Fishnets for Natalie J.


I’ve been wanting Natalie for months, but both of our own individual schedules made it complicated for me to finally see her. Natalie is a brown-skinned Latina who just fucked my world up for the better, in the same sense Brandy has. Upon seeing her for the first time, I groomed myself to see her as if I were going on a rendezvous at a sports bar. Upon greeting her, I had given her gifts, which included a pair of white fishnet stockings, which fit perfectly underneath her juicy, yellow bubble booty. This woman is overall one of the three best women I have ever had sexual relations with.

I will not go into aesthetic details, but she was in her early 20s, short, juicy butt to kill a motherfucker for and being the nasty freak that I am, I ate her ass, smelled it, grabbed it and sexed her up in three various positions. I went deep into her little, petite, fiery ass. She wounded up being the most sanitary chick I’ve been with – hair drenched wet, pussy smelling like strawberry/kiwi and she would coo like a baby when she had came. I just knew that she would eventually become a repeat. Upon seeing me, the first thing she said was “You’re kinda young to be in this lifestyle. You’re very sexy, what brings you here?” I told her that for one, aside from her looking astonishing, I grew sick of the games in the dating scene.” She assumed I meant spending money on dinners and dates, buying bitches drinks and not getting shit in return. I explained that it goes deeper than that.

My mind was so blown by her – Her pussy was too tight and too good to be fungible. I had bought her white fishnets and I had even given her my ‘evil stick’ (a thin iron rod used to spank the ass of the sexual submissive partner), though she did not like being spanked. She asked me for it and says that I could use it on her for future times that I see her. “I trust you now”, she admits.

This life I chose never ceases to amaze me.

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