What I’ve Discovered on Facebook – I


I admit that I have a Facebook page that I frequent. While I am not as active as I used to be (simply because I have a life outside of social networks, even though the online world is starting to replace real-life interactions), I log in sometimes to observe certain behaviors and see what is new (which aside from socializing with a few beautiful women nationwide and keeping in touch with a few male friends). I’ve been active on social networks since the era of Yahoo 360! and MySpace (mid-2000s) and upon my observation, many social networks are being used for the sole purpose of hookup culture, which includes female vanity, validation addiction and hypothetical masturbation (for the males who are not able to actually hook up with the ladies up close and personal). Some of this, I’ve pointed out before when I predict a realistic future where Generation Y’s hookup culture and online social networking will eventually replace porn viewing. But this is what I have discovered on Facebook (and even Instagram or an X-rated adults-only social network such as Fetlife):

American Women are increasingly vain

For years, men complained about females taking too long to freshen up to go out in public. I’ve noticed this since I was a child. Now, no one is complaining (unless they are useless emasculated chumps) about the fact that women use social networks much more than men. Women from all ranks (from insanely beautiful to fat, old and ugly with three rolls on their bellies) take a ridiculous multitude of photos, posting them on her profile or changing her profile picture every several days. Women would not do this if it were not for their horny male following or clueless female co-signers liking and commenting on their photos by the hundreds. This puts her mind into a state of bliss and it makes even the average woman feels as if she is worth more than what she honestly is.

As a result of this, women become not only dismissive, but they also tease and man-stroke the hell out of men, wasting men’s time with the promise of some possibility of sex. Some actually put themselves out there as if they are sex goddesses, while posting statuses about finding “the right man”, while simultaneously having temporary sexcapades with the alphas. Females also compete with other females for male attention and are more aggressive than their male counterparts in this degree. This leads to, at times, women falsely reporting other females’ profiles and photos as “obscene” or “abusive” out of mere jealousy that a particular female is actually receiving more attention than her miserable, nutty ass. Now, we have ugly, old, obese and rat-faced women who think they are worthy of true, real, masculine men. The men who thirst these cunts, however, are unconsciously pedestaling these females – and get this: this has nothing to do with game.

Scenario: I cannot count the number of times a female unfriended me because a rival female who she was jealousy of happened to have contacted me or was part of my friends list. Once a certain female realized that she was not the only one that I talked to, she would have either unfriended and blocked me, or she had the fucking nerve to contact the other woman who she does not know, sending her disrespectful inbox messages. I am reminded of how a girl came here to Michigan to visit me from Canada. Nothing sexual occurred and I treated her to a day at the mall and conversation over soup. The girl tagged me in a check-in status, thanking me for the nice time. Some jealous creep calls me, literally crying and disrespecting the girl. This turns into her contacting the girl, saying “Go back to your fucking country!”

Scenario #2: After falling out of love with my ex, who was also on my Facebook friends list, she noticed that I befriended an insanely beautiful German white girl from Germany who thousands of guys lusted after. My ex unfriends me, texts me and says “Have your white whores!” This, coming from a woman who bragged about all of her sexual escapades with various men, rubbing it in everyone’s faces.

Male hypothetical masturbators render themselves completely worthless 

I can see how many knuckleheads pursue women in their inboxes, commenting on their photos and while they make certain sexual advances via inbox, they actually believe everything said is not visible to the public. Thanks to screenshot savers via computers and smartphones, the women put these losers on blast. As a result, various men and women make examples out of these losers to where they should never face the public. Likewise, a number of men sell dreams or promise to give these women great sex, yet never put in any effort in fucking any of these women in real life.

Scenario: A very attractive woman who occasionally frequents secret Facebook naughty adult-oriented groups and one man – who she never became friends with – inboxes her, saying sick shit like “I want you to shit all over me.” Or “I’ll let you shit all in my mouth.” The guys may also inbox the ladies with their phone numbers or messaging them every five minutes, though the women do no reply, making it clear she has no interest in him. Not to mention, all of the “Add me” comments she receives from desperate men who act as if they are not used to pussy.

Women love drama.

When it comes to drama, women love it. Since their words differ from their actions, I have learned that, as David Dieda stated in his book, The Way Of The Superior Man, “What she wants is not what she says.” Females perpetuate and engage in dramatic soap-opera incidents and conspiracy-laced bullshit with other women (out of jealousy and desperation for male attention). Females complain about how abusive or how much of a control freak their bad-boy alpha pipe laying boyfriends/FWBs are, as a desperate temporary plea to lean on some idiot’s shoulders (be it the loser nice-guy, white knight Captain Save-A-Hoe or her clueless female brethren telling her to stick by him or find a better deal). Hours or days after all of that complaining and crying, the man who she complains about winds up in bed with her, dicking her ass down!

Women say they despise drama and they know their worth, but at the end of the day, drama is more adventurous and entertaining than being stuck with a nice, boring, dickless chump with the political correctness of a teddy bear or a soulless mangina.

Scenario: This scenario has become too common, even for a man like me. Chick calls, texts or inboxes me, literally crying about her feeling as if she’s being stuck in something she cannot escape, simply because the sex is too damned good (maybe he can make her squirt, or come 5xs an hour or because he holds her down while he fucks her hard in the ass). Chick is either crying real tears or disappointed in herself for getting with the super-asshole, dealing with his bouts of anger, feminine-like jealousy of other guys (myself included), his verbal abuse and mind games. She may just be upset that he is fucking other women behind her back, especially if the other women are extremely undesirable. Not because of his lack of standards, but because it does not make her feel special if he fucks ugly bitches who looks like she has an extreme crack addiction or the daughter of The Cheese-burglar. Another scenario such as this is in one of my other blog topics.

Part II will be coming up real soon.

Other perspectives on this subject from Dissention are located here and here

This is what all of us are forced to face on a regular basis.

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