Miley Cyrus is a Prime Example of America’s “Fallen Harlot Syndrome”


In the month of February, 2014, I put Miley Cyrus as Beauty Of The Month on my blog, because I do feel that she is attractive, though she has no curves. I also feel that she is a freak with unfettered sexuality, but realistically, I come to terms that as the seasons go by, she has gone from bad to worse – and I do not mean this in a positive way. Tom Leykis has embraced the term ‘Ameriskank’ (which is a word substitute for American Skanks) and while I do believe that term has a large merit to it (especially in an age of female sexual exploration and ‘girl power’ being on the rise), a more eloquent say for me to describe the likes of Miley Cyrus – as well as the average American woman – is ‘the fallen harlot’.

I have zero problem with female sexuality, whatsoever. I have no problem with female (or male) hypergamy, nor the natural supply and demand for sex (which can be used in exchange for monetary gain). I do despise trifling, futile, tasteless, overvalued women and attention whoring. There is no surprise that America is full of these types. Sad thing is, this syndrome is not only limited to streetwalking prostitutes and ghetto chicks with a multitude of illegitimate children. The average female on social networks and a handful of talentless female celebrities parade themselves like, drunken lushes who reek of vomit and (desperate) street crack whores in despair. Now, I despise the term ‘whore’, but this is how the average young American attention grabber are presenting themselves to be. Like trashy hoes (streetwalkers, crack whores, oversexualized obese bitches who deludes herself that she still has it, when her prime expired 10 years ago), there is no sense of taste, discretion or enough tact to realize there is a time and place for everything. And yes, there is a huge difference between a trashy hoe (street prostitutes, ghetto baby mamas, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton) and a classy hoe (escorts, mistresses, actresses, massage therapists, strippers, Kim Kardashian). Now, I’m confident that there are a variety of feminist whackjob beat-offs who enjoy placing blame on male sexuality and masculinity.

  • “Women only whore themselves because that’s what the men like.”
  • “Women are becoming lesbians because the men are not on their job.”


That calls for another argument. I won’t waste my time slandering feminist beat-offs and scorned women desperate for attention. Again, I have zero problem with female sexuality, unlike some loser beta male or ‘game’ advocate who loves banging sluts, but pulling 180s by complaining about the loss of traditional family values, men’s rights and society’s overall lack of desire for matrimony. Again, my gripe is how tasteless the average young American woman is becoming, much like a fallen harlot – only these females are not being abused, beat up and battered, like crack whores controlled by pimps. Yet, their behavior depicts the same amount of corniness and desperation as these unfortunate women.


Unlike used and abused crack whores and drunks who fuck homeless guys, you can never feel sorry for the likes of Miley Cyrus, nor the average young man-strokers – even if they are becoming a hot mess and spiraling down a road of havoc. As I’ve mentioned in another topic, these women are not mentally hindered, like an adult with a tyke’s mind. They are aware of their own choices and what can lead from that, negative or otherwise. What does this have to do with Miley Cyrus? I’ll tell you:


Only a few months ago, we saw Miley Cyrus on the 2013 MTV VMA Awards Ceremony wearing a pathetic latex outfit, which made her booty look horrendous, like two slices of beef bologna flapping up against eachother. No shape, no ass, no soul, no curves and it looked as if she was in dire need of doing a gymnastic squat routine several times daily. She then bends over, shaking her ass directly on Robin Thicke’s pelvic area during his simplistic and shitty song Blurred Lines (which was influenced by Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up so much that Robin Thicke stole the music – which caused The Gaye family and TMZ to expose Robin Thicke). While it was a unique way for Cyrus to escape her Hannah Montana persona, it was rather tasteless so much so to where the became the butt of many jokes and rightfully so. What’s sad is that I do believe Miley Cyrus can have serious sex appeal, only if she distributed herself correctly – to the point to where she would be drop-dead immaculate, like Kelly Carlson (who played as the emotionally damaged 5-star bimbo Kimber Henry on F/X’s Nip/Tuck). But this is a shining example of what is happening to the average American girl, plus the unquestionable evidence that Miley Cyrus is trying too damned hard to be something that she is not… Either that or she is showcasing how fucking nasty she really is. I can respect that because some chicks hide how pathetic they really are, so while she is honest and upfront about this, her behavior is controversial, but I’m afraid of how whacked-out this really is. Actresses and whores are both one in the same: They both put on acts and only show off hints of their true colors. Something tells me that Miley Cyrus is not acting raunchy and ratchet for controversial purposes, but she is rather showcasing how much of a horny little bitch she really is and there is no shame in her game (Over twenty years ago, Madonna did the same thing, except she was more concerned with what brings money to the table than anything). But Miley’s acts disgust me in the same way Anabel Chong has.


