The Chronicles of Mr. Wrong – 2013.18.12


Lately, I have been doing my thing as it pertains to sexing up hot escorts. That will never stop. In fact, I met a new one earlier this month and while she is real sexy, she has some marbles missing. That said, I doubt if I’d be seeing her again. Saw Brandy again and I am developing a large attraction to her. At this moment, when it all boils down to it, I have three of them who are worthy of my repeating them. And I will just leave it at that.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have no problems with pursuing or attracting regular girls. It’s just that I refuse to game women and I will not allow any game to be ran on me. I simply have no tolerance, respect nor time for any LTRs. And I’ll be damned if I’ll be the one to pick up the pieces of a broken woman after her body, youth, sex and beauty has gone sour like buttermilk. It is better to rent time. Though I consider myself a bad boy/stud, I am one with a set of ethics that I live by. Another favorite ethic of mine is the one that states “You do not come where you eat!” I refuse to be that guy who will be buckled down. Yes, I am a Mr. Wrong, but unlike most men, I am an ethical Mr. Wrong. (I played that song by Mary J. Blige when Brandy and I had sex one Saturday morning in the midst of an ugly snowstorm.)

Over the Summer, I met an amazingly gorgeous and curvy Latina at a sports bar. Over the months, we both have been going out for happy hour and I’d always fit the bill of buying her a drink or two and/or appetizers. She knew I had an attraction to her and it was hard to schedule time with her, due to her family life and her holding down multiple jobs. Last week, we both went out and while intoxicated, I tasted her lips. She smiles, teases me a bit and jokingly says I have to work for it. So the next day, I came clean and told her that I wanted to fuck her (without using those exact words – I actually said “I want to have a moment with you”). She admits her heart belongs to another man who does not feel the same way as she does. I saw a picture of the guy and though I should not judge a book by it’s cover, he seems like one of those overtly nice guys while a man like me is hypermasculine, like a prison buck. Why he does not feel the same way, I am unsure and I honestly do not give a hot, creamy shit. I persisted that afternoon and I honestly said I am not looking for a relationship and she told me that feeling was mutual. But I suppose she had enough of FWBs (she explained how she met some guys via social network websites and they all turned out to be assholes). Now, I respect her right to say “no” and the fact that I may not fit her ideal mate. That’s fine, because as 50 Cent would say,

“This relationship shit is too much for me.

I want to fuck, be friends and live comfortably.”


Now, I am not one to waste time and I do not tolerate dick-teasing bitches. This female is certainly not a dick-teaser, but I felt the urge to let her know my true intentions, since I am such an ethical stud/sexaholic. She did not want an emotional connection and she could be afraid that may ensue. I bring out the best in every woman I fuck and I stop at nothing to please them (I do regret doing this to two women in my life – one of them I’ve discussed in A Canadian Threesome). I am certainly not one to smother, so I will do one of two things, or perhaps both: One: sit back, see if she has a change of heart and I can give her the best sex she has ever had. Two: leave her alone and just remain friends with her and keep making myself happy with escorts with Madonna smiles and juicy Armani asses.

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