Escort Etiquette – I: Are Escorts Racist Against Black Men?


Over the years – and before I starting banging escorts – I have observed that many of the most elegant escorts, regardless of ethnicity, are not black male friendly. I have seen many ads which state “No black men”, “No black men under 30”, “No black men under 40”, “No thugs”, “Upscale gentlemen only”… You get the point. I have had several 5-star ladies this past summer and it turned out to be one of my best summers. Because I am highly discriminative myself, especially seeing how ugly-to-mediocre women get so much undeserved attention, in addition to witnessing women playing ugly games with men in the dating scene (especially on social networks), I can relate.

Granted, a percentage beautiful escorts actually lust black men while others don’t care about the guys’ ethnicity. As in this arena, it’s not about racism, but green-ism. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it ‘racism’, but essentially having standards. And I can understand, because for me, it takes a lot for me to like a black woman. Most black females are fucked up and I’m sure many will agree. Why are some of these women not too excited about black men? Well, the reasons vary. In many cases, brothers bring it on themselves.

The most commonplace excuses for black-male rejection is that many black guys are, by their own admission, ghetto. This includes acting extremely childish and immature and those who happen to be well-known braggarts (playing the numbers game), thieves, thugs, drug-addled, hygienically unconscious, not being groomed and are cheap, thus wanting too much for too little. Understandable, many people witness young black men doing stupid shit and it doesn’t stop there. Negative attention is also drawn due to simple over-exuberant acts, such as guys going to nightclubs throwing money in the air (an act called ‘making it rain’). I admit that, unfortunately – and not to stereotype – there are handfuls of black males who do fall in these categories, particularly if they reside in a major city. And it’s always one idiot or group of idiots who fuck it up for everyone else. Not to say that it is fair, but in life, what is? For this, there are even very few black escorts who will refuse to service black men.

Peculiarly, some of the women have boyfriends who are afraid they may lose their girlfriend to another man who is sexually superior to him. Speaking of which, I met a pretty Middle Eastern girl at an airport coming from a trip to Florida in the Summer, 2012. Turns out, she was an escort. “I don’t like niggas as my customers”, she stated. I ask why, as I found it rather odd since the love of her life is a black guy, who is currently in prison for murder. “They want too much for too little, they are too needy, they try to cheat you and they end up falling in love with you and I’m not looking for that.” Later, she admitted that most of the guys who frequent her are – as she put it – disgusting – and let’s face it, most female sex workers do feel that more than half of the men who frequent them are humans in their lowest form, though they have high-end professions. They are, without reasoning, labeled as “fat, hairy, ugly, stinking motherfuckers” while others sneak contraceptives off and hell-bent on taking pictures, making the ladies’ work stressful. She mentioned, “If I got with a black guy, it would be for the orgasm, because the other guys can never give me that. So, I just focus on taking their money.”

Another common excuse relies heavily on the stereotype of black men having large penises. A white escort may say “He’ll stretch me out and make me sore and I’ll have to take a week off. Black men are so rough and they’ll cause me to lose money.” After my session with an escort (a black girl who resembles Beyonce) one morning, her and I spoke about this. She rolled her eyes and said “Mr. O., bitches are stupid. You know that, right?” After nodding my head in agreement, she continues to say “Anytime you hear a girl say that, she’s not taking care of herself.” She implied that most young girls are clueless on how to keep themselves tight with kegel exercises. In addition to that, she explained that the myth of the big black penis is a myth, which is largely true, to an extent; however, black men are not the only ones with big penises. She explained that she met a white guy with a big penis and she fearlessly took him.

Be that all as it may, some of the ladies are, indeed, fickle. Interracial porn-king Lexington Steele said via an interview in Scott Poulson-Bryant’s book, Hung, that some of the women in the porn industry are equally bad, though it does not imply the women are racist. Lexington Steele also states how some females claim they do not fuck black guys, but will give up the pussy to an athlete or a musician in a heartbeat.

Even for the women who do prefer black men (whether they are sex workers or average females in the dating scene), they despise ghetto black men and as a result, have no problem turning one down or throwing him under the bus to her ‘sisters’ or other men who they happen to find more desirable. Are escorts racist towards black men? Does it even qualify ‘racism’? Yes and no. Just like the employer in corporate America who will make some people work harder for their trust. I am not excusing this in its entirety, though I am the same way when it comes to my being discriminative of black women and, hell, some American white girls alike. It’s not our fault some people have a damaged reputation to the point to where they may eventually make it hard for the next person who looks like them.

Thank God for the undesirables, as it makes the competition pool so much smaller and easier for the world’s greatest!

(Black men need to take themselves more seriously.)



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147 thoughts on “Escort Etiquette – I: Are Escorts Racist Against Black Men?

  1. I think Black guys are the ones who have the longest penis. Asian men have shortest penis. However, it is different in how tall a man is. Some tall guys have short penis while short guys have long penis. Anyway, the penis size is not everything to get a woman satisfied. It is also about the girth as well. So, I think size does matter to some women.

    1. Only black guys give orgasm to women so asian guys don’t have a chance? No wonder asian guys have to make a lot of money to pay for escorts, that’s too bad.

  2. First why do you even care? Did your wife get fucked by black cock?

    Secondly using prostitutes is not something to be proud of you low IQ loser. u and them are racists end off.

    1. That’s your opinion. I think anyone that fucks 5000 whores has 5000 things to brag about, since each one is a different adventure/story to tell (or misadventure…). If you haven’t guessed I think Ron Jeremy is more famous than Jesus Christ.

    2. Paul sounds like hes got a personal issue to deal with….not contributing to a discussion is the same as shutting the fuck up Paul. Choose the latter in the future ok.

      1. First of all every white male on this planet and in orbit are little dick bastards! And contrary to popular opinion the major reason why females trick whites more than blacks is because whites are sucks, easy to manipulate women get the most buck for the bang.. One more thing the reason that 87% of the United States has HPV is because the whites are so excepted by these hookers so Trick on Caucasians Trick on! I’m with Paul…. We know who’s spreading the virus

  3. I want to disagree with the fact that we as Black men bring the dislike of escorts on ourselves. They are just racist because that is their disposition towards Blacks anyway be we good or bad. Racism towards Blacks is something rooted in America and while it is illegal in other industries to overtly discriminate against Blacks, this line of work is open to it because it involves the rights a person has to their body. Just like their are racist women in porn who willnot do scenes with Black men, the same can be expected to be found here in escorting. The reality is while some of us are ghetto and lack class, an escort is more likely to be kidnapped or killed by a White male. I don’t wish violence upon any woman, but I wonder how would she feel if she had a frightening experience with a White male after posting no Black males.

    1. I agree with the last part of your paragraph.These girls can not sit up here and say they never had a bad experience with white johns.There was a case in texas where a white john was not satisfied with a escort and shot her.I don’t believe it’s racism,these girls want 150hr,white guys will give them 300hr and want the girl just to pee on them.White guys have weird fetishes that don’t involve fucking and will pay a girl 500 dollars to do so.Black guys most time we just wanna fuck…Oral and then doggystyle.After a session with us they are sore and can’t even work to get more money.I can’t lie everytime i see no blackmen,it’s hard to swallow but to these hoes it’s a business first not a politically correct thing.

