Spousification, Sissification and Oedipal Complexes (Single Mom Psychology)


There are a lot of single mothers – particularly in the African-American community – who are single mothers by their own admission, since most of the children are products of one-night stands gone awry, instead of them being products of failed marriages. With there being more forms of birth control contraceptive for women than there are for men, there is absolutely no excuse for this behavior. While women can abandon children and raise children alone and it is seen as “female empowerment”, single fathers are labeled as “bitches” and men who admit they can are not able to take care of a child for financial purposes are labeled as “deadbeats who can’t keep their dicks in their pants”. That said, there are a lot of single mothers who fail to teach their boys to be men, because it cannot be done. As a result, I have discovered the pathetic phenomenon of single mothers seeking spousification through their male offspring. I will explain to you what I mean when I say this:

There are a lot of single mothers throughout America who are innately bitter and angry due to the fact that they ARE, in fact, single mothers and the alpha male who inseminated her pumped her and dumped her. Or perhaps, he was the man who she could not fuck over and she struggles with the humiliation of how she put herself out there in the world. As a result, they groom their sons for marriage, emasculation and to be the kind of men who women can fuck over for their own egotistical, entertainment purposes. I have witnessed a number of single moms trying to program and brainwash their sons into being the kind of men who THEY would have liked to had married, or to be the kind of men who they want their daughters to marry – guys who these women would not have respected and guys who these women would have zero sexual interest in to begin with; guys who these women would have stepped out on and turned into effeminized cuckolds; guys who have the sexuality of Barney (the purple dinosaur). Just like capitalism, this is a reality that we have to prepare for – another battle men have to fight off. Though this is not an ethnic issue, I notice this a lot in the African-American community; a community ran by matriarchs full of retards. As game-advisor Tariq Nasheed stated a couple of years ago, in order to be a successful black male in America, you have to be on some asshole-rebel type of shit. This is due to many groups of people trying to conspire against you. This is another reality that men who are trying to succeed have to face and this is one of the many reasons why the following trends needs to stop:

Single Motherhood


Gaming Women/PUA Advice (“Pump ‘em, then dump ‘em”)

The three factors I have mentioned causes these women to flex their muscles, exploiting their own bitterness and misery, trying to groom their sons to be suckers who allow women to fuck them over and ruin their lives. Why? Because they may hate men or their sons somehow reminds them of them men who played them like xylophones. Not that I blame my mother entirely, but I used to be one of those losers who listened too literally to what women say, concerning myself too much with what women want, assuming that it would get me rewards (pussy and praise). This happened to me until I was damned near 30 years of age. Only then, I developed even higher standards, grew bigger balls and started sexing up 5-star escorts who look like supermodels and Barbie dolls. I admit I deserved it before, because I had no spine, though I always swore that the wife-and-kids routine was not for me, I got played (for more details, click here and here).

I am happy to say that I never had any real ‘mommy issues’, but my mother had tried to get involved into my sex life until I unintentionally hurt her feelings and made her lose face on a couple of occasions. My stepfather was the occasional asshole to her – not to say that she was innocent – and she tried to dumb him down with religion and Christianity. That did not last very long. However, she gave up on dating in it’s entirety and even tries to inflict her misery off on me, because she could not do like Mariah Carey and ‘Shake It Off’.

The male species are taught since adolescence to kiss women’s asses and put them on pedestals. They have been programmed to “Be chivalrous to women.” “Don’t pursue women for sex.” “Get married.” “Your body is a temple.” “Go to church and find a wife.” “Pull out chairs for women.” “Give your paycheck to women.”

However, while this happens, a generation of venal whores coerce men to co-sign and buy them furniture, jewelry and cars that neither one of them can afford to financially maintain – which causes young men to file bankruptcy and damage their credit before they even reach 30. Women coerce men to raise kids that are not theirs, sticking them with an irreversible 18-year bill. Married women cheat on their husbands increasingly, desiring for men to fuck them in the ass and come in their mouth, only to then, go home to their husbands and kiss them in the mouth and their husbands are unaware of the taste of another man’s semen batter. They disrespect the beta-male chump providers and nice guys for pipe laying assholes who they consistently complain about. These women will not give you a rhyme or reason… Your mother and the law also will not give you a rhyme or reason why certain women are some vile and nasty, because they are living in a fool’s paradise. Therefore, many men miss out on the finer things in life, living a sexless youth, all while allowing these women to hypothetically shit on them while calling it ‘life’ or ‘a snowstorm’.

I want to also briefly point out that not all single mothers are worthy of contempt and ridicule. I definitely respect the fact that couples do not stay together for the sake of children and I am certainly not excusing deadbeat dads. Yet, most single mothers, especially in the black community, have their children out of wedlock. There are actually more sexual contraceptives for women than there are for men, so while it is easy to tell men to ‘keep their dicks in their pants’ or ‘put a cap on it’, it should be just as convenient to tell women to use birth control contraceptives (there are female condoms available, too) and some women use their children like pseudo-lottery tickets. This situation will only worsen in a world where men try to use PUA/game tactics to obtain sex from women – a world where women are being overvalued – a world where law, government and society reward these women’s bad behavior by giving them governmental assistance (WIC, food stamps, child support, alimony, etc.). Neighborhoods and families ran by matriarchy are the same exact neighborhoods and families laced severe dysfunctionalism, mental illness, lack of productivity and elements of violence (maybe that explains why there’s so much genocidal violence and poverty ridden in ghetto, low-income neighborhoods).

As situations like this worsen, do not be surprised when more shit like this happens…




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