Are You as Dumb as You Look?


It was once said by Walter Bagehot that “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”


It is not often that this question gets thrown around verbally, although few intelligent people can ask themselves this question innately, whether the question is directed towards themselves, or some guy who looks ‘slow’, ‘challenged’ or ‘simple’. In an age where human stupidity is often visible and encouraged, most of the smartest people are those who may not look eloquently enough to play the part of how brilliant their minds operate – while the stupidest motherfuckers have the most confidence and praise. If you do not believe me, think about the average politician, teacher, lawmaker, hell, even the sports analysis who went to college for five years and ask elementary school questions, such as “How did it feel to win the championship?” Why on earth would someone ask a question like that when the answer is directly in front of them (the smile on the face of a sports athlete, flashing cameras, confetti flying in the air, the scoreboard and whatever trophy the sports team members are holding up in mid-air)?! And I can go on and on about how the sports media and sports fanatics demonize African-American athletes for not answering these stupid questions and allowing them to tarnish their imagery. I am pretty confident that NFL cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman (who maintained a near-4.0 GPA in grade school) was labeled as a ‘thug’ or ‘ignorant’ for his post-game outburst after claiming victory against the San Francisco 49ers. Regardless of his post-game outburst, Erin Andrews was not even aware or alert enough to know who Sherman was telling off, as she replies idiotically “No one’s talking about you.” This is proof that regardless of how dumb some athletes are, the journalists interviewing them are even dumber, essentially based on the fact that these journalists have gone to college, yet ask stupid, dumbass questions.


Truth is, most stupid, dumb, undesirable and incompetent people have more confidence than people who are actually on top of their shit. Once they realize people are not interested in them, somehow, WE are the ones at fault. It never occurs to them that maybe, just maybe they are not as brilliant as they delude themselves to be. This goes for our parents, our children, certain segments of the female and male populace, authority figures, so-called lifestyle “gurus”, etc. Unfortunately, these people are not exposed to the general public, nor are they exploited like normal people, free people, people with real handicaps and those insanely smart/realistic people, whether they took the Red Pill or not.

Before I continue, I want to briefly notify that there is a difference between dumb and stupid – and I am confident many will agree with me on this. Dumb can pertain to a certain action committed by a person who does not know something, or a person who is slow to learn. Stupid, however, is a title that can be given to a certain action committed by a person, or let alone a person who does innately know better, but simply does not care. What is stupid, in my book, is when a person is driving a Ferrari and parks in a handicapped spot, knowing he or she is not handicapped (most people who own Ferraris are far from handicapped). You know it’s stupid, but you do it anyway (and not for the sake of getting a sociological/political point across). Real stupidity lies within people going along with the ‘right’ thing to do or following societal norms amid struggling within one’s conscious and living unhappily ever after. These situations still exist because the average person does not have the balls, nor the brains to question what media, society, religion and authority figures tries to force-feed them, while the stupid dumb fucks consistently strives to govern our personal and professional lives with laws, morality, biblical scriptures and other assorted tomfoolery. Capitalists, on the other hand, gain fortunes by not only smart inventions, but they can get away with preaching stupidity to the gullible, creating a slew of even more dumb people who make them even richer. While some say this is dumb on the rich man’s end, it’s more of a thing of dishonesty rather than them being dumb.

Due to popular opinion and how society brainwashes the human populace to conduct themselves, stupid behavior is widely acceptable and the labels of ‘dumb’ can be stamped on a person based on their own individuality and this can be stamped onto a person based on either their outer demeanor or lack of desire for adaptation of social norms. Labels are used to shame someone into conformity, but the reality is that, some folks are as dumb as they look, while others keep their wisdom to themselves, like hermits, herbivores and other loners who only associate within an extremely small circle.

In high school, I was seen as psychotic. I was also stereotyped as being ‘slow’ and the reason being was because for one, I was obese (obesity does make a person look dumber and older than they really are). Two, I put on a variety of facades and I never bragged about how smart, educated and determined I was (even though my attention span was not very high back then, because I knew what I was being taught would not be beneficial to me in real life. I always knew there was more to life than obeying authority that I had zero respect for). Three, I was never good at offering eye contact. When it came to listening to people, I was always ALL EARS. But for some odd reason, people desire eye contact from their audience. These people are unaware that even if they have a person’s ‘undivided attention’ through eye contact, that does not imply that they are being heard or taken seriously. A person can tune them out, even though they do provide eye contact. This is also why it is best to be a man of few words, because many mouths run a mile a minute, but they aren’t really saying anything of merit.

