Valentine’s Day, the Overvaluing of Women & the Scheduling of Intimacy


I know that I am late posting this and Valentine’s Day was 10 days ago, but this is something that has been on my mind for years. I am not one who will say that Valentine’s Day should be boycotted, like MRAs and losers who want to cry “misandry” and say that Valentine’s Day is only beneficial to women. That is asinine. But I despise how Valentine’s Day is seen as some sort of “Lover’s Holiday”. America is a sex prison country and part of the problem is rooted by feminism and religious ideology, which causes women to be overvalued and men to be deprived of something as natural as sex. The ideology of sex being “sacred” is starting to die out, yet this retardation is still being embraced and pushed. It has gotten to the point to where people actually schedule intimacy (realistically, Valentine’s Day will be the only day some couples actually get some sex and usually, monogamous sex is usually dry, indifferent, infrequent and devoid of any freakiness/kinkiness). Scheduling intimacy honestly makes no earthly sense.

Do you schedule a trip to the ER? Do you schedule when you shit and shower? Do you schedule when you have a taste for spareribs or lobster tails?

Aside from the scheduling of intimacy, Valentine’s Day does create narcissism for females who are showered with flowers, gifts and such (the average woman may act as if she really longs for that, when she actually blows off the nice guy who provides her with teddy bears and Dove chocolates for the pipe-laying alpha stud asshole who will give her leg-shaking orgasms). This same narcissism causes certain females to get upset and feel that it is “inappropriate” for the men in her life to buy her lingerie. Yes, some females get upset when a guy may buy her lingerie, because she feels it is what he wants for her to wear – yes, she feels “objectified” or her self-esteem is suddenly shot to hell because he unintentionally purchased “the wrong size”.

The hype of Valentine’s Day only offers a glimpse of how religious fanatics, moralists and westerners make sex too much of a big deal to where it becomes an obsession; therefore, it controls a person’s life – not to mention the fact that casual sex is still viewed with an ugly contempt (unless, of course, it is pursued by females who are searching for a better deal, exercising their natural hypergamous tendencies, whether they are already attached or not). It also unconsciously pushes the myths (like mainstream American media, religion, Disney, Tyler Perry and morality) of happy wife, happy life and that relationships and monogamy should be the end-all-be-all… like once a man finds the “right” woman who swept him off his feet, making him spend all of his money on diamonds, staying with her ‘Til Death Do Us Part, then he will live happily ever after.

Other perspectives on this form of human stupidity can be found here, here and here.

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