Lies: Commission vs. Omission


I am making this very simplistic post for us all to understand that people lie. Men lie. Women lie. People in power are the biggest liars and this is especially true for the government and empowered sex, in a pro-feminist society. However, women’s lies have been the cause for historical empires facing decline. Though lies carry the same purpose in regards to playing mind games, saving face or to save one’s ass, lies also vary based on various scenarios. People lie up and people also lie down. The truth, however, will always come to the light and it doesn’t matter if investigation occurs or not. Men tell lies of commission while women tell lies of omission. What some men fail to realize is that women are better liars than men, because women can also play the men’s game, which is lies of commission, in addition to telling lies of omission. While men try omitting the facts, most men are not able to do this very well. Yes, it must be said!

Lies of Commission

Men tell lies of commission. This is done to the degree of lying up. For example, males lie for the sole intent of upsells, upgrading in their career moves and similar. Men lying up gives themselves an ego-boost. This includes doing sneaky, underhanded shit to gain a promotion, to move up in the business ladder or to game a woman out of her panties. Lies of commission are based on gain and greed and this is done based on the assumption of perpetuating a higher-than-normal face value. Men favor this type of lying due to their adding false facts, boasting or speculation. These, however, are direct, bold-faced lies.

Lies of Omission

Women tell lies of omission. Lies of omission are worse than those of commission, because direct lies are always transparent to those with a brain. Women favor these kind of lies, which are vitally based on leaving out important details or even painting their own realities. Essentially, many men who deal with lying women choose to be blind or work to read between the lines and put two and two together. When women pull dirty shit, they perform acts of courtesy directly before or after they have done something dirty. These are the type of lies the average person wishes to tell, but are too lazy to cover up their tracks. Though some women are much slicker when it comes to the art of lying, it takes a smart man to learn about the art of cross-examination and observation. Certain actions, which can only be revealed through observation, can be revealed, due to the fact that there are unconscious liars, pathological liars and… oh shit, the fact that women spend lots of time on social networks. Thanks to this, women easily tell on themselves assuming men are so stupid and pussy-whipped to where he will ignore the games she run. (This happens endlessly on Facebook).

Stupid men (including manginas, the pussy-whipped and mama’s boys) who have no people skills drive themselves crazy by reading into signs, slang, etc. Few can recognize this by seeing the body language of a female, which includes batting of the eyelashes and leaning towards the person whom they lie to. This has nothing to do with ‘game’, regardless of what some PUAs and game advisers try to tell. All it takes is basic smarts and studies in body language. Women are the best at leaving out details. Men, however, brag (though some despise bragging) and do not have the audacity or the patience to cover up their tracks, like dogs. Too territorial. Lies of omission are based on sneakiness, slickness and done to prevent hurt feelings.

Why Women Are Better Liars Than Men

Both men and women lie for similar or different reasons. While men lie by adding words, women lie by withholding words. Number do not lie, right? Well, are you sure that you can trust all governmental studies and statistics? Does everyone participate in studies and polls? Are you sure that woman at the nightclub gave you her real phone number, or a phone number for a local jail where her brother spent the night at? Not to sound sexist, but women also tell lies of commission and while this may not have anything to do with finances and climbing up the business latter, this deals with the fact that women enjoy painted realities. Women alter reality and this includes something as basic as their own beauty. A woman can throw on thousands of pounds of makeup to make themselves more beautiful, even if she is already up to perfection. Who makes the best liars? In my opinion, women are, lying right next to the government. Women get away with shit children can never get away with and they make better liars and pimps than men. Why? Well for one, beta males outnumber the alphas (they control the legal system and can help a woman fuck a man over assuming there’s something in it for them). Most men refuse to see the signs because they may be pussy obsessed or because, like they say, love is blind and ignorance is bliss. When it comes to adultery, women get away with it far better and at a larger rate than men ever will. Nevermind the fact that if a man cheats, he may cheat with a woman more beautiful and with a higher sexual appetite than his wife. Women are also better liars due to their psychological sophistication, in addition to them being more seasoned.

The reason why many historic empires, great thinkers and discoverers have failed has been due to women’s lies. It has been said before that many people who are supposed to be Kings and Queens really are not the ones running the show. It is usually the people behind the scenes who runs shit. Because they scheme, plot and lure the weak and the dependent. As my grandmother said, many men are either dead or in hell because of a woman’s lies.

This can work towards men’s advantage providing learning the art of cross-examination, in addition to men stopping themselves from lying and ‘gaming’ women. Let her do the talking or observe her actions from afar. Like Sarah Palin, she may eventually tell on herself and reveal her true intentions or how stupid she really is. This works, instead of asking silly dead-end questions about “What women want”…

“You know, homegirl should get the Oscar award for her lying.” ~  Slick Rick (A Love That’s True)

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