Drama Queens; Vol. 1

Throughout the years, based upon my own personal experiences and observations, I notice how women engage in drama without any sense of hesitation. The drama does not always involve the alpha studs whom they fuck, nor it is always initiated by alpha studs. Women initiate drama and they engage in it even if it involves another female. I have seen few instances where women deal with drama with other women or men and they may sever ties with the people who are dishing out ass whippings and headaches. Women also stir up their own brew of drama, headaches, police reports, criminal records and lost face because of their own fuck-ups and emotional defects.

I also notice that most women who engage in drama are cackling hens and low-grade or mediocre-value women who are either 1s, 2s and mostly 3s. Now, very few examples I have mentioned previously, but I chose to summarize them and offer every significant instance of drama that women have either created or endured, all by their own admission. Women love drama, because it exudes excitement. Women love drama as much as they love putting men to the test.


Some incidents have been omitted for personal reasons.

1) Being a high-value male myself, there were times when I did not make Skype, social media, web cam or other conversational appointments with ladies, either because I was preoccupied or because I had no interest in them. This led to them craving me even more and acting very bratty and heartbroken (which is a light form of drama). *Very common.*

2) A female co-worker of mine (10 years ago) caught a flat tire on her way to her job. A guy who the assistant manager tries to hook her up with takes the “nice guy” route, bought a tire for her, meeting her where she was stranded and puts the tire on her car, sending her on her way. She rejects him and says “He’s too nice”, simply because he came to her rescue.

3) A five-star Asian import gets into a relationship with a dude in his late 30s. During the relationship, she’d text me about how unhappy she was with him and how she held me to a higher standard than him, causing him to be secretly jealous of me. “Everything about him is fake”, she admits and that he advertises himself as high-value on his Facebook page, coveting the issues he has. Dude is in and out of jail, lived with his ex and then moves in with his sister. He becomes emotionally abusive and a control freak. She wants to fly to Vegas for her birthday, but he doesn’t let her do anything without him (and he has a fear of heights).

Right before the end of the relationship, he disrespects her publicly on her Facebook page, tells her nice-guy male followers “Come get her. She’s a bartender and she lives at a cheap place.” Recently, he hires one of his groupies and her sisters to jump the poor girl at her job. Days later, he tells her he wants to reconcile with her. An hour later, he calls her “fat” and says she as a body like Humpty Dumpty. She severs ties with him, after a seven month relationship with him. *Very common.*

4) A 16-year old girl falls for a guy. He has a job working in some corporate office, but presents himself in a “thug” manner. She fights with her mother over the guy to the point of near-violence, only for the mother to find out he was 5 years her daughter’s senior and he broke her virginity. Their constant fighting became public; One afternoon, minutes before attending an elegant high-priced steakhouse for dinner, she literally put the claws deep in his neck, causing him to bleed from the neck down with visible scars on his neck. Another incident involves the guy confronting one of her male friends who she runs into at a shopping mall, which led to him enduring an ass-kicking before being arrested by the mall police.

5) A white MILF meets a young black stud via internet, they form a relationship and he moves in with her. A year into the relationship, things get quite ugly. He becomes physically abusive, gets arrested multiple times and she catches him planning to hook up with other women on online dating websites. Browsing through his phone one night, she discovers he likes to fuck women in the ass without a condom. She severs ties with him.

Not long afterwards, she meets another young stud, who offers sob stories about his employer breaking his jaw and now, he’s jobless, hungry and penniless (yet he also advertises himself on social media as if he has his shit together). They hook up and she allows him to spend a weekend at her house. While she went to work, he snoops through her closets, drawers and like a retard, he take a smart phone selfie of himself using one of her cell phones she leaves at home and texts it to her while she’s at work. She exposes him.

6) I knew a blue-collar man who’s married to a pompous ostentatious black woman who makes far more money than him. Turns out, the wife is a huge pest and extremely smothering. This, because her biggest fear is catching him with another woman (especially if she is non-black). Everywhere he goes, she tags along; Everything she says, he co-signs. He has to ask her permission to attend annual jazz concerts and she tells him “No, you’re not going over there with them hoes.” Running into the couple one evening at a jazz concert, the couple blows me off and I overhear the wife saying frantically “I don’t even know why I’m here.”

Years before that, they attend their godson’s 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Amid singing Happy Birthday, a nearby table of MILF-y type white females also sang Happy Birthday to the kid. This bitch threatens the table of ladies that if they did not “turn around” and ignore the kid, she would beat their asses. Then, she grabs on her husband, saying how nobody wants him. Everyone could see how fucked up this was, including the kid (and his parents), who years later detests and devalues most African-American women. Her husband tells me that her inferiority complex stems from watching her father cheat on her mother when she was a child.

7) Unfortunately, some paid female escorts have issues as well. This reminds me of why Advocatus Diaboli said here to avoid most American-born white escorts. And it’s sad, because not all are like this. Met a white escort for the first time after Super Bowl, 2014. In the middle of our session, her phone rings and her husband says he’s on his way home (where she serviced at). Upon leaving, I notice another man in her bedroom with one of her daughters. After reneging on a rescheduled appointment and listening to her excuses for three weeks, I reviewed her and exposed her. Come to find out, other reviewers said the same shit happened with them. Guy walks in on her and a client in the middle of an appointment, she stops everything and her husband kicks the guy out. In addition, another reviewer states this chick admitted to taking seizure medication. I do notice that many Western-born white escorts are con artists and have serious issues.

8) 6th Grade: At the end of my first year in Jr. High, a young girl willfully had sex with a male classmate (both in 6th grade). After the word was spread, two particular female classmates harassed her on a daily basis, labeling her as “unworthy”, “cheap” a “slut” and a “hoe”. No young boys made advances towards her, nor tried to engage in gossip about the incident. The two females smothered her, gossiped about her like cackling hens and it got so bad to where she had to switch schools.

I will bring up more examples, some which are even more bizarre.

Meanwhile, other excellent perspectives found here and here.

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