Swingers Party Gone Sour: Christmas, 2004


A month before I turned 21; a month after I broke my virginity; right when I discovered the underworld of interracial swingers sex parties. I met a young black guy who was a doctor and frequently attended swingers parties, fucking various white females every other weekend. Let’s call him Jordan. So, he invited me to a swingers party, which had a theme of cuckoldry to it. I had driven an hour away from home to attend this event to meet up with Jordan and two other black men. We all arranged to have sex with this young, college white girl right in front of her boyfriend – who got off on watching his girl being rode hard by black men who guaranteed stamina-driven, promiscuous insanity. So, I arrived about 45 minutes late and I arrive at the flat, where Jordan directed me via phone.

Upon my arrival, the other three black men were already riding the girl, who was in unfettered ecstasy (drenched in sweat from her own body, not to mention the sweat from the other gentlemen intertwining). So, the girl’s boyfriend and I greeted eachother and he had given me a contract to read over and sign. The contract stated that I, along with all sexual participants, consent to being photographed and videotaped having sex with the dude’s girl, who had a body like Natalie Portman and that it would be fine for the acts to be placed on adults-only, similar-themed internet websites. The party took place in the young college couple’s apartment, where the lights were dim and a tripod was set up. By the entrance door, there was a nightstand, where used and new condoms and bottled water sat.

So, I signed the contract and removed my clothing; In comparison to the other black men, I was more virile and masculine, with the physique of an NFL player. The other three were built like NBA players. And for some odd reason, the boyfriend dismisses everything and puts and abrupt end to the party. “It’s not you, it’s me”, he says and admits to freaking out to watching for black guys tussle with his girl. The young woman had no problem and even shook my hand, keeping in touch with me even for months after. Jordan, disappointed, shown us all outdoors and formally introduced himself to me. After this incident, I have encountered more and better sexual interactions and most of them were not swingers-induced and I am happy to say that I have turned down many opportunities to have sex with married women directly in front of their white husbands. I stopped pursuing married women (unless she is a pure 5-star female or unhappily married). I do not believe in sloppy seconds and these situations of temporary gratification may have long-term effects of damage and regret (with sexual jealousy being the epitome of whatever possible disastrous outcome). Years ago, I would have championed the interracial swingers/cuckoldry lifestyle, but as I mature and explore more options, I come to terms that much of this lifestyle truly irks the hell out of me to no end.

I will make a future post about black male/white female/white couples swingers relationships and the dark sexual preferences of white females who ‘prefer’ black men.

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