Top Guns: The 25% of the Western Male Population

I’ll be simple and brief with this one, as this subject has been touched on various times.

Young women in America, regardless of race, are only interested in pursuing a very small percentage of the male population. And that percentage is not limited to black males only (though men with large penises also only make up 25% of the American male population). In a post-feminist society, most men are reduced to being beta males, mama’s boys, cape crusaders, manginas and simps.

Most Western men are brainwashed and trained by their mothers, their sisters and public schooling to accept female dominance as the natural order of things.

While this matriarchal mindset is prevalent in the African-American community, this has grown widespread throughout western culture. That said, a large number of white and Asian males are becoming bitch-made as well (with a number of their women stampeding over their own race of men to be with black alpha studs).

Race irrelevant, American society is trying to cut men’s balls off… slow! The current alphas are the last of a dying breed, trying hard to maintain manhood within themselves and passing the tradition onto their sons. Manhood is turning into that of a lost artform that may become irrelevant decades from now – like jazz, boxing and philosophy. As RooshV stated, it’s no one else’s fault but ours why these women are winning. I would say part of this is due to the karma of historic male stupidity or even the fear of black male sexuality, which feeds into the pathology.

While it is true that women look for suckers and pushovers everywhere, the problem is not as large and horrific as it is in the US. Additionally, paid sex with 5-star women is also not problematic as it is here in the US. Therefore, the male species in the US is screwed… or in a literal sense, ‘un-screwed’ and reduced to being literal jerk-offs. In essence, the US has failed in overall human relations while prostitute/john relationships happens to be the last honest and ethical transaction between the sexes. Plus, the fact that non-western countries value life more vitally.

I will not categorize and specify the different types of males who women are truly after. Not now, at least. (That will make up for another post) Even though I fall into this small percentage (I have hoards of females throwing themselves at me on my social media profiles and in real-time), I do not portray myself as a wannabe thug, gangsta or dope lord. I am very attractive, athletic, hypermasculine, intelligent and mild-mannered (it takes a world to piss me off, but I do have an edge). However, I have no interest in dating, relationships, gaming women and I will never chase. Since I’ve discovered escorts, I’ve discovered simultaneously my own worth and I’ve since then shared my time with the most beautiful women in the world. Somehow, this makes me more attractive to the female species, yet more cynical and discriminative of “real” women.

Not to sound like some self-help “guru”, but many men can be leaders, if they choose to be. It is their fault if they allow these women to play games with their lives, like a box of Trix cereal. Silly rabbits!

That said, how many of you impotent, autistic beta male losers or manospherian fuck-faces are willing to make sure you can be part of that 25%? Will you work together to raise that percentage? Or will you continue to fight, kill and railroad eachother over mediocre-to-worthless pussy? Maybe you like having women walk all over you with nine-inch stilleto heels on.

#MML (Much More Later)

The nice guys who these women marry in the end will eventually deal with a multitude of issues that will ruin his life: Baggage, bad credit, bankruptcy, illegitimate children, nasty attitudes, cuckoldry, bitch-pitching, possible STDs and other assorted buffoonery. They will most likely age twice via looks and have grey hairs at 27, or look 20 years older than his biological age. I can’t blame alphas, because for one, I am an alpha. I can’t even blame the thugs, drug dealers, gangstas, pimps and blue collar assholes who these women choose because they are extremely straightforward. They let these women know they just want to fuck… they just want the pussy… they want to be FWBs with NSA. Even though these females know that, they confuse good dick with love – they are stupid enough to let the asshole fuck them raw without condoms, thus the women get pregnant. When the party is over, these women turn old, lonely, lethal, bitter and dramatic. If the Captain Save-A-Hoe wants to cape up and save the damaged goods, let that be on him!

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