      1. i am white i dont let women to pee on me stop talking shit you are ignorant when i use a escort i just want to fuck i fucked more black women than you fucked white women i fucked and will fuck more than you can fuck, blacks can only talk but when they act wooo another story i don’t give more money to escorts i just give more sperm i am sure you are racist you write like a racist black racists exist too

        so stop generalizing because you are not better than other white racists.

      2. Did you read the rest of my paragraph or just stopped at “white guys”, “pee on”,….it seems to me your quite young….I don’t worry about what another man dick is doing,that just don’t concern me….I’m quite satisfied in the amount of women I screwed of received fellatio from in my lifetime….It doesn’t really matter to me who you screwed….black racist no no no….I’m a reactionist,I react to the racism other people throw in my direction,for instance excorts saying no African american men….don’t get mad at me for not accepting racism from white people…

      3. I would also like to add FRANK!!!!!… Have ever just talked to a escort where they reveal stories about other johns….That’s where I came up my synopsis… No matter the color escorts have told me,white johns have weird fetishes…. Now does that mean all white guys do absolutely not but for the most parts the ones with fetishes are white and they pay big money for girls to perform them…Ask the next escorts you get together with….. You have a lot of hatred in you bruh….lashing out like you did was really in called for if you read what I wrote….maybe the truth hurts

      4. i just like to fuck, most escorts fucked with blacks over 35 i have fucked many black women i know they already fucked blackmen it did not hurt me i just hate stupidity and ignorance it is as if i say all blacks are lazy, vih, cheap, immature uneducated and drug users
        blacks also use fetish especially blacks over 35 or 40

        most escorts dont want young blacks because escorts prefer fat and ugly old people over young ppl because they are preys most escorts offer service to blacks especially blacks over 35 or 40

        many blacks are ugly and fat too

        i am fit and sportive but i use escorts only when i don’t have time to come on to or want to do anal or things i cant do to my girlfriend because it is not pleasant to her

        it is life many women don’t like blacks as many women like blacks

        most blacks just focus on ppl that hate them and waste their time, just do like whites if a woman doest want you jus try another woman

        i am white i already have escorts that refused me you know what, i dont care because i dont waste my time

      5. And you’re a idiot and racist,all blacks are ugly and fat he said….idiot frank….OK even if you didn’t say all blacks are ugly and fat,you’re missing the point…we do move on but that don’t displace the fact that escorts are being bias in their ads…you my not care because it’s not saying no white guys….am I not suppose to be offended…sure black men have fetishes and some may be willing to tip these girls hundreds of dollars extra,so why no black men…if it’s all the same then my only other conclusion is they’re racist….it don’t bother me really because I’ve been with black white native latinas so on and so forth and I found my way around those stupid ads…still it doesn’t make it right to be openly bias as they are….the 60’s are over….

      6. i just say the truth , i am not racist and idiot, as i said i don’t give a shit if they get fucked by black men if you fuck many escorts it is good for you

        stop talking shit black ppl dont like the truth escorts offer service to many blacks over 40 , many ads say no black or no black under 30 – 40 , the racism exists don’t forget many blacks hate whites too it is as if they don’t want to turn the page.

        you did not suffer , your ancestors suffered but you did not live in the past

        i am not responsible for what my ancestors did , it is as if i judge you by your skin color you did not choose to be born like that STOP CRYING because there are also many fucking black racists

        when a white police officer kills a black ,it is racism when a black police officer kills a black it doesnt matter because he is a traitor but there is no riot for that

        many whites got killed by police officers too, many whites are homeless and jobless, many whites are rejected from the society and forgotten

        escorts dont get money from ghetto blacks brcause they dont have money to spend , many escorts got more money from blacks ( businessmen, men with big profession, professional players)
        black ppl when they have money they spend more than whites

        this ad is meant not to attract ghetto blacks

        i have a black neighbor that spends thousands dollars just for escorts, he is an othopedic surgeon

      7. You don’t say the truth frank…. Just because you speak out of emotion don’t mean what you saying is facts…. First you don’t understand what rasicm is,racism means you have the power to oppress other people…who have black people oppressed on this planet…I’m living in the past,no you dickhead,if a escort says no black men in 2015 what do that have to do with the past… For you information you reap the benefits of being white daily,if you don’t think your privileged because of your skin then your delusional…. Your anger at me for being angry at someone being bias against me and all men that look like me and telling me to take it its a part of life but not apart of yours….what ad says no white men under 40,show me one you damn idiot… You believe thing are even Steven but black men are made to have higher hurdles… I don’t expect you to get that white boy because you never were a black man to expierence bullshit biases on the regular…. Stop crying,you don’t know as much as you think you do,black people dislike white people who hate us,we don’t start just hating white folks like white folks just hate us for stupid reasons… You will never get it whiteboy, I am the truth….

      8. And if the ad wasn’t meant to attract ghetto blacks then it should be meant to attract poor white trash either,but you never see,sorry no poor white trash do you, they planet your from is not real…..

      9. ive had several experiences like that with girls other than black girls where they would cringe when i go in. I dont know what it is, but because of my empirical experience i would have to say if you want a chance for the best experience being a black man, you get a black girl or a girl you know that can handle the pipe. Otherwise she will start imposing higher prices if she cant handle it. Simple poor physical conditioning on the girls part really.

      10. It is a business, making money is the goal. Who cares about fetishes. A taxi driver is supposed to earn money by giving passengers rides. If a person wants to pay a driver $500 to wait outside their house or a business, Im sure the driver would because that’s $500 profit, no burned gas, no vehicle wear and tear, and is more than 3-4 trips would generate.

        If a guy will pay her $500 to pee on him, she doesn’t need a shower, she doesn’t gave a risk of disease, and earns more in that time frame than in the next 3 hours. Imagine making $500 in an hour or so. I actually envy these women, they making more in one session that most Americans make in a day or two.

        I’ve also seen escort ads in other countries, some still list the no blacks (they’re not American), but the African race isn’t as prominate in other countries so it doesn’t need said and the gheto attitute isnt there for the Africans that are there. The highest population of Africans is in, take a guess: AFRICA. Do we read about drugs and shootings in Africa? The people in Africa are to a degree more civilized as far as maturity than Detroit or Philadelphia.

    2. even black escorts don’t want blacks

      most street prostitutes are used by blacks and many escorts are used by blacks , so if you want to complain about racism just ask your brothers you hate each other and kill each other a black man has more opportunities to survive in a mexican district than an afro disctrict

      not all escorts say no black

      so in my opinion only escorts that are used by blacks say no black

      there are many escort agencies used by russians , ukrainians, chinese , hispanics, and other ethnicities.
      your skin color is not important as long as you have money

      because business is business ,

      i am sure you will have more opportunities to get killed by a black than by a white racist in texas,

      blacks don’t trust blacks even for business

      1. It not only escorts that’s pimped by blacks but i do agree with you mostly…..after separating the stop crying stuff,I finally agree with you somewhat and get it….its what I already was saying anyways…. I found my way around no blacks,so any respectable black male could do the same….

    3. Raise is rooted in America? Indeed, racism is a problem in America but it is not the only country. There are many countries that discriminate against certain backgrounds and many countries are highly against non-white people far more than America. Walk around Germany, how many black people or even Hewbrews will you see? Saying Americans are racist is being racist against Americans, even if you yourself are American.

