“What She Wants Is Not What She Says”


“Sometimes a woman will make a request of her man in plain English, not to get him to do something, but to see if he is so weak that he will do it. In other words, she is testing his capacity to do what is right, not what she is asking for. In such cases, if the man does what his woman asks, she will be disappointed and angry. The man will have no idea why she is so angry or what could possibly please her. He must remember that her trust is engendered not by him fulfilling her requests, but by him magnifying love, consciousness, and success in their lives, in spite of her requests.”David Deida (The Way of the Superior Man)

David Deida’s book is one of the greatest modern books written and is ahead of it’s time. By reading this quote years ago, I immediately knew what to expect when it came to dealing with women in my future. I could have called this blog “What Women Want; Who Cares?”, but I decided to use the quotation from David Deida’s book, The Way of The Superior Man, because it is put in a more professional manner. Plus the fact that it is a brutally honest depiction of the female psyche. I will say that men need to study women more often than listening to them. Yes, listen to them while simultaneously not taking what they say too literally. Lines are meant to be read between and this includes studying body language as well as mannerisms. Most men refuse to see through the bullshit, due to the fact that much of man’s stupidity stems from sexual vulnerability and desperation. Upon engaging in lengthy conversations with women and studying their mannerisms, I notice one thing: They eventually start to tell on themselves or tell half-truths, providing I practice the art of cross-examination. This also happens once women converse with other women, plus the fact that social network dependency is alive and well in America’s social setting. Social networks are filled with women hungry for attention and competition with other women, not to mention the fact that women unconsciously air out their own business. Female vanity is also dependent on that (Facebook being one of the social networks).

Women love drama. Women love talking shit. Women love hearing themselves talk, even when their logic is illogical. Women love painted realities, probably even more than their own painted faces. Speaking of vanity, women love that, as well. Understandable. Vanity keeps humans youthful and focused on themselves. Problem is, women refuse to acknowledge their own flaws, though they are quick to notice the flaws of men and other women. A woman can already be naturally beautiful, so why are the 100 pounds of Revlon, Maybelline and Mac necessary? Women love making shit up. Women can be slutty and I have no problem with this. But how many women are actually ethical about it?

Women make the greatest cheaters, liars, contradictors and manipulators. Sometimes, the lies they tell can be for good reasons. How? Well… I know women who have rape fantasies, but will she publicize it? Not if she’s smart. Rightfully so. She don’t want the act the come to life with the wrong man and she may only confide this to the man or group of men who she either trusts or lusts. Again, many men’s downfall comes from their being sexually indiscriminative along with not knowing their role (and I am not talking about game). The woman is always the one who makes the call. Did I mention that women love pitching a bitch in order to have their way? The mood swings which can be similar to random outburst linked to retardation are enough to make any sane man shudder, being reduced to a state of disturbia.

All women want a fairy tale. They want to have their cake and eat it too, amid putting cake crumbs in your bed and you’re just supposed to take the shit and be weak enough to accept it – weak like Billy Bob Thornton’s character in Sling Blade. Women want a dumb motherfucker. Once a real man tells her he is not playing her silly fucking games, she will either run or submit. She does not win in either situation as she realizes “He’s such an asshole”, which is another way of saying “He is such a man.” “He didn’t take no shit off of me.” Then, she will stop living like a dishonest, vulture of a whore and live like a human being, as nature intended.

During the Summer of 2012, I had a fling with an older woman which lasted for several months. Not to brag, but she loved sex with me. And she loved my sexual prowess so much to where she let her guard down and asked me to give her something I simply refused to: She begged for me to have unprotected sex with her on various occasions. I refused because, for one, though I knew her well enough, I’ll be damned if I get any woman pregnant. Two, she was a 3-star woman who, in my opinion, is not worthy of me fucking raw without a condom. Three, she told me her tubed were tied and, therefore, could not have kids. Though she had documentation of it, she never shown me any papers. She became temporarily disappointed in me and had the nerve to tell me that I make sex too complicated, simply due to my choice of condom use with her. This caused her to lust me even harder. That is, until she grew tired of me, claiming that I am no good for her. She also wanted commitment – another thing I refuse to offer her. That, too, caused her to desire me even more, until she found a new beta boy toy, who looked either stoned or autistic in all of his photos with her.


This is another reason why I laugh at men for putting too much emphasis on what women want. They may provide the women with what they want and wonder why they are betrayed by women chasing men who don’t give them nothing, but sore vaginas, rectums and throats. Women also crave adventure. Though women love and respect alpha dogs, after a while, they also become disposable, just like the nice guys and white knight captain save-a-hoes. This reminds me of something a guy names Sergeant Willie Pete said in a spoken word…

“She’ll stroke [your ego] and tell you that you don’t need to get an education because it’s all about how you make her feel good. Yet you already know, when she wants to bitch about whatever it is that she’s not receiving – particularly pertaining to money and all the shit that it can buy – then she will charge you and slam your ass with that shit quick. And now, all of a sudden, money matters. Not because she wants to see you in control. No! She wants you to make the money, hand it over to her and then allow her to call the fucking shots.”




2 thoughts on ““What She Wants Is Not What She Says”

  1. Yep.

    As a 59-year-old (and who’s been open-married/swinging for decades) who has had opportunity to not only fuck but also to observe plenty of women of many ages, I can add only this:

    And, women can never essentially change, because they act and think as they do because of their biological wiring.
    Some women might sincerely want to change; some may actually try to behave differently; some may even have limited, temporary success in changing…but, ultimately, women end up default behaving this way because it’s their gender DNA.

    So…as a guy, never expect the way women act and think to substantially improve, neither individually nor collectively. Specific woman may behave “better or worse” largely depending upon which point on the range variation of innate female behavior her specific wiring happens to be, but every woman’s behavior falls withing that range.

    Be aware that this is the reality, accept it even though you don’t like it, and, equipped with this knowledge and realization about them, interact with women wisely. Your life will be more enjoyable if you do.


    AD said in one of his blog topics something along the lines that women never mature past high school stage.

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