“Mandingo!” – A Documentary About Florida’s Underworld of Interracial Swingers


Three years ago, I saw this documentary about the interracial swingers and cuckoldry lifestyle, which is becoming a growing fetish in the USA. I’ve discovered this lifestyle way back in 2004 (five years after the birth of the internet and websites such as MySlutWife). A decade ago, I was active in this lifestyle, but I stopped for personal reasons. I will definitely do a topic about this subject in the future, as well as the increasing attraction of black men by non-black women worldwide. I want to offer a glimpse of this lifestyle and believe me, it is vulgar and raunchy in some areas and is certainly not meant to be viewed by just anyone.


If you want my take on it, the swingers lifestyle really irks me and disturbs me, to say the least. This is one reason why I am no longer active in this type of sexual lifestyle. Art Hammer, however, is a very respectable guy and I know him on a personal level and I’ve interviewed him years ago (we’ve also discussed the infamous 2007 Details Magazine interview, which was not only misrepresentative of the lifestyle, but it was acted out in an episode of Nip/Tuck).

Again, as far as my perspective, I will offer that later.


Viewer discretion is strongly advised!

7 thoughts on ““Mandingo!” – A Documentary About Florida’s Underworld of Interracial Swingers

  1. I saw the documentary…the chicks were dumpy as heck.

    Yes they were and that’s truly sad that most black men don’t know how to grade hoes properly!

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