  4. Lets be honest here, due to systematic racism the worst a black man can do to a woman is kill them. A white man, supposedly having more money and power, can kidnap her, sell her into sex slavery, prolonged hostage and torture for sex and amusement that nobody will find out about it until after the damage is done. Im not saying that there arent any powerful black men out there but there is very few that are capable of doing these things on a clear conscience, unless were talking vengence here.

    There is a difference between a black mogul and a white mogul, though both are ruthless, from the 3 black moguls that I have dealt with and the 1 white, 3 if you count latin cartels, the black moguls tended to have a greater sense of humanity. Don’t get me wrong, they didnt play about their paper and their line of business dosent incline humanity, but they had this at least. For example, allowing you defend yourself before they kill you. White moguls follow a formula of torturing, prolonged degrading, then killing. the latin one, oh man. They wouldnt degrade you, but they would torture and then find the most horrfic way to kill you like chopping you up with a chainsaw. There is a reason Scarface was so successful. Pick your poison.

    My point is, there are some fates worse than death ladies, then again as long as this is illegal it will never be safe anyways. What you do is an illegal business; therefore, it is inclined to draw out the very worst kind of people. There are alot of craze individuals, but if you peep the political game and follow the right news, ask yourself how many of the really sick and craze ones are black? Just something for my sweetest girls to think about. Play wisely.

    A lot of what you say has validity (which is why human life is more valued and appreciated in non-western countries/cultures), but not all black men value humanity. Some black men are equally ruthless, who are regular joe blows (robbers), pimps and drug lords (who are physically abusive) and even certain black CEOs (Sean “P. Diddy” Combs did a lot of scandalous shit that ruined people’s lives that are swept under the rug. I heard he was in on Notorious B.I.G.’s assassination). I’ve heard few instances to black men attempting to rob and low-ball the ladies while I’ve also heard instances of white guys engaging in trafficking and murdering trans-gendered persons whom they assumed were ladies.

    1. The Notorious Big and Sean (Puffy) Combs thing is hearsay – a myth if you will… But what is certain is that there is nowhere and I do mean NOWHERE that any white person can go on this planet and say they created peace and harmony. They are the mother and fathers of the word Destruction. I’m just stating the Facts deep down inside whites know that they can’t deny the overwhelming evidence.

      Yes. I agree!

    2. My exact point. Which out of what you stated is worse? Robbing or murder/trafficking? You see what im saying?

      1. So I’ve been reading alot of good and bad responses.

        Now I’m black: This is my disclaimer lol. The truth of the matter is these escorts can have a preference like any normal chic. If it says no blacks then no blacks. Quite frankly I dont care. Reason being all of them are out here trying to make money and the bills are green regardless of what ethnic group it comes from. I hate to see men in their feelings arguing with other men: Especially about some pussy I mean really. This goes for black & white males. At the end of the day its always going to be a woman who doesn’t mind black guys. Just be polite-do your thing and go home.

        Now for the realness’. From what I’ve heard from a few escorts its been a few bad apples that have put this image on us men who are respectable-there is nothing we as black men can do about it honestly. The craziest thing I’ve heard is a guy will call and try to get her to drop the price after it says clear as day 200$hr or 150$hr. My brother if the price is to high then don’t call simple as that. If there is no price and you call & its to high- then its thanks goodbye on to the next one. I mean seriously. Some guys from other ethnic groups do tip and pay more I’m not one of them. 200$ is my max an hr simple as that. I dont care what she look like. Its just a piece of ass- my goal to get a nut and be on my way.

        I’m 30yrs old and I know for a fact if its something that you dont wanna pay for then don’t bother it. If you disagree with something that someone else is doing but really doesn’t concern you then keep it moving. I see ads all the time saying love white men- white men only(cool) i could speculate the reason for that but for what. Women out number us 20 to 1- On to the next chic. Black or white when dealing with these escorts just be cool 😎 if you can’t afford it dont call. If she has something posted you disagree with my brother keep scrolling.

        All yall take care and enjoy yourselves with these gorgeous women from different ethnic groups.

  5. Fact: America has institutionalized racism almost genetically among you unconscious ingrates. There isn’t racism in Canada or Europe, aaaaah but here in America where everyone is so socially advanced. We are in fact the most racist people alive. Stereotypes are the new form of segregation.


    I’m a black man with a PhD. A scary combination for most.

    1. “There isn’t racism in Canada or Europe, aaaaah but here in America where everyone is so socially advanced.”

      I’m sorry, but that first part is nonsense. There is plenty of racism is Europe, but it’s of a very different flavor than the American variety, so you may not be so adept at spotting it. Canada does seem less racist than the US, but I wouldn’t say there isn’t ANY racism there.

      1. in europe the racism is worse toward other ethnicities so racism exists, the racism doesn’t only aim at blacks, in the uk many ppl are more racist toward asian people ( indian pakistanese , bengladesh and sri lanka) , in many european countries, there is racism toward north african ppl ( morroccan, algerian and tunisian, eastern ppl ( russian, polish , hungarian, romanian, ukrainian, albanese, bosniac) and turkish ppl

        because the black minority is not very big in europe compared to many minorities

        but the racism in europe is different ppl don’t like those ppl but the goverment is compelled to protect those ppl because the racism is punished by the law

        the racism exists because those ppl steal the job from people

        more and more white people are jobless

        there is no racism with escorts only in the daily life

    2. I have a hard time believing you have a PhD, and it is not because you are black but because you lack common-sense, logic, state opinion as fact, and lack grammatical accuracy. Racism is NOT a product of nature, but a case of nurture. Racism has been passed down over the generations so one group can hold themselves in higher esteem than other groups of different racial origins. Furthermore, racism is all over Europe and if you don’t believe it is so, then you need to do some Google searches relating to racism during soccer games overseas. There was a documentary recently detailing Tim Howard and other soccer players of African decent detailing the racism they have endured playing sports in European nations (example: when a black player gets a touch or prepares to take a penalty/corner kick, fans in the stand will make ape/monkey sounds directed at the black players; there have been cases of black players being spit on and/or having bananas thrown onto the pitch). The points I have made reflect your lack of common-sense, logic and how you have stated opinion as fact. To make my final point relating to your lack of grammatical accuracy, I will now re-write your first paragraph devoid of grammatical errors.

      America has institutionalized racism, almost, genetically among you unconscious ingrates. There is not racism in Canada or Europe. Here, in America, where everybody is socially advanced, we are, in fact, the most racist people alive. Stereotypes are the new form segregation, and I will now neglect to offer any time of argument to substantiate this claim or the last.

    3. You lost credibility when you said “there isn’t racism in Canada or Europe…”

      Over generalizations do not contribute to a discussion. There is racism in every country on planet earth. The English and Dutch took slaves in Africa before slaves found their way to the American colonies. Racism is everywhere to some degree. Unfortunately, it’s an evil part of human nature.

