into slavery?

High school popularity may earn you respect and coochie coupons from fast girls and cheerleaders, but what happens after high school? 80% of those people you will never see again for the rest of your life. The same thing occurs once an NFL player retires: No more popularity, no more pussy, no more applause. What about the kid who busts his ass to maintain a GPA above 3.7, goes off to college or learn skills, which may lead him to a head start in life? Naturally, as boys turn into men, currency is acquired and therefore, the pussy revue flourishes. Dissention stated that most men in High-IQ professions make a lot of money, but spend it all on the wrong things, such as overpriced and oversized houses trying to impress people and save face. This, opposed to spending their money on supermodel-type of poon. If these High-IQ doctors, lawyers and financers are, in fact, happy, have spare time and can see the world and fuck beautiful women nationwide like the American celebrity, fine. Much respect! But is this always the case? Or are most of them living for everyone else (Tyler Perry’s character in the 2012 movie, Good Deeds is the perfect example)?

Pussy has value. The penis doesn’t (unless you count the black penis, which is becoming a nationwide obsession for non-black women, domestically and overseas). Therefore, men use careers and money to give value to a worthless penis. People use careers and high authoritarian positions, like morality, as a cover up to disguise their being socially, emotionally or physically inept. This is nothing new at all. If a person has the ability to earn finances and attract the opposite sex, they would be on television, working in the sex industry or in high places right about now, don’t you think? And I’m not referring to the nightclub which is 20 minutes from your apartment. While I agree that most American nightclubs are a waste of time, I have seen the biggest thug hooligans pull women in nightclubs, wearing jeans and thermal shirts, even when my ass received fake phone numbers while I dressed in casual gear I purchased at Macy’s. On another token, how many thugs are tolerated by elegant women, women overseas and escorts (hence, escort ads stating “Upscale Gentlemen Only” or “No Black Men”)? How many poor, struggling musicians and dope dealers have a passport and can say they know what it’s like to travel to Eastern Europe, for example? A drug dealer with a criminal record can’t have a passport.

I would think brainy guys get pussy in general, or that is the way things should be, but this is not the case. Only if brains came with spare time and a set of big balls. The reality is, it is nearly impossible for anyone – male or female – to be the best at everything. Those who do have it like that make up maybe 10-25% of the human population. Many of my bedfellows came from the women in my life being intrigued by my ability to converse and the things I enjoy talking about. But that comes along with my natural masculine physique and the “black sexual prowess” stereotype, which seems to work in a large number of black men’s favor. Most women prefer alpha guys whose dick size is bigger than their bank accounts. And those flings do not last long simply because his dick is bigger than his biweekly paychecks. Women are no different than men in the sense that imagery is the highest form of stimulation as it pertains to dealing with the opposite sex. It’s the new millennium, not the 1950s – which implies a woman can go out and earn her own income, unless she is lazy, or looking for someone to abuse and mooch off of. The only time she would choose a doctor, a judge or a lawyer is if she saw a cash cow she could milk and drain dry. As Matthew Fitzgerald stated, “She has no interest in him sexually. A workhorse should be out in the fields laboring, not wasting his energies on intercourse.”


I guess having high IQs are not all of what it is cracked up to be. What is the point if one can never enjoy the fruits of his labor? I would say that the guys with the high IQs should have the best due to their hard work and superior intellectual skills, but that’s not the world we’re living in today. Besides, America’s hard work ethic is nothing other than a cruel joke. (Remember: “Keep them in the dark and feed them plenty of bullshit.”) I would make myself look like an autistic retard complaining for the sake of other guys who are not me. Why should I reduce myself to that? Besides, I would rather be street smart than book smart. Many book-smart, high-IQ men in high professions get taken advantage of and has the social life of dried-up urine on concrete. Besides, as a male porn star says to me amid a conversation we’ve had about human stupidity, “Some asshole created IQ and SAT tests to measure human intelligence and self-worth.” And now, basic humanity has been corrupted with such bullshit. High IQs does not equate guaranteed happiness, let alone, the ability to think logically for ones-self.




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