American Misanthropist


I’ve always come to terms that any sane person who is living in America should become a misanthropist (or at least, go their own way). Now, I am not saying that dwelling on negativity, nursing doom and gloom or being a pessimist will get anyone to their goals in life, whatever they are. But I also find it real odd that too much positivity can lead to laziness. It’s no different from those religious fanatics awaiting some magical Judgement Day, preaching that one day, it will all fall from the skies. I am certainly no advocate for those, or any other type of fairy tales.

Since I was, let’s say around 8 years of age, I became quite observant of my surroundings. Hearing about endless race riots in 1992 (from Rodney King to the murder of Detroiter Malice Green), in addition to many black adult women yelling out their insults and profanities about black men dating outside of their race… I could never help but to notice that there is something really wrong with the USA. While some of these drama-laced idiocies have decreased (and this is only because people woke up and realized to accept what is beyond their control), others were created and flourished well over the years. While I will not summarize each and every issue America has, collectively, we are becoming fucked up – which is why people are becoming fucked up, either because they are fed up or the fact that we have to adapt to it, or at least act accordingly for the public eye. Wearing poker faces can be enthralling at times, while for others, they may very well be lost in a severe identity crisis.

We have failed in race relations, we are failing in gender relations all in the name of a holy gender war (which is only based on who can exercise dominance over eachother to inflate their own stupid egos), we are failing our youth, we are also failing in regards to our health consciousness and job stability is arguably worse than ever – all while capitalism and technology is increasing, thus capitalists, self-improvement frauds (fad-diet pushers, relationship ‘experts’, PUAs and game advisors), female avarice, crooked law enforcers, technological advancers and others with hidden motives laced with cutthroat elements are doing better than many of us ever will.

Female Privilege – According to a study conducted in 2012, we are #8 on the list of countries with the highest population of persons living with HIV (with African countries making up six of the top seven and India being #3 on the list, which I find hard to believe since Indians seem sexually conservative). Yet, feminists and their Captain-Save-A-Hoe flunkies look down on their male counterparts for engaging in sex travels, let alone choosing to be single. The push fake morals onto everyone else, while they engage in their own forms of diabolic tendencies (sounds like the idiocies of those gay Republicans, don’t you think?), which also includes creating false police reports, cuckoldry, lying their way to the top and even committing spousification and genocide on their offspring (though I have no issue with abortions as it pertains to a woman having control over her body. I do feel it is preposterous that a woman can ruin a child’s life but a man can not refuse responsibility in the slightest). Somehow, the average American woman has labored herself into the delusion of false entitlement, putting everything in her sight into a state of near-tarnishing. In addition to this entitlement, they have become fatter and choosier. They look down on bachelors, yet they praise sluts and married female cheaters who “found herself a better deal”.

Education & Careers – America’s educational system is failing our children all in the name of conformity. Our children are becoming sick of watching grown-ass people who do not give a flying fuck about them destroy their lives. Children are being molested, drugged or scared into submission, while they are being secretly graded by their obedience levels. After being sent into the world clueless about how the real world operates, they are doomed to failure, unhappiness and identity crisis. What are their options in a society where nearly 700 persons have applied for a janitorial job in Ohio during the Summer of 2009 (while most of the applicants have PhDs and college degrees)? As I’ve mentioned previously in a blog where I have debunked RooshV’s beliefs about how gaming women is better than renting time with supermodels, if our government fails us, which they always do, and we can not find nor keep a job while capitalism is on the increase, what are the options for those who have been trained for over a decade to answer to other human beings?

Law & Media – As I’ve mentioned before, American culture is microwaved instant crap. We have resources and alternatives we are too afraid to own. American media is laced with doom and gloom – making the world look more insane than what it truly is to keep us indoors and away from happiness and whatever possibilities we may have of rocking the boat. And I will not get started at all on “law and order” (which is made to screw people over, particularly the young, the feeble or, in some cases, the naturally dominant species). Everybody breaks the law, but I will not get into that. Not right now, at least.

Relationships – As a close friend of mine stated to me, human interaction has become so corrupted, declined and increasingly unbearable in America. The reasons vary, from being overworked, becoming too attached to the point of obsession and due to people being fucked over repeatedly. People get fucked over because they either allow it, or because they have no true life experience. This comes from people allowing themselves to become boxed in or slaving to others standards, which has no real value. Then, by the time a person finally approaches their true desires, it is almost too late, simply because the aging process is not reversed. There are only few fortunate persons who grabbed life by the balls and took charge.

Fake friends backstab those who are loyal to them most for some type of so-called victorious gain (money, pussy, career promotional, saving face, etc.), which is discovered to be only temporary. Because nothing lasts forever. Or maybe it’s due to jealousy and them simply wanting what you have. They could lack originality or it could be because mimicry is also increasing in American life. Because nothing is original. Hell, even Hollywood ran out of ideas long ago. Now, the American entertainment industry has become shitty (with the exception of sports, seedy adult entertainment and a few sex-obsessed R&B slow jams and strip club anthems). Tell the wrong persons your intentions and they silently use it against you to ruin your reputation, although they will never gain anything from it. This is one reason who temporary dependencies and even the online world has substituted basic human interaction. Don’t want to be bothered with a motherfucker? Block his or her ass. I believe without any doubt whatsoever that social networking is larger in North America than it is in any other continent. Prove me wrong, anyone?

My optimism level differs greatly from a man like Advocatus Diaboli, who is also a self-claimed misanthropist. While I do not psycho-analyze every group of people, either in general or as individuals, most of what he says about American life is pretty accurate. Therefore, I find it scary that him and I happen to think a lot alike and have even more in common (which is certainly not limited to disregarding vanilla women, then choosing to spank and screw escorts).

I do not hate life. I despise most aspects of American life. I do not hate people. I just stray from the herd, intentionally. Fuck the in-crowd. I go my own way! Truth is, most Americans are pretty useless. Cynical? Yes, I am. Angry or isolated? No. I refuse that shit. I am a pretty optimistic person, but American life is not all that cracked up to be. If the foreigners who try crossing the borders, legally or otherwise, know what I know, they may eventually stack up enough USD and go back home prosperous or they may wind up being misanthropists, like any sane American should be. I know many a men who work hard to stack their chips and leave the U.S. And not only because our women are fucked up, contrary to what some feminists, MGTOW and manosphere advocates may believe. All things American are certainly on the decline. This is why I shudder greatly at bumper stickers that says “Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign.” Well, foreign cars last longer. Every person I know who owned a Dodge complained that it throws a rod far too soon!

“God knows where we’re headed.”Marvin Gaye

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