      1. yeah just like the Arabs enslaved Africans and Africans are enslaving each other today. Keep your ears closed so you don’t have to listen to the truth. I know it hurts your sensitive feelings

    1. That is only because they won’t sleep with the africans.

      1. Hahaha even if its not 99%, the percentage would still be in favor of Caucasian men to the 50 60 or 70 percentile

  6. The funny thing is all those girls will see black client… This is something they put up to make the white racist customer believe that they do not see black clients.

    Yes. Its all about business and people build business on selling dreams. Everyone does it!

    1. that’s true too,once you get beyond the ad and call or text em,some will see you based on your approach….if you seem like a nice guy over the phone they will see you…the only bad thing is you never know how they will treat you because you’re not there first choice….

  7. When one white person screws up, it’s on him. When one black person screws up, the entire black community is blamed. Always been that way, always will. As a black man, this really fires me up how sex workers prohibit service with us. Fine, I’ll find a sex worker more worthy. But it still sucks

    1. Maybe you shouldn’t be paying for sex in the first place.

      NEWSFLASH: You ALWAYS pay, one way or another. Common sense!

      1. First off the fact that you see your body as a play thing to be given to the most attractive piece of ass is disappointing. Sex might be good but its meaningless if you have to pay or don’t care for the person. You might pay with love, you might pay with devotion but I’ll would pay with a promissory note that’s not worth the cottons it’s printed on. Pwned my child you have…pwned.

        First off, nothing is written in stone, let alone promised to last forever. If you choose to believe those fairy tales and Disney Myths, that’s your prerogative. I on the other hand am not interested.

      2. ALWAYS.

        That people can make such statements about “not paying for sex” is merely because the “currency” being exchanged and what it’s being exchanged to obtain isn’t necessarily obvious nor acknowledged, so the exchange may not overtly be recognized as “paying”.

    2. you know sometimes these girls don’t work independantly…somewhere lurking around is their pimp….alot of times he’s the one who writes the ad…They don’t want her to see another black guy because you can take her away from him…The pimps meet these girls the same way tricks do online…it sucks it does but they know we will fuck em too good and they will fall for us,it happens….

    3. Wrong….it’s the repeated screwed up behavior in one particular group that causes there to be a problem. When an escort has a bad “date” with a white man…she may not see a problem in the next 10 dates with other white men, however when an escort had 10 bad dates in a row with back men and maybe 1 good date, then she is smart enough the say…..hummmm maybe I should stop dating black men. It’s the fault of black culture that makes the escort non-friendly the black men.

      1. Where is your evidence in that? It’s bullshit and I don’t believe one out of ten black Johns are positive encounters compared to nine out of ten white Johns….some of those girls are flat out racist and the other ones are following behind other girls who do that shit….I’ve texted plenty who’ve told me maybe I should said no niggers or told me its there preference, anything but black men…I’ve seen plenty of white girl escorts paid them beforehand and dealt with their bullshit antics in a calm manner…I’m sure I’m not the only Blackman that has done this….Miss me with your bullshit prenotions…..

  8. possibly because blacks are violent and tend to treat escorts like their personal groupies?

    As if other races of men are incapable of those things? Keep lying to yourself.

    1. wait a minute ,…a groupie is a person who willingly hangs around or follows a people they fantasize or envy right??… if someone is wiping your ass why would you want to hang around and envy them ??? dumb ass bitch

  9. Here it is guys it all comes down to money, deal is 90 percent of the escorts money comes from 35-&-up white men. So if they advertise that they date BM/AA, they will be damage goods & no white men will call, which mean less money. Like it or not, crossing races still matters to white men ,maybe not all but to the majority it does. Remember, it’s a job to escorts, it’s not just about race, thugs, size. It’s all bout the money, they’re not in it for their pleasure just your that gets them bigger tips & repeat customers. If 90 out of every 100 are white then they will advertise to what they want. I’m retire now but work in escort for 9 years. I advertise for all race the first couple year then had a John explain this to me: He said it is costing you biz. I pull all my add a week later change it to no AA & he was right. I mean real right, I made lots more. I still dated a few BM, but they were set up by people I knew & trusted. And trust me, all black men are not created equal, same for all men, if you know what I mean.

    You know, I’ve heard this before and as retarded as it is (thanks to white male sexual insecurity), it makes sense from a financial perspective. It’s pathetic that some women will be avoided by other races of men if they see black men. Again, this is white male sexual insecurity talking:

    – the same reason why some of them hate seeing white women date black men
    – the same reason why drugs and prostitution is illegal in the USA to begin with
    – the same reason why they stop watching porn stars once that porn star starts doing scenes with black men.

    It’s an inferiority complex. And hey, some women know that too, which is why they will run game on them and tell them anything just to get money out of them. I’ve had a few who advertise “No black men!”, only to tell me personally that they will make exceptions, if the guy is not too rough on her and if he’s not some “ghetto thug”. Some admit they do see black men, but cannot advertise it for that reason… because it would alienate and disappoint their primary consumer base. Which is why other people in other lines of business cannot have their customers, fan-base or clients to know certain things about them, ranging from their sexuality to political beliefs and such.

    1. “Here it is guys it all comes down to money, deal is 90 percent of the escorts money comes from 35-&-up white men. So if they advertise that they date BM/AA, they will be damage goods & no white men will call, which mean less money.”

      This is the only part i don’t agree with because escort don’t have to advertise to any group of men….How then will johns know who you see and don’t see…everything else is true because you’re stroking the white racist ego,just like if you said no white guys you’re stroking the black male ego….Another point the white guys didn’t know she saw black guys before she switched her ad’s so i still believe it didn’t matter weather you said no black and just advertised your sex appeal…at the end of the day if your sexy everybody will want to see you regardless

    2. Y’know…the older I get, the more I appreciate the Atypical attitudes my parents, a white, blue-collar, New England couple who were married for more than six decades, lived out in front of me. What demonstrates their attitude is this:

      My dad had served as a paratrooper during the Korean (so-called) war. Through the years, he explained how he (from a poor family) had had a chance at college, but had quit after his first year, to enlist in the Airborne. He never said so himself, but I’m sure quitting college prevented him from ever doing as well financially as an engineering degree back then would have enabled.

      His primary reason for enlisting was that he’d learned one of his best friends from high school had been captured and was being held POW. Dad said there was no way he could sit back, going on with his own life, while his buddy was in trouble.

      Only later, when I met his friend when he and his wife stopped in for the first of many visits over the years while traveling through the hometown, did I realize that his best friend was black.

    3. many black men have small dicks even in the porn stop watching porn real life is different if escorts dont want blacks it is their choice in the usa you can fuck who you want. i am not attracted to black women they are ugly i just fuck white women that doesn’t mean i am racist i voted for obama my favourit singer is rihanna i like michael jordan

      if you want white women, there are many agencies in los angeles that offer beautiful russian women your color is not important as long as you have money

      i don’t care if a bitch gets fucked by black men, i am white i dont like to fuck the same woman

      stop saying you suffered from white poeple russian people never used blacks as slaves only western people we suffered more than blacks from nazis, french napoleon, mongols, japanese, civil war, muslim ppl, personally most white women in the usa are ugly and fat,
      I hope someday , they will ban porn in the usa many guys think porn is the real life

      the prostitution is illegal not because of blacks, the prostitution also is illegal in most countries. but the prostitutionis is practiced even if it is illegal

      forgot to say one thing FUCK ALL IRISH PEOPLE

    4. Thank you Maam. You gave the most logical answer that I’ve read out of all these comments. It makes perfect sense.

  10. Uh whores or escorts have a lower mortality rate then another other woman walking the earth and most serial killers are usual white. Uh I wonder why?