I was not street smart at all then, because I could not explore the world until I became an adult. Assuming that it was cool to gang-bang, my cousin warned me about the basics of being street smart: “If you are not prepared, someone’s gonna be prepared for your ass!” Now that I am a thirty-something who explores the world and taken The Red Pill, I can say I am nowhere near as dumb or ‘slow’ as I was 15 years ago. I have gained lots of intelligence and street-smarts about how life operates, which is far more vital than maintaining a 3.6 GPA or jumping through a $100K hula-hoop in order to attend college (which would cause me to spend my life in debt and filing bankruptcy, with no guarantee of a livelihood of enjoyment). If you were to ask me if I would choose to be book or street smart, I would choose to be street smart. Some of the world’s most smartest and richest people get taken advantage of and are so slow to where they will not realize it until well after the fact that they have been fucked over. The line of people who fuck them over ranges from their parents, lawmakers, politicians, welfare recipients, new-sheriffs-in-town, society, women, debt collectors, teachers and other shysters and game runners. Our educational system and sadly, some of our parents have not prepared us for this, so some will learn the rules of the game too late in life.


Speaking of America’s educational system (and I’m sure this ideology has scattered outside of Western ‘civilization’), when I attended my first year of college in 2002, I took an Ethics class. Feeling like I was surrounded by a bunch of idealists, I nearly lost interest until I was told to write a paper about the relativity of sex and ethics. I unintentionally rocked the boat when I spoke of sexual dimorphism (how males and females view and treat sex differently). I spoke of how it is more acceptable for teenage boys to explore their sexuality instead of teenage girls doing the same. I said something similar to the notion that men are not labeled to be promiscuous as easy as it is for women to be given that label (that men are ‘studs’ while women are ‘whores’). My voicing this out caused every female in that Ethics class to enter a complete state of hysterics. Some, like others who crossed my path, I scared the shit out of once they’ve heard my opinions and/or reactions to certain situations. I had to point out viciously that while I do not carry that belief, it is a widely pushed notion (which has changed dramatically since then). This made my classmates more interested in me as a person, in addition to people realizing that I was not as dumb as they thought I was when they first saw me (I kept quiet in that class until the final three weeks, when I saved the best for last. I made this a habit in my life and for that, my stepfather even told me that I should go on a Reality TV show, since I “like to fool motherfuckers”).

During a conversation I’ve had with a male porn star, we spoke about human stupidity and human intelligence. We both came to the conclusion that human stupidity is enforced by popularity instead of the age of simplicity and technology. Some pompous asshole decided to measure human intelligence with IQ tests, ACT and SAT tests, which a high school student has to ace in order to attend college in order to muster up a Master’s degree, then to get hired at an unstable job, doing work that can be done by a gang of 5th graders (as Aaron Clarey pointed out in his amazing book Bachelor Pad Economics). This lie and falsification of intelligence actually makes life more complex than it has to be.

That black guy dressed in hip-hop gear who you see walking home from a gas station located at a ghetto hellhole is not as dumb as you think he is. But it is easy to stereotype him as such based on the clothes he wears and due to the fact that no one is willing to hire him in corporate America. He’s not so dumb after all, because he is smart enough to take risks and break the law in order to make ends meet (be it by trading pharmaceuticals, money laundering, extortion or pimping – ‘illegal’ crimes that people in government, Hollywood, wall street and suburbia gets away with on a daily basis). That woman who is beating the system by using her illegitimate children as pseudo-lottery-tickets isn’t unable, nor is she a victim. She just acts that way to get a free ride, but the beta court systems will not understand that, because they want to be stupid. So, not only are the taxpayers paying for her easy way out, but so are the retarded beta court systems. Everybody breaks the law and those who are most successful at it are those who make laws, plus those who are not as dumb as they look (though they may actually look dumb in the eyes of average members of society). The smartest ones who make it in this big earth lack common sense and the free mental capacity to walk, chew gum and hum simultaneously). This indicates that stupid people are not rebels and rebels are not so stupid, nor dumb after all.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to label a persona based on their outer imagery and/or their inability to mingle with the in-crown. Just like the American guys who take trips overseas to fuck 5-star supermodels in poor countries, only to come to America and discuss how fucking mundane, creepy, fucked up and drugged up the women in their own native land are. The women, however, will lay massive guilt trips on these men, labeling them as ‘rejects’, ’tricks’, ‘weak’, or ‘they can’t handle rejection’. They, then, label the women as ‘bitches’, ‘sluts’, or accusing them of ‘trying to get a green card’. This is similar to when black activist Malcolm X took a trip to Mecca and realized that the Nation of Islam were just as racist and tribalistic as the Ku Klux Klan. As a result, the NOI felt betrayed and had Malcolm X killed.


Never underestimate a person’s capabilities based on their outward imagery. Likewise, never reveal everything you know. Sometimes, it is best to appear dumber than you are and this is one of The 48 Laws of Power. People play mind games, manipulate, ruin and break others on a daily basis. This is life. Learn how to play the game, break the rules, conceal your intentions and keep your stupid mouth shut.

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