Virgins vs. Whores

virgin whore

Before I begin, let me make it known that I hate the term “whore”. I do not use that term, nor do I use the hip-hop jargon term “jumpoff”. Not because of the assumption that I may be some kind of feminized white knight who is afraid to use certain words because I may be attacked by a group of angry females, because this is not the case whatsoever. Those terms tend to degrade promiscuous females and are created by male insecurity and contempt brought on by other females who try hard to maintain a certain façade. I believe that if you shame a person’s sexuality, you are simultaneously attacking them as human beings (If you don’t believe me? Ask black men, women, sex workers and the homosexuals). I also believe we can fuck whoever we want and it’s not really anyone’s business, unless a person rubs it in people’s faces.

I have a huge problem with double standards men have created and this, as a result, has turned into destruction-laced and heartbreaking karma, which some bring on themselves. Men have brainwashed themselves for centuries that they are supposed to like sex more than women and that they have to initiate every single carnality. But isn’t it always the woman who has the last word? In previous generations, men initiated sex with women (even through rape) as women had no choice. If a woman, however, initiated sex with multiple partners, she was forced to endure indentured servitude or be stoned to death. Now, men are mad because they can’t tell bitches what to do. This is the epitome of fragile male ego at best. Yes, I said it. And this is why I cannot take most pickup artists and gamers seriously, as men, nor as self-help “gurus”. For one, they try to get away with playing on both sides of the fence. How counterproductive.

From RooshV to MRA talking heads and YouTube commentators (mostly African-American), most of these guys place a lot of emphasis on gaming women and telling young men how to get pussy through pickup lines and hypnosis, while simultaneously complaining about the lack of traditional family values (blaming the women for their lack of desire for commitment and especially choosing hypersexual bad boys over the established nice guy with feminized/autistic tendencies) and going as far as attacking feminism, contraceptives, pop culture and abortions. Oddly, some of these PUAs and Gamers practice pickup lines and game to try to “find the one” to spend their lives with. Talk about up-the-ass conundrums (in this case, mixing the ‘old school’ with the ‘new school’).

Wouldn’t it be more practical to either go to some religious sanctuary, find a mail-order bride or visit some academia-based social network to find the lady of your dreams to commit to, if that’s what you’re aiming for? But even that is not guaranteed. Gamers can probably get away with gaming these women, in the style of the two guys who gamed a deaf chick, in the movie In the Company of Men, as most of these types of women have no street smarts and are just plain gullible.

This is why it kills me when men shun against the idea of “marrying whores” and prefer to marry virgins. RooshV stated in one of his blogs that “sluts” and “whores” are not the kind of women that men want to build foundations with, while it is cool to bang them repeatedly, which may lead to the greatest memories and stories ever told. What I find more embarrassing is that these clowns do not realize that they are setting themselves up for the greatest, unprecedented failures. And I’ll tell you why:

1) Female “whores” can tell the difference between good dick and bad dick, just like they can differentiate gamers and men of integrity. A “whore” will not risk getting into a serious relationship or creating an emotional connection with a man who is sexually devoid, not having any stamina. In addition, “whores” will not marry male virgins, because it is a huge gamble (unless she wants to marry a guy solely for his financial status, only to spend his money on being on-call booty for Mr. Alpha, which has become prevalent in today’s generation). Madonna once said years ago “I do not feel comfortable having sex with a virgin. I’d have to teach him everything and I don’t have the patience.”

Virgins, however, cannot tell the difference between good dick and bad dick. But once she does make a discovery, she is easily hooked. Virgins can stray easily than whores, upon discovery that something is missing from her boring, dull-ass life. Therefore, she will screw her punk-ass beta provider husband over quickly and in a much more alarming, disheartening and cruel sense. (An example of this is depicted in Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor)

Yes, marrying a “whore” can be a set up for failure, unless it’s given that you can give her the best sex she’s ever had and that you have no qualms with polygamy. Marry an ex-whore who is done with the party life? You might have something worthwhile. That is, if you don’t mind sharing your space with an old hag who has aged like dairy products and sex is just not that relevant to you.