    1. Uh because you live in a dominantly white nation nimrod. Whats more surprising is how small the african american number is but how much they dominate homicide rates. African Americans and Mexicans fill up the prisons.

  11. I worked in the motel business for years and from my observation, the main reason why women of all races say “no black men” is due to the fact that, black males tend to be pimps that try to recruit them to their stable. Other times they do not want to pay or do not want to use protection (reason why black males are highest with HIV). At times they come with friends who sneak up to the room claiming they want service also, but start asking for freebies or some 2 for 1 price (Black males tend to be gay more than any other race), 2 on 1 girl seem a bit bi sexual to me. Bottom line, I never heard girls complaining about penis size being an issue in dating men, this topic is filled with homo based fantasies about penis size and try and justify by stating its honest opinion but really its just nonsense to fuel their homo fantasy.

    Like I said, my credential’s in this topic are 20 years of motel experience, that dealt with prostitution day in and day out. I had to deal with murders, people being burned alive, drugs, fights, robbery, injuries of all types, and all of these involved prostitution and their clientele. I spoke to many girls about their life and no they were not all ghetto, many were upscale ladies. I would say that 8 out of 10 workers had black boyfriends or pimps. P.S quick answer. Black men usually are pimps or asking for freebies. Oh and why are the guys called tricks, from my experience, the ladies were the ones always playing TRICKS, where the men most of them never made problems, it was the workers trying to TRICK men out of their money rather than do what they were advertising.

    For one, black men do NOT make up the majority of people infected with HIV. According to the CDC, the majority of people infected are gay, homosexual and bisexual white males. Gay, homosexual and bisexual black men have a higher rate of HIV than straight black men. More straight black women are infected with HIV than straight back men are.

    Oh, yes… I agree there are women in the industry (most being streetwalkers) who take advantage of guys, playing them like dummies. But most women are looking for on-point simps and suckers, whether they work in the sex industry or not. I’ve heard several horror stories about lowly chicks taking guys’ money and running off with it, or having them robbed and jumped out of their money and credit cards. But feminists and manginas want to speculate that it’s usually the women who are either being ‘abused’ or ‘forced’ into the industry and such. White guys are the biggest ‘abusers’ of women and that shit gets covered up… But the scams of feminism is a whole different story. But like I said, a huge number of black men do not take themselves seriously.

    1. Black females are the the highest with HIV, and you think they actually were infected by latinos or asian’s? No black men infected them with HIV. Nonsense argument of yours.

      Let me point out another fact, most if not all non blacks were self conscious about being with a hooker, most if not all were happy to be out of there asap (popped and out of there), where black men dont care about being with hookers, they dont mind sticking around they actually have no regret or conscious when they hire a prostitute married or in a relationship its all fare game to them. So for none black men having sex for less than 5m, is because they want to leave asap and go home, where its safe (they dont trust those ho’s). Black men dont give a fck, they will juice every second they feel as home. Like I said, Ive known pimps, ho’s and johns for years. I know this zhit. I know all the insight in this zhit.

      Oh yea and also I might add that, when a girl post no blacks, is because these pimps will try and attack and run out of town any “independent girl” aka no pimp. You know they are really independent when they appear clean, are happy and very nice and only visiting or have a residence as an in call. You see these pimps or so called daddies can only control these idiot ho’s when all they know is other idiot ho’s, when a smart girl come to town, these idiot ho’s cannot see that these smart ladies keep all the money to themselves and are in great shape, they look good, smell good and are happy with what they do, but no these pimps will try and run this ladies out of down by force or anyway they can. Sure some pimps try and recruit but eventually they will all try and assault the independent girls, because they are afraid their dumb ass ho’s might catch on that they dont need some gorilla buying new shoes with their “hard earned” money.

      Recap! non blacks want to get the fck out asap, they have places to be. Black will stay they got no where to be. 2. non blacks because pimps will try and run them out of down due to fear of losing their idiot ho’s.

  12. As an on again, off again frequenter of escorts, I too find it perplexing. I’m a white guy and when I browse the ads, they will typically say “no blacks.” I understand the “ghetto” thing but that’s a stereotype. Not all brothers are like that. In fact, it’s become less true than ever as of late. Saying “no ghetto/gangbangers” would be more PC and universal but here’s the thing. Most of the ads are not created by the escort themselves but rather their manager or “pimp.” This brings me to my theory on why they put that disclaimer. They are afraid that the would-be John will try to recruit her to work for him. It’s another stereotype to say that pimps are all or mostly black and that if they are, they must be one but maybe they figure better safe than sorry. Plus, maybe there is something to the whole cheap/violent/druggie thing, at least with the ghetto types.

    On a side note, if you know how to play the game, you will have a good time. Know both the role of the escort and the John. She is there for one thing, to make money. She is not “into you” and leading yourself to believe that will be a fruitless endeavor (at least outside of the hour or so you’re with her). You are paying to have sex, that’s it. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you are smart about it. To the people that call it “pathetic” and think that only complete losers do it, get over yourself. There’s a reason why the profession hasn’t died since its inception. Guys from all walks of life do it and the typical reason isn’t because the guy can’t get laid. It’s because he wants to have sex with someone while avoiding any commitments. It’s just a lot less of a headache than meeting someone, trying to tell her you like her but don’t love her, have sex with her then say “ok thanks, see ya” and trying to avoid her becoming a psycho stalker or revenge-happy. This way, no one gets hurt. Also, escorts are extremely safe will typically not perform any sex act without a condom.

  13. First of all, in Europe there are so many fucking racists especially in France.
    Some escorts dont want black men, ( under 30 or under 40 ) it is more a matter of maturity it is just an add i don’t say black ppl are not mature because there are matures everywhere those are these bitches that are immature and ignorant but I am sure if you show some money they would accept fucking with you because they are bitches , bitches love money. yes black guys fuck good but some black guys don’t fuck good there are good fuckers in every race , I like fucking girls i don’t care if they fucked some black guys because for me a bitch is a bitch even if they only fuck white men many black men are not dirty it depends on their environment. I also see dirty white men with bad hygiene on the street the problem is not the size of the cock, because black ppl are not animals, many black ppl have normal or small size , just some exceptions that are huge like other races ; you know you can please a girl only with your small finger the size is not important for sex some girls hate because it is painful all depends how you use your toy many ppl are ignorant , they like to believe in the myth maybe they believe in hercule and zeus
    we are in the usa money talks, the racism yes but don’t forget everybody can be bought even if you are from mercury planet

    I am a white jew

  14. Lmao.

    The black penis stereotype is a myth. Blacks on average are .1 inches longer than whites. All that non- human DNA just for a measly .1 inches lol!

    I love how the black bantu mind just has to spin what must be a painful reality into a narcissistic excuse. ” they just don’t want someone who will threaten their boyfriends.” Obviously it couldn’t be that they don’t want an ape, could it? lMAO! Yet another area of life where bantus are not wanted by non- bantus, and in which bantus can’t take a hint and stick with their own kind.

