Bitchy Men


“Jealous men are like a disease. If you get a group of jealous men together, they will sound identical to a bunch of bitter black women.” ~  Kurin

“[Gossipping] puts the man that is gossipping in the same category as an unattractive single woman who is always mad because she doesn’t have a man.” ~ Kurin

Before I begin, I want to briefly note that this is absolutely not a male-bashing post. I do believe that both males and females have their discrepancies, but at one point, it was much easier to point out male insecurities, because this is a male dominated society. With that still being the case, women tell on themselves in ways they can not even comprehend. Social media and social networks causes the forbidden to be explored. As a result, women tell on themselves and can be equally scandalous as some men are. No wonder why females innately dig assholes and promiscuous pipe layers, because they are two peas in a pod. I’m not complaining about it at all. You attract who you are. However, men and women are also alike in regards to why some dislike their own species (the members of their own gender).

My father told me years ago that he loses potential male friends over pussy – because during a Guys’ Night Out, certain females show more interest in my father instead of his friends, even though the dudes approach the ladies first. Like Max Julien’s character in the 1971 movie The Mack, “Don’t get mad, your bitch chose me.” He informed me at 16 that this is something I should prepare myself for by the time I got into my late 20s and he was spot on.

I’ve given examples before in previous topics (here, here and here) about how men fight and kill each other over mediocre pussy. And yes, law “enforcers” who are supposes to “protect and serve” are guilty of doing the same shit; flexing muscle and machismo for the ladies. This is a social norm that has been emboldened in modern society and has occurred since the beginning of time (the African slave trade, the Roman empire, Jim Crow, etc.). Usually when men fight over pussy, she is either a mediocre woman, a hoodrat, some kind of American trailer trash, a woman with baby mama issues or chances are, she is playing men and watching guys fight over her would stroke her ego. Again, negative attention is better than zero attention at all. Certain arenas of feminism encourage this behavior even further, to see who can compete and who can tear the ribbon off of the finish line first. Feminists, however, mask their true intentions. The reality is, females love one upping one another as well as diluting the competition pool to make themselves feel valuable (this is why feminists, married women, the feeble religious groupies and even PUAs hate things like prostitution and pornography).

As Advocatus Diaboli stated previously, most men will sell out their own brethren for a $20 bill. Add pussy to the mix? It’s a done deal. Now, there are few instances where I have seen and actually met guys who are willing to show other guys that there is better out there for them. This is why there are online groups, such as “the manosphere” and “the wall of silence” (created by a group of black men on YouTube who grew sick of African-American women’s diva complexes and watching so many men being emasculated by the hands of feminists, law enforcers and mangina captain save-a-hoes. They told men to educate themselves, grow some balls, build their own businesses and get passports to travel abroad). These, however and unfortunately, are sad trends that can not last very long. Why? Because in the end, people can only look out for their own best interest and in the real world, it’s every man for themselves. People get sick of looking out for the best interest of others, because after a while, it becomes draining and the most genuine-hearted people can be taken advantage of and after going out of their way to help their fellow brothers in arms, they become embarrassed.

I mentioned a guy named Ray who threw me under the bus for mediocre pussy. This, after him and I had a threesome with a piece of Canadian white trash who was nothing more than a dick-teasing, broken, man-stroke woman, whose husband was even unaware of how she emasculates him behind his back. This chick kept playing mind games with Ray, though she was insanely obsessed with him, to where she hated the fact that he had a thing for fat, morbidly obese bitches. She would stalk his every move on Facebook and even get the addresses of other women who he fucked, pretending to be some nice girl, sending these women cheap jewelry and such. She pissed Ray off one evening and like a bitch, Ray proceeds to move to the next chick (who wanted to fuck me so badly), railroading me and the broken chick, assuming it would get her to give him the pussy. I wonder if he realized yet about how miserably he failed at that.

My ex in Texas played me for a guy who dicked her down supremely to where her mental state was being compromised due to her obsession on how many times he made her cry and come as he fucked her. This dude stalked her every move, got angry an increasingly jealous when he saw other guys commenting on her Facebook pics and every time he commented on one of her statuses, guys started leaving. “Your stalker is here. Talk to me when you drop his ass.” I moved on. She tries to run back to me and I had given her a wall to run into. The other guy? Well, because she’s so indecisive, greedy and solipsistic, she runs back to his ass occasionally as I happened to be the one that got away.

Via Facebook, one guy inboxes me, jealous because he fell in love with a girl who actually lived closer to me than him. This girl had the hots for me (she blocked me because she wanted me to give her something I refused to: a relationship, yet the chick is already married to a man she hates) and he – trying to play Cape Crusader – tries to sway her away from me. “He only wants to fuck you. I’m trying to love you.” Dude inboxes me at 5am on a Saturday morning with hurt feelings. Almost similar, a guy I went to high school with friended me on Facebook. He goes through my friends list, stealing my female friends and he inboxes one chick from overseas (who I’ve known for five years at the time) and railroads me to her, assuming that I would not find out about this. Yet, this double-faced loser smiles in my face, inviting me to parties he threw monthly. After discovering this (the lady confided in me everything he said), her and I grew even closer and we both cut ties with the loser and block him.

I could go on and on about the many examples I’ve witnessed and observed which dealt with male friends (even those who I was not associated with personally) falling out for a piece of ass. And it could deal with male ego, fear of some sort of emasculation (“I wanted to fuck her first.”), or a possibility that the female was playing the men in her life. Another thing that makes American males futile and feminine is the tendency to brag, talk too much and ratting other men out for women. I literally had a chick ask me if I would rat on one of her studs if he attended a sex party that him and I planned on attending last summer. While I am not a proponent to bullshit like “game”, I will say that there is a golden rule in the dating game and that rule is “No hating on the next man!” I don’t care how fine a woman is or how good her pussy is, because there is lots of it to go around, especially in African-American communities. Race irrelevant, women outnumber men. In the black community, there is way more pussy to go around, especially since non-black women are flocking to black men in thousands, trampling over their race of men to get to black men. Especially if you consider how black women love to pitch a bitch about how hard it is to find “high value” black men, because of the multitudes of black men in prison for stupid shit (murder, sexual assault, etc.), as well as guilty by association and petty drug charges.

As far as manginas, gomers, Cape Crusaders, Captain Save-a-Hoes, simps, betas – whatever you want to call them – I shudder at how some of them want to try and free the studs and the “hypersexual males” away from their so-called ills. They are cartoons, but unfortunately, they are on the rise. I have come across a number of these bastards who pedestalize women and, unsurprisingly, most of them are happily married. I backtrack in my mind on how many of these poor excuses of males either co-sign on everything their wives and daughters say, teaching their sons to be hermits and suckers for love and female affection and such. These manginas are also the type who will cheerlead and parade their race, persuading their wonky ideas that marriage to a woman within their own race should be a man’s ultimate goal – hiding the fact that their wives could possibly be cuckolding them, emasculating them not only sexually (I have met some black women who have ultimate Olivia Pope or even Sanaa Lathan syndromes), but economically and psychologically. But that calls for another topic… As much as some people would love to blame feminism or women in general, to do so would be outright lazy and would make feeble men feel better about their emasculated selves. But as Drake said, “Niggas talk more than bitches these days.”

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