The Power of Good Dick – I


“Bad boys ain’t no good.

Good boys ain’t no fun.”

~ Mary J. Blige (Mr. Wrong)

As I become more sexually active, in addition to my observation in the relations of the opposite sex and how hookup culture is rising at an all-time high, I notice what others have extreme difficulties comprehending with (particularly those needy nice-guys, manginas, emasculated mama’s boys and other assorted white knight Captain-Save-A-Hoes).

The power of good dick makes women act ‘right’. The average woman – regardless of her walk of life – responds to good dick, if nothing else. Again, I know this based on experience as well as observation. This is one reason why feminists and their retarded mangina minions love to write books and call for hearing, saying stupid shit like “sex oppresses women”. I probably do understand why that would be said, but my only response to that stupidity is that we all are sexual beings – male and female – whether we like it or not. I have had women from all ethnicities and ages admit that nice guys are typically boring and sexually devoid. An Italian ladyfriend told me years ago, “You can never get fucked good by the nice guy.” (This argument has become more common and evident as the years pass.) This is what drives not only the feminists crazy, but these family-oriented guys who waste the best years of their lives searching for “the right woman”, trying to conform us all to reliving the 1960s or fighting promiscuity with their ugly words of contempt, fake morals and their family-values platform and all of that other boring shit that makes me want to freeze myself to near-death.

Now, I am not one who refers to women in general as ‘bitches’, but it is evident without any shadow of doubt (even Dissention pointed out) that bitches love drama. If good dick comes with the drama, then that is the perfect package, even to a woman who is delusional enough to repeat self-made chants and blues songs about how she values her worth, her hatred for men and her independence. While I agree that size does matter, size does not necessarily equate superb sexual prowess. I will conclude that men who have natural superb sexual prowess makes up somewhere between 10-20% of the male population – even though Viagra sales are skyrocketing, turning sexually devoid men into porn stars (providing these men do not have high blood pressure or heart palpitations). Male sex gods are a rarity, unlike female sex gods. That said, if a woman gets hold of a man who can fuck her ‘til she squirts and hurts, she will lose her damned mind. Good dick will turn a woman into the best cook, the mother of a loser’s illegitimate rugrats, a born-again submissive and she may endure lots of drama, occasional mind games and violent temperaments and blatant disrespect that causes many of us will shudder. Because the sex is oh, so good!


Believe me, this is the reason why a woman like Alexys K. Tylor openly admitted that a man’s penis power can be so good, to the point to where women get hooked, to the point to where the owner of good dick winds up “screwing her into slavery.”

While I am not the kind of man who plays mind games (running ‘game) or shell out drama and disrespect to my bedfellows (unless she pushes me to my boiling point), I have graduated into the status of being a man who has good dick. How did I get to this? Well, it started when I fell out of love during Christmas of 2011. Meeting a bedfellow from one of my social networks, she pushed me to give her great sex, even though I failed at it the first three times. That turned into my ex hating my guts once I moved on; which also turned into me sleeping with multiple women. Which also turned into even more observations of how women on social networks lose their minds over attractive men who were rumored to have good dick. I learned in reality and especially on Facebook that women love to complain about alpha males, players, Don Juan-like sex champions (whatever you want to call them), but these are the men who women run to repeatedly, after all of the bullshit nagging, the hooting and hollering, shoulder-leaning and crying. At the same time, while I agree this causes severe headaches for everyone, it’s not as pathetic or disheartening as some of the black beta guys I’ve heard complaining about how sex with a black woman is good, yet complain about her promiscuity or her bitchiness. “After I come and I get off of her, man, she treats me like shit.” These losers also complain about some conspiracy of the black family facing extinction but complain about illegitimate kids born out of wedlock. (Shudders. Any-fucking-way…)

Previously, I made mention about a personal experience with a woman who valued a man who had good dick, even though her mind literally turned to shit and sewer water among her discovery that he was giving it to other women (including morbidly obese women which he fucked without using contraceptives). This same female played me for him and I admit, I did not fuck her as well as he had (which I am happy I did not give my best to a bitch like her). This also caused me to finally live one of my dreams: Frequenting escorts. While most guys who frequent escorts do not care about providing the ladies with good dick, I have. I strive to give the women in my life beautifying times, if she is worthy of me. That said, I had given women enough trust in me to provide me their darkest secrets (especially Brandy, who had even invited me to her home – see Brandy’s Legacy).

It is possible that nice guys can have supreme sexual prowess, but they never offer women the challenges and drama that the full-blooded asshole bad boy provides. Because it’s adventurous. Gratifying and oddly therapeutic. Not to mention, nice guys listen too literally to what women say and could be too preoccupied with pleasing his mother, who seeks spousification through her male offspring, due to her own inferiority complexes or fear of being lonely. That said, he misses out on supreme sexual opportunities.

Since my discovery of the interracial swing lifestyle (which includes the disturbing phenomenon of interracial cuckoldry fetishes which irks the hell out of me), I discovered hundreds of married white women who are married to white men, but have an insane, insatiable desire for black men. While some of their husbands are aware of their wives emasculating them and they encourage it, the others are alarmingly unaware of their wives cheating on them for hypersexual black studs – who make these women submit to very nasty sex acts they would never do with their own husbands. Among my interviewing and conversing with some of these women, I question their marriages to white men, if they have zero sexual desire for them, yet lust after multiples of black men. One common response I have received sounds like this: “I’ve been attracted to black men all of my life.I only stay married to him for the sake of the kids and because he makes more money than me. Trust me, I don’t love him. I love his money. Now, how’s that for honesty?”


    1. This article is pathetic. Usually this type of shit comes from females. Even more concerning (to me) is that this is a black man – I’m used to this shit from those of other ethnicity.

      A good core message surrounded by a weak, fairly immature context.

      You chose to read the topic on your own!

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