    Here’s the simple truth-west african Bantus and their descendants are generally different from every other race of man, who all more or less have similar basic traits. The ape- like cranio- facial structure of the bantu is a visual confirmation that he has homo Erectus DNA, which is much different from the Neanderthal DNA in true humans. Take it from a dark brown indian man- there are serious differences between Bantus and all others that are WAY beyond skin color. This is why on the whole Bantu communities universally fail, and why Bantus have to grasp at rationalizations and deflectioms to avoid the painful truth at all cost.

    Non bantu people don’t want to mix because Bantus can only bring the gene pool down. That’s why bantu men love non bantu women while Bantu women are scorned by everyone, even their own race.

    If an escort was willing to see Bantus I would personally avoid at all costs- she most likely has a mental disorder, not to mention the stds.

    This post is basically the same ” Muh Dik” rationalization every groid leans on 24/7. Here’s the truth- read this link and maybe you’ll learn something.

    God forbid the Bantu keep to his own and leave true humans alone.

    1. I love the usa especially california i ve been studying for two years I date many white women I ve never felt the racism in the USA I hate many european countries I am talking as a jew of morroccan origin from israel

      the racism towards blacks will always exist in the usa as the racism towards libanese and asians in australia, the racism towards the pakis and hindus in the uk and hongkong, the racism toward turkish and polish in germany, the racism toward north africans and black africans in france or the racism toward chinese in japan etc

      there are so many black people in the usa that is why many people are tired of blacks,

      my advice , just leave the usa and find a country where the black minority is not the biggest population you will see life will be different

      PS i know the latin minority is the biggest in the usa there are many different ethnicities

      1. Why don’t you go back to your country,heeheee haahaa,black folks have the right to be here as much as any other ethnicity…too many of us,so you’re tired of us,well I’m tired of idiot mentalities like yours that consist of racism…. Black folks have did way more for this country than a lot of ethnicity combined and we should leave and let you live off our blood sweat and tears…. Don’t be stupid…..

      2. because i don’t want to go back, i feel good where i am i am jewish life is better for us don’t be jealeous

      3. I’m not jealous, my life is good,good job,benefits and building my credit back up,I just banged a girl I desired for a few years who I found out was a escort…you sound young,I don’t envy anyone,I make the best of my life with I have,lol

      4. good for you

        I banged many girls i want I don’t really care if they were banged by blacks most important is they are good to fuck and not boring

        I am sure many escorts have black clients maybe the ad is just to avoid black ghetto people.

        many blacks are educated and have a big job in the usa or have their own company, many blacks succeeded in their life many blacks work hard many blacks don’t deal or use drug many blacks are not ghetto

        it is more a matter of education

        most blacks that are infected are ghetto

    1. Hahaha! This video made my day.Just goes to show it takes a special type of women to get into this type of business.Op’s lady friend was thinking about ladies like this broad when she rolled her eyes and said to “Mr. O., bitches are stupid.You know that, right?”

  15. there are so many stupid people , maybe they don’t want you because you are low class, you know if you are like will smith , obama , rappers, professional footblall basketball players or businessmen life will be different, honestly i prefer fucking a sexy black woman over an ugly white woman. i think it is the same for women they prefer a rich black man over a poor white man .

    what i like about the usa , there are many stupid people that fight for something that doesn’t exist. many soldiers are left when the government doesn’t need them anymore. black or white

    racism is everywhere. muslims hate jews, black ppl hate each other and kill each other, japanese hate chinese more than any race stereotype for russian many hate them because they have no resect for women they are ready to sell their wife, arab ppl are terrorists, white ppl are pedophile, french ppl don’t take a shower, mexican ppl only work for tacos and drug, indian ppl smell, , there is also racism against gays and fat ppl etc. there are many other stereotypes.

  16. as a non black male here .. i just wanna say that once an escort accept black men .. most people *including me .. just stop going there ..
    it’s not about your penis size …
    it’s not coz you got a game ..
    it’s not coz you are richer than me ..
    it’s becoz you are black ..
    i don’t think i’m a racist .. i go out and hang out with different type of race ..
    i don’t even care about their religion .. my family myself have about 4 different religions including some moslems ..
    if you black brothers feels like you are alone in this case … let me tell you about the indian in some asia country treated the same as you are …
    once i took an indian customer to an escort service in singapore .. he had a good time there *i’m pretty sure of that .. some of my singapore friends stop visiting the escort .. funny thing is .. i just stop going there too ..

    i dunno how to explain this .. i mean .. we live in a different world now then some 80’s years ago … maybe perhaps some of the thing i can’t explain still linger …

    i hope it’ll help …

    1. After going thru most of these comments racism is real but fuck it. i doubt i would be seeking acceptance from an escort one of the lowest at the under belly of society mind you. same goes for racists pimps , dealers and johns are all in the same world so no fucks given

      it would take alot for me to cross threashold and actually pay for sex. When i think of the million other things i could do and still.get pussy. i must get married so i dont end up like you guys. On top of that who uses condoms anyway?

      On top of everything she says no niggas i bet she would still fuck wth me.

      Op should post about life after whoring is it easy to get bk into society? will your pussy ever be the same?

    2. so a white man doesn’t want any pussy that a black dick has been in but hes willing to put his dick in a black pussy ???? i dont understand please exlpain

  17. I do really think they are racist, but do believe “mr. O” is, according to that last comment he made about undesirables and the worlds greatest!

    Excluding that, I personally occasionally go for the girls that post the “no AA” ads, and believe it or not be it the money placed in hand or my poise and demeanor, I am never turned down.

    This is why I believe they aren’t racist and instead it’s everything else he mentioned. You guys should try it as well.

    P.s these woman usually don’t allow me any position but a Bj and missionary guess it’s the size thing hence the word occasionally (that shit ain’t worth it)

    When I mentioned the ‘undesirables’, I wasn’t saying that to be racist against a group of men who look like me. I meant separating the riff-raff from the guys who really have their shit together.

  18. According to every measured penis size study white males are bigger on average. Most of Europe is around 5.5-5.9 whereas african countries like Nigera are 5.3, Tanzania is 5.1 etc. The only african countries where big penis size is reported is in UNMEASURED SELF REPORTED studies, aka lying.

    the top 3 biggest penis sizes by state all have two things in common 80%+ white men and a VERY small black population, in fact those three states. The largest state of North Dakota is in fact primarily of nordic descent, blonde hair blued eyed viking types. This just makes logical sense when you think about it, white men have the most body hair of any race, we are the largest on average, just take a look at white strongmen with actual muscle next to black bodybuilders who have “muscle” just for show, in addition black men have large fatty asses and big lips, all feminine traits, just makes sense that their male organs are smaller as well.

  19. Lo and behold I have another theory what about the classic Bait and Switch? For those that don’t know what that is I’ve included the following link below that has a great post that describes the Bait and Switch in some depth. Read post, be enlightened and then come back here.
    For those of use that are to lazy or are already familiar with the term I digress.

    Anyhow like the post says once you have decided upon an escort that you believe will meet your needs, and she shows up at your door, or you, at hers, and you realize that she isn’t the girl in the photo, the escort will attempt to get you to go through with the transaction anyway. Once the session begins, the escort will either provide you with poor service, or she may flat out take your money and make a run for it. Most agencies will send the best they have available, and count on you being so desperate that you take what was sent to you; and you just might end up satisfied with the substitution, but this is rarely the case.

