Sex Travel Gains Literary Attention


Although men traveling overseas for leisure and then some is nothing at all new, I have noticed that since, probably, the mid-2000s, literature on sex overseas has become rampant. Sex travel is gaining more literate attention than the touchy subject of black male sexuality. Especially in the year 2012. There’s lots of Kindle books available on sex travel, sex travel etiquette and the disturbingly obvious differences between American women and non-American women. Books about sex travel were consistently cranked out in 2012 to the point of the knowledge no longer being withheld by feminists and America’s ‘sex prison’ system. Some books are written in a memoir sense, while others are written as self-help/how-to guides. I can only think of one book that discouraged men from this amazing discovery and that is the 2008 publication of Jewel Woods’ Don’t Blame It On Rio… The author of that book, Jewel Woods, is a supreme white knight mangina, who simply does not deserve his PhD, nor my respect. To understand why, you would have to read the book and understand the fact that his traumatic childhood pertains to his ugly contempt towards African-American men (in addition to male sexual prowess in general), but I will not waste my time discussing that. In regards to the men I know personally who has traveled, I also will not mention anything beyond what I plan to here or in any upcoming blogs about my observation (and my possible future travels).

Whether the destination happens to be in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Central America, Europe, Australia, The Andes, etc., the message is one in the same. Not only is travel adventurous and part of the salvation of man, but women outside of America are superior American women. Now, I have no thesis to agree in regards to the attitudinal differences, but I will say that foreign women are more attractive to me.

Now, I will not go on one of those Tom Leykis ‘I Hate Ameriskanks’ rants  (and I admire Tom Leykis) because for one, even though I have had a few bad experiences with few American women (mainly black ones), I have had a lot of great experiences with American women, providing there were no strings attached. I observe how even the most beautiful women in Western society are innately fucked up. Once a guy gives them great sex, they become clingy, to say the least. Therefore, men find themselves caught up in psychological crossfires – which only worsen, simply because these men keep chasing the pussy or chasing racial superiority (i.e. trying to ‘keep it black’ or have a ‘black family’). As a result, these men screw themselves over repeatedly.

As RooshV states previously, once a man has engaged in these things, it is the ultimate utopia that remains superior to most American encounters. America has not only failed in race relations and financial stability for all. It has also failed in regards to stable relationships within the opposite sex. While I believe America has slowly created it’s own WW3 – a gender war – it is actually a demented, schizophrenic war where we can actually get to sleep with the enemy, only to turn bitter or worn out after we awake.

I am not using this as an excuse for my desire to travel. Since 1992 (a turbulent year for America’s race relations), I always knew something was wrong with this country. In addition, my curiosity of life in other parts of the world were on the increase, so much so to where I obsessed over that than actually giving a damn about academia. I have yet to travel overseas and places like Canada, Mexico and Jamaica does not count!

It is unfair to say that men travel exclusively for sex, but many do due to their desire to learn about other cultures and to get away from all things Americanized. Everything else comes with the territory, just like careers, occupations and various lifestyle choices. There is nothing like it. However, what is this saying about women in America, who happen to be spoiled, yet losing their femininity as well as access to the most desirable men on the planet? What is this saying about America being ‘a sex prison country’, as Brett Tate admits? During my travels via Carnival Cruiseships, I notice even in places such as Cozumel, Mexico and Jamaica, people live. People lay not have money, but they live. They live life to the bones. This is where I also say that I value these experiences over and above most of my experiences with American life, especially residing in a country where even public displays of affection are seen as criminal. Thus, David Shaw saying in The Pleasure Police, feminists want to make flirtation a crime – women refuse to learn accountability, but want to have their cake, eat it too and having you sleeping on a bed full of cake crumbs. – American women are losing. Even on social networks, such as Facebook, the numerical amount of likes and comments on a non-American woman’s photos outnumber that of domestic American women’s photos… that is, unless she showcases her sexuality, looks like Nicki Minaj and the men are quite thirsty.

I can only imagine what I may get myself into once I experience the delights of foreign countries. I am unsure to say where Western civilization is headed.

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