Nice Guys Get the Leftovers; Alphas Get Multiple Chances

ImageI know that I could have discussed this previously on the subject of what I’ve learned from Facebook, but this is an incident that I’ve witnessed far too frequently on Facebook – even though these situations occur in real life. In an age of social network dependency (which causes the online world to replace the traditional), people put TMI from their personal lives to their social networks. Besides, the reality that nice guys get the leftovers has existed way before the birth of the internet.

Upon browsing through Facebook one day, I noticed a ladyfriend of mine – this really hot Asian woman – had got into a nasty altercation with her then-boyfriend who was a real loser. Though they were in a relationship for about eight months, she labels him as “fake”, saying he perpetrates on Facebook to make other women fawn over him. She tells me (along with her girlfriends and pedestaling gomers) that her full-blooded alpha pipe laying boyfriend was approaching his 40s, living with his sister, jobless, in and out of jail and emotionally abusive to her. She would occasionally cry out to a befriended white-knight gomer or her girlfriends, if not myself while simultaneously stroking his ego on her profile, referring to him as “Daddy”. She told me one day, “Don’t let Facebook fool you.” So, there could have been a huge possibility of her playing him, using him for sex, thus rendering him disposable in the future. But there was some possibility of him having some control over her life. She’d tell me that she wants to travel somewhere for her birthday, but he wouldn’t allow her to go anywhere without him, even though the dude was afraid of flying. But I did not waste my time trying to come to her aid for various reasons.

Anyway, the nasty altercation stemmed from his jealousy of seeing other guys commenting on her photos, which leads to her ass-kissing male gomer buddies and girlfriends confronting him online. The guy shows his true colors, commenting on the woman’s photos, saying:

  • “You need to shut the fuck up talking. You’re letting people know just how dumb you really are.”
  • White knight guy comes to her defense. Says “Yeah, she told me you’re living with your sister. What a bum!”
  • The alpha boyfriend says “You can have her. Come get her. She’s a bartender and she lives at a cheap place!” (I tried very hard to not laugh at the latter comment he made, but I did. From what he believes, bartenders are cheap whores.
  • Lady says “Blah, blah, blah. You’re not the man for me. Blah, blah, blah.”
  • Alpha dude says “She begged me to move in with her. I fucked her a couple of times and I got tired of her. That’s why I went a month without seeing her.” (She explains to me that they were apart for one month because he was in jail.)

This is what’s normal in most relationships between alpha men and the women who lust them. It is the nature of the beast. I am not advocating this type of behavior, but bitches love drama. Drama is much more adventurous than cuddling up with human teddy bears who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Naturally, after women are done with the fast lane, the drama, the partying and the adventure, only then is when she decides to find the nice, beta yes-man – one who can pick up the pieces and be with her, after she deteriorates. By that time, the best picks of the litter has already went their own way. Unfortunately, though, there are villages of men in western society who are too dependent on women and they do not realize how feeble they are in these women’s viewpoint. They get fucked by women easier than how ‘law enforcers’ attempt to fuck over the alphas. Why? Because women know that because these nice guys are too dependent on them, they pour themselves out and reveal their weak points. Like women, they live in fairy tales.


This is one of the reasons why I do not waste time concerning myself with things like ‘what women want’. Feeble guys can give women everything that she lists and she will still step out on him for other men. Why? Because she can. Because he listens too literally to her. Because she becomes bored… not to mention the fact that there’s always someone better. I remember a guy saying years ago that while what women really want are a bunch of dumb motherfuckers they can take advantage of, when they come across a guy who won’t put up with her shit, she will either run from him, play the victim, pitch a bitch or bend her ass over. She will not win doing either four.


