The Ex Files (Georgia, Reprisal)


So, here’s my first topic for the new year. I’ve posted a topic about my ex; a woman I fell for who lived in a different state than I (Where’s Georgia?). As I started getting pussy on a regular basis like most normal men my age, I had gotten over her and started to respect myself as a man so much more. As I’ve mentioned before, when I moved on, it hurt her more than it did me when she shitted on our plans to be with a local lose who gamed her pretty good on Christmas Eve of the year before. 2012 was the year when I witnessed her creating her own downfall (in addition to my own observation, she has told me some dark things that had occurred in her life that year).

During the winter months of 2012, I started drifting away from her on purpose and the fact remains that, she asked for it. As I started to stray from her – and we were still friends on Facebook – I had noticed that after the dude who she played me for played her ass, several men who used to worship her lost interest and started to call her out on her shit. So, thanks to Facebook Ticker, anyone who you are friends with can capture and witness any and everything you like and comment on. However, I happened to stop by her page one day and I noticed a young man comment on her page and saying something to this effect:

Guy #1: You really need help, girl. Yadda-yadda-yadda — You ain’t no different from these fake Christians who go out drinking, smoking, gambling and fucking every Saturday night, but then wanna go to church the next day, talking all this God crap. One minute, you’re posting statuses about how much you want somebody to love you and the next, you’re all on some freaky, kinky sex shit.

EX: Wait a minute, why are you so obsessed with me? I must be special to you in order for you to stalk my page.

Guy #1: I don’t have to stalk your page. You added me as a friend, so I can see what you’re up to. I see how you talk down to men and use them like pieces of meat. And I have no interest in leaving my state to catch a flight to see a woman like you. It would be a waste of my time.

EX: [Out of embarrassment, she unfriends the guy from her Facebook page and makes a status throwing him under the bus to reconstruct her self-image.]

Two weeks later, another similar incident occurs on her Facebook page. However, this incident ended up including a few other guys who fucked her as well as some of her clueless, female co-signer friends and it turned out to be uglier. What turned out to be a simple status update from her ended up transforming into another guy who was formerly attracted to her calling her out on her shit.

Here’s a screenshot I’ve captured from my smartphone. Even though parts of the call-out are missing, her idiotic females ganged up on the guy with the usual “gay” taunts, saying “I didn’t know men wore thongs.” In addition, a few other males co-signed – those who are so blinded by the possibility of sex and her dick-teasing, they fail to examine both sides of the coin. I already knew how the idiot tried to play me, but I do not engage in internet pissing matches.

Image                             Image

Any questions?

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