Regular Girls are Prosiac


“Fuck a good girl, every nigga wants a slut!”Slim Thug

“Bad girls ain’t no good. Good girls ain’t no fun.”Wale

Since the Summer of 2013, I’ve been paying for sex with bad bitches. Not because I am undesirable in the slightest. Not that I have trouble dating, but I refuse to run game, waste time with boring psychopaths, nor will I allow any game to be ran on me. What is more relevant is my innate knowledge since I was a kid that regular girls are prosiac (that word looks almost similar to Prozac, doesn’t it? Yes, these bitches are crazy, too). Something in me which consistently reminded me of this reality never escaped my spirits. I am unsure if this attitude came from my own observations or the pornographic, X-rated videos that my father tried to hide from me in the family basement, in the dirty laundry hamper. I will not get into details here about my relationship with porn, which came to an abrupt end three years ago. That was already mentioned in my uncomfortably lengthy topic about whether or not porn hijacks human sexuality.

One reason why I did not date in high school (I did not break my virginity until 2 months before turning 21) dealt with my sexual preferences. I admit that since I was in Jr. High, I had an obsession with the female ass and fucking women in it. Most of my peers who were as young as 13 went to school, confiding in their small circles about minor sex games they would play, such as blowjob altercations and the infamous movie theater/finger-banging trick. In my adulthood – and until recently – I have not come across many females who have enjoyed things like buggery and BDSM (though I have met several females who were keen on BDSM way before the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy was written, thus turning something that is not new under the sun into a wide popularity).

Rap artists refer to 5-star women and supermodels as ‘bad bitches’. I have always had a thing for bad bitches, even before I snuck through my dad’s porn collection and witnessed 4s and 5s being fucked into submission. I always saw matrimony as a form of slavery for men and women who did not respect themselves. Now, we are fourteen years into the new millennium, which means exclusively that standards change. Whether people want to adapt to these societal changes is totally by their own admission. The more I see certain behavior from the average ‘Ameriskank’ (American Skank, as Tom Leykis put it) and the more I explore my options, I know that I am doing what is innately right for the sake of my mind, body and soul. I, at the same time, refuse to use the retardations of others as an excuse for why I choose certain lifestyle alternatives. I have always had an intricate desire to engage in ‘the dark side of human nature’. It makes me a survivor and gives me even more reason to live.

Since I discovered escorts (I have sexed up six to date, with only a few of whom I repeat with – particularly Brandy and Natalie), it allowed me to raise my standards high to the point of semi-unrealism (since most men may never sleep with such beautiful women, by their own admission, for lack of balls or desperation of pussy to the point to where they chase 2s and 3s. But this is due to the reality that America is a sex prison country). I understand that regular girls are into certain sexual acts, like BDSM and butt sex. But I have learned that for one, it is not worth the hula-hoops that are required of jumping through just to bed a 3-star mediocre chick, or even a 5-star beauty whose ego is validated by tricking men into chasing them, like rats vs. blocks of cheese. Normally, these women who are devoid of realism want to settle down in the end, after years and years of parading themselves around to a multitude of men, be they assholes, white-knight mangina captain-save-a-hoes.

“Because they avoid the dudes who have their shit together or who have too much control, or the high-value men avoid these chicks for whatever preference or obligation. So these women go out here, getting pumped up by losers and then they try to find some nice-guy, yes-man, emasculated, mama’s boy, captain-save-a-hoe to try to pick up the pieces and be with that broad after her body, her youth and her sex got over-the-hill and gone to waste.”


With that said, is it fair for me to say that regular girls are boring or should I conclude instead that relationships are boring? Well, regular vanilla women bore me, even though I admit that the only relationships I aim for are those of FWB status and while the divorce rate in America is above 60 percent, marriage is the last thing on the modern male’s mind. For females, it is different, whether they possess hypergamous tendencies or not.

I find the average ‘good girl’ to be a bore, even if their hearts ache or their pussies pulsate to be corrupted, impressed and ravished. The thrill of turning a ‘good girl’ into a freak may be gratifying, but the kind of man that I am requires all of the cards to be put on the table, first and foremost. This way, both parties know what to expect, which leads to trust. American culture is microwaved instant crap and this includes young women in public places who are glued to their smartphones and social networks, even when they are sitting with their legs crossed at a sports bar, a restaurant or at elegant social gatherings. Not that I am inattentive when a regular girl babbles away about some abusive asshole who dumped her (whom she most likely met on Facebook, Fetlife, Match, Plenty Of Fish, etc.) or her boring occupation, working for an asshole employer who went as far as poking fun at her wit or her weight – but after all of that crying and complaining, who do they run back to? Who gets rejected or the fake phone number, even after being attentive to her bullshit? As I’ve mentioned on a topic about the things I’ve discovered on Facebook, women in America (mot of them being 2s, 3s and low-grade 4s) have become increasingly narcissistic, laboring themselves into the delusion that they are 5-star worthy, or worthy of high-value alpha dogs. Thus, we have become surrounded by a generation of women who are nothing more than Dickteasers.


Dickteasers have flooded social networks, nightclubs and even the phenomena of reality TV. While dickteasers are steps ahead of most regular girls in an aesthetic standpoint (which includes showcasing their sexuality), they are among the largest timewasters and fickle, needy man-stroke women. Many dickteasers have no interest in most of their male followers on a sexual level. They showcase their nudity as a way of creating a hyper delusion of themselves and they do so in a wonky attempt to find ‘the right one’ – which is equally idiotic as men who read game blogs and Kindle books about game to find ‘the right one’ or trying to land pussy from Mensa (a social network for those who possess high IQs), which makes no logical fucking sense what the fuck so ever!

I rarely spend time on social networks, such as Facebook or Fetlife anymore. Nightclubs are most certainly not an option. If I pursue a woman, whether she is an escort or a Facebook friend, I will do so only after completing my own observation to see if she is worthy of me or not. I have come to terms that escorts actually have more tact and sense of class than vanilla women. For one, many of the ones I have dealt with are 5-star material and have the beauty that would make Halle Berry insanely jealous. I have discovered that escorts are more cleaner, have tighter pussies and have a lower STD rate than the average woman who goes nightclubbing, bar-hopping and internet dating every other weekend, getting fucked by random strangers. The cleanest and tightest pussies I have ever slid inside of  – believe it or not – were those women who were/are escorts and upon this discovery, I was not only disturbed, but I was overjoyed. One female was so tight, she snatched the condom right off of me and I felt as if my penis was beat to a pulp and ready to explode! You may say that I have been corrupted, but I no longer have any tolerance for vanilla chicks who have turned themselves into jaded has-beens, useless dinner dates, drama, all that lovey-dovey shit these women honestly do not believe in. In addition, I am fucking sick to death of females on social networks taking selfie pics, trying to look cute by poking out their lips, looking like fucking ducks and eagles and other wildlife animals.


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