For years, my nerves almost gave out on me due to the number of beta black men who have endlessly pissed and moaned about black women choosing thugs and other alphas. They all idiotically assumed that thug love was only a thing black women had. Most women love alphas, even if they love them secretly while trying to hold out for nerds. I do, however, agree that black women go a bit overboard with their thug passion (chasing after jailbirds, violent nutcases, retards with lengthy criminal records). Logic does say that the average woman wants to avoid being treated horribly, sidetracked and rammed in the ass. But logic does change, like standards and seasons. That is because generations change. I admit that when I was 20, I was shocked to hear that women actually have rape fantasies (even though feminists try to abhor their sisters’ own natural interest in). Ten years later, Fifty Shades of Grey was written by a woman and sold millions of copies, thanks to millions of women worldwide. So, to play the Cape Crusader (Captain Save-a-Hoe) for the average Damsel in Distress is worthless. These women do not have the minds of seven-year-olds who are incapable of knowing what their hearts truly desire. These damsels who KNOW they are in an unhealthy relationship with an abusive, pipe-laying asshole choose to run back to him, just because the sex is so damned good. I don’t know, maybe he makes her pussy squirt. Maybe he ties her up and spanks her mercilessly. Maybe he has the physique of an athlete or roughhouse prison bulldog. Maybe he’s not scared to butt-fuck her, taking pictures of the raunchy sex act. Maybe his stamina causes him to go for hours, like a horse who ODed on Viagra. Whatever it is, he gives her the tingles. And I will not begin to get into how jealous she may get upon her discovery of him giving other women the same treatment (him giving it to other chicks).

Remains Of A Woman movie poster
Movie poster for the 1993 Chinese Hong Kong film, Remains of A Woman; a film which tells the real-life story (taken place in 1989) of a BDSM-laced, jealousy-infused, cocaine-filled love triangle gone horribly wrong, when one of the manipulative, American born alpha-stud’s girlfriends gets “accidentally” killed and hacked to pieces by the other girl, who is unbelievably hooked on him. Though they are both sentenced to death, a retrial occurs years later, where the alpha-stud falls for a Catholic bible-thumper, leaving the sprung woman to take the rap and exonerate him.


The thing is, some alpha studs are that way by heart, whether they have careers and physiques with low body-fat percentage or not. Others are perpetrators whose lives are severely unbalanced, like most of the vanilla women I see fawning after them. But even though these guys may have mental issues, live on welfare, living with their mothers and siblings in their 30s and do whacked-out shit, these are the guys who make pussies wet by the dozens – even more than the suit-and-tie Dom with an evil stick in his hand, ready to paddle their asses raw! Nice guys get the leftovers. And it always will be this way, unless they find other options (such as frequenting sex workers, focusing exclusively on career moves or, heaven forbid, they live like those depressing and dickless herbivores in Japan). I am not interested in writing another blog about the Psychology 101 on why women prefer studs and jerks. For one, there are too many written and they are useless, because in the end, people will fuck who they want to. Nothing can be done to ‘fix’ this natural way of living. Two, I refuse to complain about ‘nice guys’ being tossed on the backburner and defecated on by female vultures. I would not consider myself a thug, but I am not a nice guy. Nice guys would not spend several hundred dollars monthly on escorts, spanking them and butt-fucking them like I do.



On another hand, clueless guys try to emulate media-ized alpha stud behavior because they, like the white knight captain-save-a-hoe mangina, the male feminist and the S.I.M.P., he bases his own value on ‘what women want’. If you don’t believe me, look at how many losers pretend to be Doms and Bondage-Daddies because Fifty Shades of Grey made it cool. Since the death of 2Pac, Rap music is overflowing with wannabe street-dudes appearing to be hard only for record sales and to impress chicks. How’s about these punks take bathroom selfies, showing off their muscles, not realizing that bathroom and mirror selfies are really feminine tendencies.

6 thoughts on “Nice Guys Get the Leftovers; Alphas Get Multiple Chances

  1. I think its a weird human thing that we want to placate violent/aggressive people (normally we might have killed them, but in society we cant) so our minds (women esp.) develop this placating mentality of ‘oh, he hit me, but i know he still loves me’.

    Life is crazy. The last sentence is reminiscent to a Daddy/Daughter scenario.

  2. Women are genetically designed to be stupid sluts
    Men are genetically designed to by stupid studs
    Somewhere in last 2000 years, some men become more civilized and smart and those are the nice guys.
    Nobody likes the nice guys because they are what the rest is not. Humans

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