Modern Technology & Secrecy: 101


I just want to briefly point out the fact that modern technology is an amazing invention in this new generation. Simultaneously, modern technology is a threat to privacy. Most of you already are aware of this issue. While some blame the American youth’s obsession with modern technology, smartphones and social networks which causes them to air out their own dirty laundry, over the past several years, people are able to track persons down via GPS, Wi-Fi and data mining. To a degree, these things make life much more easier, particularly for those persons who need geographical help getting from point A to point B (for those who do not understand how to read maps). Even a social network such as Facebook has, by their own design, caused each individual’s profile to be defaulted as “Public”, which means that unless a person edits their own privacy settings, people can see what information is posted on a person’s Facebook page (including photos, check-ins, etc). I can not say that this is headed in a favorable direction of discretion and respect for a person’s privacy/identity.

It is highly possible that I will make a more extensive blog topic about this very soon. In the meantime, here is an article about the highs and lows of modern technology and privacy. After you have read this one, here is another.

Happy New Year!

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