What I’ve Discovered on Facebook – II


Continued from Part One… I wanted to make a Part Two because I, for one, do not care for extensively long blog postings and I just made it easier for my readers. And this is what men have to deal with here in America, as women live vicariously through social networks. Thanks to social networking, even the average woman thinks she is a celebrity and worthy of all men.

Women view all men as disposable

What is disposable turns out to be replaceable. I know men have done this to women and now women are doing the same. Then again, I understand that all humans are disposable, regardless if it pertains to jobs, career opportunities and relationships. People use people. That is life. But it’s the fickleness of these women that alarms me.

When I see men reject women, they offer reasoning. Women, however, will stroke the hell out of a man’s ego and claim how much she loves him or how great he makes her (or her pussy) feel. She may even tell a guy he is the kind she wants to marry and, stupidly, expects him to wait for her like some sort of Princess Charming or those who wait patiently some religious judgment day. Whichever alpha male she chooses – one who pipes her down good – will eventually become disposable and publicly disrespected and his hangups will be showcased in front of her mangina captain-save-a-hoe friends or her female hoes, harpies and hags of friends once she has either found herself a better deal or better yet, after she runs from the stud upon her discovery that he is either fucking other bitches or has too much balls to where it’s hard to castrate or tame him.

Scenario: I’ve seen this too many times. And if you are outgoing or active in any social setting you should have, too. Otherwise, you have a serious case of arrested development or you are spending too much time on the wrong shit. Chick brushes the generous off for the abusive pipe-laying bastard who not only reams her out, but he reams out other females behind her back, whether she discovers this later or not. She catches feelings for the guy temporarily or uses him as a dick mill. He, however, is not only giving her good dick, but occasional massive headaches. Once he is done with her and plays her ass, she can always reconstruct her delusional self-image by exposing him, accusing him of abuse and throwing him under the bus to her other boy toys, mangina captain save-a-hoe nice guy fanbase and airhead female co-signers. She may say things like “He had a little dick”, “He’s a faggot” and she will even post photos of his small dick on her page (mind you, her family is also on her friends list and can see this shit – even her daughters) knowing well that before when things were going great, he was a king in her eyes and she pedestaled him as such. The other guys who may have wanted her before will either take their turn with her or will eventually run from her stupid ass and go their own way, based on the collective amount of horror stories and failures bestowed upon men in general by her. Nice guys get the leftovers, unless they transform themselves into studs (like I have) and snap, crackle and pop out of the dumb shit, like Rice Krispies.

Men attract women with reverse psychology, not philanthropy

While I do not advocate or encourage men to blatantly treat women like assholes, I notice that when it comes to dealing with the average American female, this is what makes the drawers drop. Again, drama is more entertaining than cuddling up with a spineless octopus, glued in front of the idiot box, getting fat from eating sweets. Perpetuated drama leads to ladies giving up the ass. It gives him not so much an ego boost, but a sense of worth. Women value men who admit that a certain female look is not his type, even if he goes about it in a way that makes him sound like a dream killer. A guy can put a woman in check by hurting her feelings, cursing at her or by simply unfriending her once she gets on his nerves. This only makes her desire him even more. I notice how many women respond to the men either behaving like assholes, flirting with other women or by simply being brutally honest with them and calling them out on their bullshit. The males who are sincere and genuine are always brushed off as either losers or just friends without benefits (just another shoulder to lean on) and they sit on the bench while watching the bad boy dickhead score massive touchdowns on the field of her genitalia and mind. So, they are stuck with jerking off to porn or photos of the chick and the bad boy having sex, which can be posted in secret Facebook groups or Fetlife photos and videos. I always knew for years that women reject men for being “too nice”.

Scenario: Let’s have a look at the alpha male stud. Masculine, tattooed, works at a blue collar job and lots of females desire him, from white to black, feebly thin to morbidly obese, 21 to 55. He travels to fuck various ones. He has no problem cursing a woman out, particularly once she gets on his nerves and nags him repeatedly. Even after he fucks one, he will go apeshit on her. One or two females get attached to him and stalks his every move on Facebook. She makes status updates, crying out to him and perpetrating on how she loves him only (though she fucks other men behind his back, as well as her husband’s) and this is when he consistently ignores her – which makes her desire him even more. He’ll call a chick out on her shit, including calling a chick “fat” in a heartbeat, telling them they look as if they originated from a zoo. Other females chime in and join him by throwing said chick under the bus. This brings him an abundance of hot to below average pussy. The attention he receives from the women increases and even worsens to the point to where they may act desperate and nagging, causing him to block their asses or go off on their asses.

Scenario # 2: Outside of Facebook — I am reminded of a guy who lent a female co-worker of mine a helping hand by buying a new tire when she caught a flat tire on her way to work. While she accepted the favor from him, she rejected him afterwards all because of his generosity. “Because he’s too nice!”

Women are hornier than men

Nature teaches us this. Facebook just exposes what’s already out there. – Women have zero problem posting status updates about how much they crave dick from this guy or that guy. Female have zero problem posting very graphic and nasty status updates about sex they’ve just had with a dude. I recall one woman posting a status update, which read “He has me squirming and squirting.” Most men on social networks like Facebook keep their sexcapades discreet or in small circles and off of their timelines (with the possible exception of a few full-blooded alphas who make their intentions known). Women, however, have no shame nor tact in spilling their own beans.

Women are quick to tell on themselves, yet accuse men of having low standards.

I’ll get straight to the point on this one. I cannot count how many times a woman texts me, harassing me simply because I made a comment on a certain woman’s photo after she pursued me, just trying to be nice. A woman accuses me of having low standards, even though I have zero interest in fucking 70% of these women. I understand this to a degree, because she would explain how it does not make her feel special. I had one retarded bitch call me at 11:45am while I was at work, yelling in my ear, hurt because of her discovery that she is not the only one I’ve ever pursued. While she had a photo album with pictures of all the Facebook men she wanted to fuck, she goes off on me, saying “I hate niggas like you!” A month later, she posts status updates about how her baby’s daddy comes over during the holidays and she calls the police on him because he spits in her face, broke her smartphone and leaves her ass hanging. She finds out that same day that while she was in a relationship with him, he was fucking other women behind her back, in her own house that welfare pays for, while she was either at her stripper or in college – a college she gets kicked out from for attacking one of her professors. She posted all of this in a status update, begging for sugarcoating sympathy from her idiotic female friends, going as far as even bragging about how he beat her ass when she was pregnant with his child several Christmases ago at a department store. Yet – get this – she gets back with him. Like Mary J. Blige, she loves her Mr. Wrong!

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