Miley Cyrus gets a free pass for worse than what someone like, let’s say, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Beyonce does. All three women make songs about explicit sexuality (Beyonce just hopped on the bandwagon with her new The Visual Album), perform sexualized acts at their concerts and on televised music award ceremonies. The only difference is that Rihanna has been disrespectfully labelled by the afrocentric crowd as “the queen of ‘stank ho’ anthems”, Nicki Minaj has been accused of starting some bullshit “Barbie Movement” (although many young black girls on Facebook and Instagram post photos of themselves looking like exact carbon copies of Ms. Minaj on their pathetic selfies) and a U.K. newspaper article (as well as angry parents) labels Beyonce a “whore”. Could it be because these women are African-American and the fear of black sexuality has been implanted in the psyches of humans worldwide since the slave trade? Or perhaps the fear of female sexuality in general? Maybe American parents being too lazy to do their job? Is there any merit to the arguments of these “family values” and “morality” pushers that the world is becoming uncontrollably sexualized and plagued by pipe laying, pussies, titties, butts and asses? All I’ll say about that is this:

If Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Tiger Woods or any other celebrity or adult have to apologize to your children for not being a positive role model, it’s quite evident that you are not doing your job as a parent. Case closed!


In regards to the overvaluing of the American woman, I have made topics about that before and I will continue to. Oddly, while American women are becoming increasingly vain and feminism teaches women to be aggressive and assertive, the same feminists demonize female sexuality while trying to rewire the biological male tendencies to enjoy the female body, thus accusing men of encouraging behavior that is considered ‘whorish’. I could go on about how when it comes to women being labeled as ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’, the women are indeed worse than the men are (something I have noticed since 6th grade). Not many men I know are turned on by Miley’s behavior, even in the slightest. Will that stop her from parading herself around like a crack whore, looking like a wildlife creature every time she sticks that stupid tongue out of her mouth?


If this is Miley’s way of symbolizing herself as a sex symbol, kudos to her. Yet, many young females in the limelight try hard to be something they are not. There will never be another Marilyn Monroe. There will never be another Jane Fonda. There will never be another Marilyn Monroe. Even Anna Nicole Smith was aware of this, before and after the married an old, rich guy, knowing he would have kicked the bucket soon, yet she married him anyway and took all of his money. Marilyn Monroe’s fame and beauty faded away naturally, which caused her to commit suicide once the reality hit her that she would not be a star forever. I cannot imagine the fate of some of these females and what may happen to their psyche once guys are not checking for them anymore. Stereotypically, only then will come a time when they search for shit like stability, romance-novel-like true love fantasies and such. This is especially the case for females who are not actresses, escorts and strippers. Look at what social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Fetlife are doing to these females.

Sex symbols come and go and are rebirthed within each new generation. But the average Ameriskank will continue delude herself, whether she’s on television or not, that she has what it takes to be desirable even well after 35. Miley Cyrus is basically getting rich for doing what the average social network freak and streetwalking heroin-junkie whore has been doing to themselves for years. Not to generalize, but this is what is becoming of America’s Sweethearts. Even for the matrimony-minded man, there is not much to choose from. I am not blaming Cyrus for the fact that more 60% of chicks in America have STDs, psychological issues and hooked are on hard drugs…


I do want to give kudos to Miley Cyrus for remaking Outkast’s Hey Ya, which actually does sound superior to the original.

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