People Are Temporary


People Are Temporary

Nothing lasts forever. Human existence is no exception. I’ve heard people blame it on Eve’s temptation and how she defied Adam. But would it have ever been possible to maintain eternal youth, either way? The only thing that I would say could never tarnish is documentation or words of wisdom.

Life is meant to be lived. Truth is, people use people. That is life. This goes for the entire human race, regardless of gender, occupation, generation or social group. If you feel that you are not worthy of being used, or if you are afraid of being used because you are so fragile, stay your ass at home and the hell away from the public.

I know this probably has been said somewhere before, but not everyone in life is there to stay, but to teach you about yourself and this lifetime we currently reside in. How sure are you that your children will take care of you once you decline? Do you regret marriage since you yourself attracted to someone better than your spouse, sexually or otherwise? People lose their jobs every day, due to economic circumstances or underhanded employers. Women use their own children like pseudo lottery tickets. Men fuck and run. That person who filled your head up with knowledge said they were only going to say it once and once only. The good die young and those who deserve to die actually live longer than everyone else, with just as many horror stories to share as Stephen King. It’s funny how your best friend or blood brother will abandon you for innocuous mistakes or because you disagree with 20% of what he or she believes in, though you may think alone the other 80% of the time. Why is that? Ego. Fear. Or simply moving on.

Our bedfellows do not remain in our lives but for a limited time only. This, because beauty fades and people are replaceable. But, at least we lived for the moment and never allowed too much time and gratification to fade to a wasteland.

One reason why people are temporary is because in life, there is always someone better and badder than you, with even more stories to tell, raising more hell than you, or because they found their heaven on earth quicker than you. It’s not always because our paths differ.

This is life. Bear with it, please. You never know what form of amazement you may encounter. Don’t like it? Stay your ass at home.

Live life and expect to be used, but never allow anyone fuck you over. Embrace the greatest memories, whatever acts that may have occurred. If there were no photos taken, backtrack the memories psychologically. It’s even lovelier than chasing a dream.

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