Should We Boycott Florida?


I know I am late with this topic, but I’ve just started my writings on my webpage about a month ago. By writing this topic, I am voicing out the pathetic state of affairs in the state of Florida. By no means am I a part of Afrocentricity, nor is this an anti-white rant. In addition, I will not approve any racist or bigoted comments whatsoever. It is not that kind of party here!

Of all of the states that I’ve traveled to in the U.S., Florida has always been my favorite, thus far. I have traveled there annually from, let’s say, 2005-2009. In addition to that, I have been two other years. Similar to overrated and overpriced cities like Las Vegas, everything revolves around money, beautiful weather and pussy on sight (whether it’s acquirable or otherwise). It’s an exquisite place to live or to just visit. Understand that, like the old Pitbull album title, M.I.A.M.I. (Money is a Major Issue). If you have no money, unless you aspire to be a beach bum, you are shit out of luck. If you own a home without any insurance and a hurricane or natural disaster occurs, you are shit out of luck. If you don’t have your shit together, you are shit out of luck. If you make less than $4K a month, you are shit out of luck (I have a family member who is a paramedic, making nearly $4K a month, who resides in the ghetto part of Fort Lauderdale where people keep bars on their doors, to keep the riff-raff out).

Like any major city, there are lots of successful, money-wielding young guys with hardbodies and stamina. With that said, what makes you any better than any of them? Why should a woman give you the time of day if you cannot compete? Not to say that having game is necessary, but as I’ve said before, that works on young, immature girls. Not women.

There is not a time when I went to Florida where I did not enjoy myself. I can say that I enjoy it much more than I do in my city of ruination (Detroit). I have yet to actually travel outside of Western borders and I know that once I do – or even visit Hawaii – my viewpoint will say Florida is overrated. I look forward to that day, especially after witnessing the chaos throughout Florida. I thought of moving there at one point, but I had to actually have a hard sit-down and ask myself if that is what I really want. I have turned down many job offers there (sometimes, people are not too realistic when they dream); I cannot see myself spending all of my earnings on a place to stay, bills and transportation and not have anything to show for, except that. Millions of people are imprisoned in their own homes – not due to poverty and crime, but because their finances will not allow them to leave that place.


Most importantly, with all of the racially-motivated (anti-black) crimes and injustices that has occurred within the past several years, I am quite reluctant to go back, unfortunately (unless it is exclusively for flinging with a woman). I know American injustice is prevalent throughout, but recently, I have not seen this much stupidity in one state throughout a certain period of time, arguably, since I was 8 years of age (1992 was a turbulent year for race relations). From Jordan Davis to Trayvon Martin, Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville, police emptying 116 shots on 22-year old Raymond Herrise, an unarmed black youth with a history of motor vehicle violations, on Urban Beach Week (an annual hip-hop themed event) during Memorial Day of 2011 – which also injured several innocent bystanders, the acquittal of Casey Anthony and the flawed, yet orchestrated Stand Your Ground law, which quite evidently only works in certain people’s favor and made to screw innocent people. Now, emasculated, racist white dudes who resemble Homer Simpson have an excuse: “I felt threatened.” It has a similarity to modern-day thugs and gangbangers who are scared to get their asses kicked in fist fights and taken an ass-kicking like a man. So what do they do? Carry guns to school to prove their masculinity. And that all comes to an end once they go to prison and quickly see just how masculine they are not (only to become somebody’s bitch, being reduced to homosexual punks or crossdressing, cocksucking, toe-touching weirdos).

Miami-Dade police teamed up and manhandled a 14-year-old boy to the ground, putting him in a chokehold and handcuffing him after he had given them cold, angry stares and walked away from them, which the officers found unacceptable (can this vaguely resemble the incident back in 1955 when two losers murdered Emmett Till because they felt sexually intimidated by a 14-year old boy?). From unarmed black men being murdered on holiday weekends to black teenage boys being murdered for wearing a hoodie, Florida law enforcers has become increasingly trigger happy (or dare I say, anti-nigger happy). This is nothing new, as Florida’s racist history has carried on like a mindless tradition. I will not get too involved in this history, as for one, it would be a lengthier topic.

But, is it Florida police only or is it just the police, in general, disguising themselves and protectors and servers while behaving like werewolves, ganging up on people who they innately fear… The fear of black males is not going anywhere, not even in Florida’s melting pot (even though most people who reside there are the rich, the famous and the shameless)…

Lionel Tate, a black then-teenage boy whose mother worked for the Florida highway patrol, received a life sentence in prison for accidental manslaughter. This occurred not long after Alex and Derek King intentionally murdered their father by playing baseball with his head amid his sleep. Their sentence? Seven and eight years. The response to George Zimmerman’s verdict of him being found not guilty stirred up a few minor race riots, while a majority of African-Americans, as well as others who felt the CJS is corrupt kept quiet and chose to act civil. Others feel robbed and feel “Why remain civil? No matter that we do, they will continue to see us as animals and worthless.” Others say another one of those hellish L.A. riots should ensue. You know the ones from 1992 when the L.A. police was acquitted in brutalizing Rodney King.

Afrocentricity believes that anytime whites see something worthy of value in America, they put an overpriced bid on it, to “keep the niggers away” and it could have been that mentality that caused George Zimmerman to stalk and harass Trayvon Martin. “What they fuck are you doing here? You have no business being here. Stay in your place and go back to the slums where you belong!”

I will not dissuade the fact that some young black males bring an abundance of negative attention to themselves. I blame gangster-thug-wannabe street credibility and some hip-hop/rap music for perpetuating this shit, which influences a higher addition to many young black males engaging in stupidity, which rubs off on everyone else. Many celebrities have chosen to boycott the state of Florida, at least until there is a retrial and GZ goes to prison and justice is finally prevailed against this wannabe rent-a-cop who believes, without any shadow of doubt, that he in untouchable or some kind of hero. The real matter of contention being this Stand Your Ground law. I realize: Why should I spend my money in a place where those who look like me are not conspired against and harassed with no probable cause? Let those who do run this town starve and diminish themselves slowly, but surely. In an odd way, something good may come from a lot of this: More young black males taking themselves seriously in regards to their appearance and through education (and I am not limiting this to the growing pack of African-American news commentators publicly speaking out against this Stand Your Ground bullshit, but the entire American criminal justice system, which collectively conspires against African-Americans, among other ‘minorities’).

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