    The majority of (censored) ads are bait and switch. As Not a black man said several posts ago “contrary to popular opinion the major reason why females trick whites more than blacks is because whites are suckers, easy to manipulate. Women get the most buck for the bang”.

    So here is my theory the majority(not all)of theses ads but the majority are mostly bait and switch ads usually posted by the younger rookie sp’s (service provider’s). Theses are the ones where you usually see words like No black menz plz, no Black ppl, no black gents etc. They are more there to target white men who they think will be passive and more likely to stay and spend that money on their 5 min nut instead of letting the girl know that they have been deceived and leave with cash in hand.

    Their are several factors in why theses women feel the need to include that little tidbit in there ads and some people in this comment section have touched quite nicely on them. Truth is its probably a combination of alot of things including pure ignorance or some sort of past experiences they have heard about seen on tv or even experienced. Chances they where extreme circumstances that could come across a bit misconstrued and they decide to group an ethnicity together because of a few bad apples. Either way its for the most part a sketchy business and you never know what to get when you open Pandora box.

    That goes for both sp’s and clients. I’ll leave you guys with a question. Why would you want to put money in someones pocket that doesn’t respect you because of your color? I’m happy they include theses kind of things in there ads they have just given you the heads up that they are not worth your time. I mean wouldn’t you enjoy your time better if you felt that you spent your hard earned money on someone who deserves it? Just a thought not a thot!

    Spot on. Unfortunately, many people do spend money where they aren’t welcome. Remember, “America is not a country, it’s just a business!”

    1. what you say is nonsense, stop watching porn many white women don’t like black men and some like black men, some ladies are paid more just to play scenes with blacks it is commercial it is a good thing to attract money from black losers many black actors and producers want their brothers money believe me i am the king of the bed you can be like me this sentence is an advertisement to attract black losers unfortunately real life is different real life is not porn , it is just to make losers believe they can have an opportunity to fuck so many white bitches dreams are free honestly I don’t give a shit if a lady fucks a black for me when a lady fucks another guy ( white, black, yellow , brown , tan) she is already dirty. black ppl always moan when someone is not attracted to them or they are not accepted for a job, directly racism racism, it is not racism it is just you are not skilled enough you are not among skilled blacks or you are not their type or not interesting enough , many white ppl are not accepted too, you want to change your life stop hanging out with losers , watching fake porns and start working hard you will never see the racism just boatlickers, we are in the usa only money racism you are poor you are nothing you are not skilled you are nothing too life is like that nobody can change that

      For one, learn to format sentences and paragraphs correctly, otherwise no one’s going to read all that shit. Second, white men make up the majority of porm watchers – interracial included. Third, you make it obvious you are sexually insecure because you label women “dirty” when she fucks someone other than you. Four, America’s hard work ethic is a scam. Anyway, I’m done with this… The rest is barely readable.

      1. What the hell does your jibber jabber have to do with what I wrote.I’m talking about real life not porn dummy.Whites can be a little more tolerate when it comes to the bait and switch and alot of these escort ads are fake posters of hot girls you think your going to see except when you open the door its not the same girl in the picture.My argument is that if a black male responded to one of theses ads and it turned out to be a bait and switch they would just leave as appose to a white male who would most likely not make a big deal and go ahead with it anyway.
        That’s just another idea into why escorts feel the need to put no black males in their ads.

  20. For the most part this is true. HOWEVER im black, AA, of color whatever peaceful way to say no service. Hooking americas oldest profession understands ONE MEDIAN…. The motha loving BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. I haven’t needed to be with an Escort yet, but out of curiosity answered a add w/ a local number turned out to be a “upscale lady”, she wanted to know it all about me but when asking anything bout her….every answer: “rate $100” … “Rate $100” after toying and some straight to the point price tactics…. “I dont service black men”… I took a real time pic of stack of hundreds and the car and the clock and my suit, not a dealer!!! For those waiting to stick me in category. Just to let her know im not cheap since “black men” = cheapness, bad tippers and etc. Im speaking for me and not ALL black men. From street hooker to 5 star hotel picking up dates in the bar “Upscale ladys” … You still a HOE. Attaching such nonsense to a specific group isn’t right…. AT ALL. As I recall the craigslist killer … Was a white man. ….lets see one race: cheap, complains, hygiene, etc. what ever else ppl want to add to the thread. As to this other ohh im sorry… Preference(nearly every other race but black) yeah that guy was a killer. For any who reads this and dont wanna face the facts and call bullshit im going rep for ya💩💩.

  21. If there was NO prostitution there would be no abused women. No prostitution there would be slave trade. No prostitution there would no women killed over sex. No racism or white supremacy among hookers and escorts over black men.

    Are you sure about that? What you’re saying is nonsense and your hyperbole is out of control. Are you silly enough to believe that men don’t go nuts on wives, girlfriends or random women? American cops beat the shit out of women every day as much as they murder unarmed blacks. You can easily be accused of rape or domestic violence as a husband, a LTR and even a college student. Did Elliot Rodger kill women because they were sex workers? Or because they didn’t give him the time of day? There are many guys who treat sex workers with genuine respect and more than their own wives or random strangers.

    I usually don’t delete comments, but I will leave this one up to make a point. But this is the stupidest shit I’ve read all day.

    1. It would be less racism and white supremacy black men. By the Your dealing with black people here who have had it worse then white Jews

      The main strem media like to talk about the number of jews that died in the holocuast.

      But can the main stream media tell you the number of blacks that died in:

      the Muslim slave trade
      black people who were lynched
      the number of black people who died in slavery
      the number of black people who died juring civil rights movement
      the number of blacks who died In Germany black holocaust
      the number of blacks who died because of Scientific Racism
      The number of black who were lynched
      The number of blacks who were kill or injured by neo nazi’s in Europe
      The number of blacks who died .Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
      The number black who died at the hands of kkk
      The number of blacks who died int the Rwanda genocide
      The number of black who died because of colonialism
      The number of black people who died because of Hollywood racism
      The number blacks who died in human petting zoos

      Lets not for get The united nations is quick to remember the holocaust but will black genocide happen more than once.

      Excuse me, but what in the fuck does this have to do with sex work or even natural female selection and hypergamy? You are going completely off topic and it’s like comparing pineapples to grapefruits.

      1. You forgot to mention egypt used jewish people as slaves in lower and upper egypt that is called sudan today for thousands years , egyptians are brown or blacks and most people in sudan are blacks

    2. Escorts and Hookers creating myths stereos types about black males is just adding to a very long history of black genocides and black hate over skin color and it needs to end.

      Like hell it does. Again, read some of the comments posted here. Usually, it’s just business.

  22. So I am in full support of creating laws against prostitution, No prostitution would mean less excuse for any kind of women demonizing black males

    I’m truly on the verge of blocking you from my blog for being so remedial. You actually believe any natural form of discrimination or human selectivity is evil as it pertains to sexuality or dealing with humans in general? It’s not their fault some people have a bad rep and it becomes habitual.

