Brandy’s Legacy


I was very adamant about posting this as it is a very personal matter. I will not disclose any further information about this incident. As usual, the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

I never really cared for black women in my adulthood. Up until this year (where I have discovered escorts), I only had sexual relations with two of them. I never found many of them to be attractive, unless they were of lighter hue (yellow-bones and red-bones). So, on the morning of 4th of July of 2013, I met this bronze-skinned black girl. Let’s call her ‘Brandy’. She blew me away and thus far, between her and one other escort, who is also a lighter-skinned black girl, these two women were the absolute best I’ve ever given myself to. Brandy has essentially and eventually become a repeat. I predicted this since our first gathering and she performed wonders on my dick, in my eyes and in the crevices of my mind. Thus far, I have been with her five times. The more I see her, the more I get to know her on a more personal level.

Upon seeing her recently, this woman had performed magic and we both made bedroom music. While the engagement wasn’t as spontaneous as our fourth one, we both had great sex – although it was timed. As a person becomes more sexual with one specific person, you become familiar with their body, of course. Therefore, with Brandy, I know exactly how to work her body with the similarity of being more familiar with a puzzle after the pieces have been put together.

After our session, I told her that I felt that female escorts have found themselves a fortune, as long as it is done respectively and in a professional manner (and I will not get into specifics). While she replied with a “Not really”, I told her that especially in a pro-feminism society, the females have it much easier than the males, even in the sex industry. How many men are honestly qualified to be escorts (gigolos)? Upon my saying this while I rode her from behind, she laughed. We both agreed that most male gigolos are bisexual or receive attention from gay or bisexual males. Therefore, straight males trying to enter into this profession may find themselves disappointed and alarmed by certain attention that may be finalized as ‘unwanted’ or ‘unwarranted’.

We then discussed modern society being stupefied. This ranged from societal contempt and illegality of paid sex and drugs to the practice of ‘Game’ in the American dating market. Smart-ass girl and she’s only 21.

While she puffed her cigarette after we both smashed, I brought up how I prefer escorts over vanilla women. I told her I never understood the stupidity of America’s legislative laws. I thought to myself that maybe I shouldn’t say this while she puffed her cigarette and admitted she likes occasional marijuana, but I said it anyway. Why on earth are certain drugs like marijuana illegal while cigarettes and alcohol kills more people on an annual basis? She smiled and agreed with me and this turned into one reason why society frowns upon paid sex with women. She blames this entirely on the fact that her finances – like all other sex workers – are tax-free.

Solely independent, Brandy – like some other escorts nationwide – wish for legislation of the profession. After being scheduled for another appointment, I watched her freshen up and we both discussed our own personal antics… which turned into trading horror stories about the minds games we both endured by the opposite sex in the arena of dating. I confided her about my falling out of love nearly two Christmases ago, as well as my regretful Canadian threesome. She – on the other hand – mentioned how some of her clients were immature, in addition to how a former flame tried to game her by using reverse psychology (mind games) and by playing the love card, which made had given her a thicker skin. She agreed with one of my other escorts who I regularly see, who said that women in and out of the industry are ‘stupid’. Sickeningly, some of her female competitors like to report her ad, assuming the competition pool will decrease. She also believes that many escorts who refuse to work with black men due to the mythical ‘big black dick’ stereotype are afraid of having their worlds rocked or because they are clueless on how to keep their pussies tight with kegel exercises.

As her and I become acquainted, I come to terms that her and I are developing a tight connection. She confided in me several things that will be locked in me (which means they will not  be shared with anyone, ever). Now, I’m not implying that I’m in love or any shit like that. I mean, she has a healthy cynical view on monogamy, just like myself. She admitted way before I did that monogamy is nothing natural and that is another man-made crime against humanity. All that bullshit aside, every inch of her body and soul sticks with me.

I’ve learned now that her mind is equally as razor sharp as that fucking tongue of hers – which she mercilessly whirled around inside of my urethra, as if it were a goddamned Q-tip. Not to mention her excessive and purposeful drooling.

I have intricately awakened. Intricately. Intrinsically.

NOTE: The photo posted above is absolutely not a photo of anyone I know personal. However, the body of the female in the photo has reminiscence to that of my most recent bedfellows.

10 thoughts on “Brandy’s Legacy

  1. You’ve made it clear how u feel about African American. Do you know much about temperaments of black women from modernized Africa, Europe, or the West Indies? Are attitudes better, similar to Spanish women in Latin America, or just as bad the negative disposition of AA women? I’m curious…

    I wrote a topic about why black women will be desirable again. CLICK HERE – While AA women are notoriously known for their reckless behavior, I do see a significant change to a huge degree, especially in the age of hookup culture. A woman knows she cannot get far in life by being a total bitch.

    However, most black men who do complain about them are sackless and have no “killer instinct”, but that’s another story. I’m not well traveled just yet, but that is changing very soon. What I will finalize is that its not just AA women. Most women in America are just awful and white women are indeed worse. Not in the levels of combativeness, but white women in America are very underhanded, sneaky and diabolical as shit. In the U.S., I’ve also seen some Mexican females who adopt white women’s nasty attitudes and make excuses for American black women’s stupidity. My experience. Some blame mental illness, but the truth is, they act this way because they have too many enablers (feminism, the law, pussy-whipped desperate guys, etc.).

    This is one of the many reasons why a certain segment of men would rather alleviate ties with the average western female.

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