2) The male whore and the female whore are both one in the same. All it takes is a study in biology, logic and an observation in human nature to understand that. For centuries, logic has been corrupted with dogma. This dogma includes societal boundaries perpetuated by religion, parental upbringing and fear. Though standard dogma has been jammed in our psyches since public-schooling, we do not have to take that shit.

Male whores (alpha males and assorted pipe-layers) know it is a risk to marry a virgin, or a woman whose sex is bad. Granted, some alpha males find it equally liberating to break in virgins as much as they have sex with sluts, believing “I’m gonna turn this bitch out” or “I’m gonna turn her into the biggest freak!” Dating or marrying virgins (prudes, church girls and assorted good-girls) or “whores” is a huge gamble. It is similarly touchy as the topic of abortion. If she does not want sex and you do, you are screwed (even if you cheat on her). If she does want sex and you do not, you are screwed (because she will find another outlet). Why should it be any different for women? Similar to conceiving children: She wants kids, you don’t and she’s pregnant? You are screwed (child support). She doesn’t want kids and you do (for the sake of starting a family or trying to build a racial legacy i.e. to “Keep it black”), you are screwed. Just like if a woman wants you to put a ring on her finger and you refuse to cater to her whims, she is screwed (at least until she finds a new fool). What can you do?

3) Most divorces are initiated by women anyway and one of the three main reasons for divorce is due to sexual incompatibility. People don’t buy shoes without trying them on first anymore and buying shoes ain’t cheap. Sex happens to be the end-all-be-all in most relationships and it can make other problems – large or small – seem trivial or nonexistent. When most people travel or take vacations, they do so in pairs or packs. If you spot a woman on a cruise-ship only to find out that she came alone, it is most likely possible that she is scarily lonely and undesirable. One must ask themselves, what is her malfunction? The same can be said for 30-year-old virgins.

4) Virgin or whore, once you marry a woman, you become a HER slave. You have no fucking rights. That said, you might as well make sure the benefits are of extremely high quality. If and when she lets herself go, or if she hate the sound of your voice and becomes attracted to other men, turning you into a helpless cuckold, you are stuck with her ass. Married women let themselves go as they become too comfortable, or in doing so, they feel as if they have no reason to keep their A-Game up. A sex worker (like a celebrity, a porn star, a gym hottie and a stripper) knows her body is a paradise and will keep herself presentable for men.

I recall sex with a good girl once and as I broadened my horizons, I realize how robbed I was. Not to say the sex was not good, but she was too sexually submissive, meaning that every time we had sex, she just laid there. Like a corpse. The upside was that, I could do whatever I wanted with her. I gave her a sexual awakening as she had not had sex in almost a year. But after awhile, her utter submissiveness became a total bore. And I know my saying this will make me sound like an asshole, but… you can say I used her for practice. She acted up on me one night due to reliving a negative experience with her ex, which caused me to drive her ass home. The very next day, she texts me to apologize, begging me to visit her. Ignoring her texts, I drove around town with stripper who gave me unbelievable drug-induced head. She had two tongue piercings, a lip piercing and it occurred right after her crushing up Xanax and sniffing it like cocaine. May she now Rest In Peace.

Afterwards, I started engaging in sex with bad girls (from escorts to flings and social network booty-calls) and those turn out to be the best sexual relationships I’ve ever had. I spanked the evil out of an escort a month ago, which made her shed happy tears, become more interested in me as a person and become intrigued by my ass obsession. I could not ask for anything better.

Now, I do agree with men opposing relationships with single mothers, providing they want their own family. Men like this feel as if there is no magic there, particularly due to him not seeing these women give birth to a child that is his own. But men act as if magical moments do not happen with promiscuous women. If this is the case, why are “bad bitches” winning? Why do these men constantly frequent, visit and pursue these types, only to complain about how “vile” and “nasty” these “bad bitches” are?

Anh Vu could not have said it any better, although she was speaking exclusively for women (while this goes for men as well): “If we all spent our lives waiting for the right one, we wouldn’t be getting any.”

The bottom line: “Whores” are winning!

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“Treat the queen like a whore and treat the whore like a queen. Then there are those few that are In-Betweens.” ~ Anthony Clark

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