“Insatiable Wives”


“Insatiable Wives” are on the rise. Women are actually outperforming men in the adultery arena. There is a book written about the history of this, as well as the rise of cuckoldry sexual fetishes, written in David J. Ley’s book, Insatiable Wives (I’ve spoke with Mr. Ley via phone once before and he mentioned me in his new book, The Myth of Sex Addiction). I have no problem with women, nor men, exploring their options. I do have a huge problem with men and women in any relationship who is kept in the dark and fed plenty of bullshit. Especially with female sexuality being on the increase, most men wind up taking after the sloppy seconds of other men and can not have any kind of self respect for themselves. Cuckoldry really irks the hell out of me to an extensive degree. While I no longer pursue most married women for various reasons, I will shamelessly admit that something about it turns me on when a woman in a relationship pursues me, rubbing up against me like a kitten in heat, once her man starts acting like an asshole, disrespecting her, confiding how jealous of me he is. This leads to her wanting me to fuck her senseless. Fucking her harder and better than her man. Before any blame gets places on me, I make it known that it is possible that like Usher, “She likes it my way!” While it is not relative to the subject, because all women cheat with alpha males (whether they are happily married or not), most of these women who pursue me are either Asian or White girls (who crave black men over their usual Caucasian asexual husbands). Some of the women, I have said no to and I am happy that I have turned down some. Others, I regret not sticking my dick in.

What I do not like is the current double standard feminism has created for cheaters. Even a sexual preference such as the cuckoldry fetish has become increasingly rampant in the suburban swingers lifestyle. This behavior is also glamourized on television, pop culture and other forms of media. Once a female cheats, it is often seen as female empowerment. Maybe the husband had a limp dick or was overweight and inattentive to her needs. If a male does it, he is frowned upon.

An insanely flawless Asian woman who I used to talk to frequently was, in fact, unhappily married. I happened to be one of the few guys who was lucky enough to have her flirt with me. She rarely had sex outside of her marriage. What made it a bad marriage for her was her insatiable sexual appetite. Her husband just could not compete with her. He was only interested in sex with her once a week and especially during the cold winter holidays. She admitted she was an exhibitionist. She did everything at home naked. She hardly wore clothes. Everything she did at home, she has done naked. Cooking? Naked. Cleaning? Naked. Reading? Naked. Watching television? Naked. And trust me when I tell you, she has the fucking body for it! Her husband was not as interested in sex as she was and it was possible that her constant nudity may have desensitized him.

She enjoyed my phone conversations and text messages, got mad at me when I skipped talking to her for a day or two (especially if I fell asleep too early) and admitted that she was intimidated by my sexuality (exclusively because I enjoy things like using mouth gags, spanking paddles and all things related to anal sex). She sent photo texts of almost every part of her body, except her ass. She was afraid it would increase my desire to bugger that booty – I am a full-blooded ass man – and she didn’t care to be fucked in the ass. She thought that was something only white girls do. Haven’t seen her in a year (she reappears in my life every other year), she last told me “I want you to stop wanting my butt.” Yet, she had no problem teasing me with the possibility of sex.

For other examples, check out A Canadian Threesome, my blog topic about Southeast Asian women increasingly craving black studs and my future blogs about the interracial swingers scene.

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