    Dude, racism and human selection will never die. If not black men, one group of persons will always be “demonized” either due to a simple disengagement, dislike or simply because some people DO bring it on themselves. Do you think without the shadow of a doubt that “no prostitution” would imply black men would be seen in a better light in white societies? You think it would make black men more or less attractive? Is this how the ball rolls in third-world countries? Are you that stupid?!

  23. demonizing of black males is very real and black genocide is very real they hand in hand

    here are some exmples

    It would be less racism and white supremacy of black men

    Lets not for get The united nations is quick to remember the holocaust but will let black genocide happen more than once.

    Again, what does any of this have to do with a woman refusing to service specific black males either because it’s bad for business, or because she is simply not attracted to them, which is her own personal choice? I am finished with you and your crap until you come correct.

  24. as a white man i love to fuck black girls they are real bitches they have tight pussy they suck so good

  25. not only blacks are shit all humans are shit, ( black, white , brown, asian people) we bleed like everbody, we shit like everybody, we can mix up we are all egoist i laught when some ethnicities think they are above everybody

    nothing will change, even if you try to change many people are shit and will never change so the racism will always exist

  26. niggas kill their brothers when they have some authority thats why they will never outstrip other races, they are the puppets of jews or white people
    they prefer to kill their brothers over other races

    more niggas get killed by their own race in the usa or in the world

  27. good blacks should stick with their own kind, props to the escorts that” hell no” to these purple dicked baboons.

    1. whites must go back to europe and blacks must go back to africa leave the country for us

      I fuck all asians, hispanics, whites and blacks

      because of them, our country is shit


  28. article is very true but it is not we girls i would rather have sex with black guys only it is our ‘managers” that object i think jealousy

    1. stop passing yourself off as a girl, ask ur fucking niggas why they dont want blacks to fuck their girls

      blacks are born to hate each other, kill each other even black bitches don’t want blacks

      blacks dont want to make business together

      real blacks don’t waste their time with fucking white ppl, real blacks are proud of their women

      white women r fucking ugly after 30

      as a black you will find a white bitch easily not diificult if you have money

  29. This is coming from a former escort. The reason we say no AA men or none under a certain age is definitely maturity level and the style of sex. AA men would always try to go longer than the agreed time, or act as if they didn’t know the price that needed to be paid. The AA men in general are more selfish, narcissistic and self centered. There was always a hassle and sometimes emotional abuse. We all know that we are escorts, but other men would come with respect and a fantasy understanding this was a job for us. AA men come with a weird need to degrade, even with their sex style. Also, the AA men were more lower class or blue collar, and didn’t care to clean themselves up before. Its like they just didn’t give a shit. The young AA men I would say those under 35, were always weird thugs who hated women and just couldn’t get any outside of escorts. They hated THAT fact and they were the most disrespectful. There is also a fear of getting robbed or raped more by AA men AND also Hispanic men. My experiences with white men have been 95% good. Respectful, knows why we’re both there, they’re practical so they don’t degrade you for doing what you’re doing ALL the while being a “trick” themselves. Most are VERY busy business men who want quickies or someone far away from their social circle to be “normal”….many are married to wives who don’t screw them. Some even have sex addiction problems. I’ve had long time clients who were millionaires, CEOs, tech moguls, musicians and producers. I am an AA woman. In the beginning I didn’t SAY “No AA men” I would just try to weed out the idiots like I would do any one else. But it was time consuming, I was wasting time (because so many were well acting just alike) and then I just didn’t take AA men, or men from the middle east either. Only Asian, or White. Sometimes not even Asian because they tried to negotiate so much like they were buying a bulk bag of rice from the market in the middle of Beijing! No one wants time wasted!

    1. In a nutshell, it’s never going to change….. Racism in America will always be until God comes back and make things right….This escort is generalizing…. I’ve dealt with plenty of escorts and never gave them any problems… If I paid for a hr then I paid for a hr but if I nutt then I get rushed out even if its after 20 minutes so why rush the nutt… Also I always shower before any encounters…seems to me you just don’t want to deal with one or two bad apples… None of the escorts who have something bad to says about blacks guys never comment on the white serial killers who target white women either….this will also be black men don’t get any respect even when they’re model citizens like me,no jail record here….

      1. as i said blacks were born to hate each other that is why you will never outstrip other races

        this black escort thinks she is white now so it is no use talking stop calling whites racists

  30. I couldn’t figure out if you were a white man or a black man, until I read this part: “Peculiarly, some of the women have boyfriends who are afraid they may lose their girlfriend to another man who is sexually superior to him.”

    The ARROGANCE gave you away as a black male.

    Then you took the time to insult the looks of your OWN race of women. You are the only “species” of males on this planet that does that. You said this :

    ” I wouldn’t go as far as calling it ‘racism’, but essentially HAVING STANDARDS. And I can understand, because for me, it takes a lot for me to like a black woman. Most black females are fucked up and I’m sure many will agree. Why are some of these women not too excited about black men?”

    So in other words, being attracted to the women within your OWN race is having low standards? If black women are so below your standards & ugly for you, then why do you care if they say NO BLACK MALES (if that be the case)?? Shouldn’t you be HAPPY? Instead you’re writing a long piece, complaining. And anyway, I thought it was WHITE & ASIAN/HISPANIC WOMEN that mostly said NO BLACK MALES. Then at the end of bashing tearing black women’s looks, you said “Why are some of these women not too excited about black men?”

    Don’t blame racism. You BM don’t know how to act or respect anyone, so you got Blackballed by escorts & even regular college-black-women don’t want BM either. It’;s not everybody else, it’s YOU, black man! How can a whole race of “males” get blacklisted by “escorts”? As usual, you’re the only males who manage to get in trouble. Even female serial killer Eileen Wuornos (a prostitute who killed a string of Johns) said NO BLACK MALES when interviewed.Real talk.

  31. Because black men stink, most are pretty ignorant and talk stupid nonsense, are cheep, and not to mention more likely to catch hiv from

  32. What a horribly written piece. Rambles on, apparently did not proof/edit, at times nonsensical and illogical. Way too long. Could have made the point in a paragraph or two.

    Write your own shit, then.

  33. Most black women are fucked up?
    Most black men are ghetto and bring it on themselves?
    Please stop talking, you know nothing of what you speak. It sounds like you’ve never actually talked to any black peoole. You’re a lazy uninitiated racist. Stop paying for sex, learn to hold a conversation with people and you might find you meet black people who are decent and girls who won’t charge you for sex, dickwad.

    “The grumpier you are the more assholes you meet.”

  34. This article is rather racially biased. Women don’t want to fuck black men because we are personified as being unintelligent, brutish, frugle and unclean…..until they realize we have money. I feel great turning down white women and gold digging black women. I’m a self made professional black male who is under 30 years of age so it’s funny seeing these prostitutes exclude black males like myself but stare and make propositions to me when they see me getting into a 2015 Mercedes S class. The world is just white washed into making everyone think black is bad and white is great when it’s actually white men who are the rapists and murderers.

  35. lol pussy is free. you damn right one must negotiate. For every broad that fronts theres 20 that are willing for probably cheaper.

    Dont pay for sex. Never will cause pussy is free i mean this is north america the average girl is already loose and more than ready to give it up to a nigga #hardonhoes2k15

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