Escort Etiquette – II: “Where Have All the Angels Gone?”

I’ve been reluctant to post this one for quite a while now. For personal reasons, I will not offer any further information than what is provided here. There will be no revealing of any names, identity of anything similar to such. I’ve decided to post this one especially after hearing some quite unpleasant news featured here about streetwalkers finding their way to the interwebs.


Advocatus Diaboli states in his “Ten Escorts Commandments” to avoid streetwalkers. This was and is rightfully the 1st commandment, while his 2nd commandment states to avoid Westernized white escorts. While not all Western-born white female escorts have issues, it is highly recommended to read reviews of such women (and all escorts). Being active in this lifestyle for nearly a year now, I’ve noticed that most women aforementioned are pretty much ruined in one way or another. Equally, some just lay there with no enthusiasm and it can make a man feel like a creepy fucking necrophile (someone who has sex with dead corpses), banging a chick who is like a blow-up doll or a mummy.

I will not make my own Ten Escort Commandments because Advocatus Diaboli beat me to it. But that may change in the future, since we both have different experiences. I mean, he has an explicit dislike for white women and East-Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean) women. I am certainly not a bigot, but I do tend to avoid and overlook most U.S. born white female escorts for reasons I will definitely not mention here (other than the fact that some chicks have deep-seated psychological issues). There are a large number of AAs that I avoid as well (particularly the fat, obese, hoodrat ghetto types). Regardless, I am insanely picky about who deals with me sexually. Call me shallow, but I’m all for having the best of the best. Butterfaces irk me and there are enough of those here in the States. This is the reason why I ask this question:

“Where have all the angels gone?”



A sad discovery is made by me not too long ago: Women in America are being overvalued, praised and worshipped by not only feminists and betas, but desperate men who are either not used to women or who want to play numbers games. This cause the brightest and best of the bunch to become undervalued or discriminated against. And no, I am not a gomer, but I recognize real beauty when I see it. Then again, it does leave the competition pool smaller and it allows the unfortunate, desperate dogs in heat to have the scraps that I refuse. Truthfully, the most amazing women I have met in this lifestyle come from not-so-humble beginnings and cities and towns that look nothing like Miami, Florida or Beverly Hills, California. The way these women carry themselves, you would believe they come from such elegant cities… Well, some do. But some of the most washed up, fakest, dickteasing butterface bitches come from the suburbs and elegant cities. This is also why I know some guys who avoid traveling to places like Miami, Vegas, NY and especially ATL (I’m starting to hear that ATL is not escort-friendly, in addition to the fact that there are so many emasculated, effeminized men and masculine women there. The gender war in ATL is real and widespread and shit like Love & Hip Hop, mangina books written by insincere Captain Save-A-Hoes and Tyler Perry movies add more fuel to this shitty epidemic).

I also ask the aforementioned question above because I’m definitely understanding what it’s like for men who travel overseas, only to come back to the USA and not want to give average women any acknowledgement of their presence. One guy I knew years ago came back to the US after his trip to South America, becoming extremely disgusted at the sight of overweight black chicks and plain-jane white girls with flat, pancake asses who resemble drugged-up zombies. As Brett Tate stated in one of his books, amazing experiences can ruin a man’s life. Once you experience the finer things in life, you have no time… no room… no tolerance for anything mediocre.

In regards to the news article (see above), there is possible positive outcome and negative outcome. The positives is that people are acknowledging the fact that men who frequent escorts only want to spend quality time with the baddest chicks in the world, in addition that select men who choose this lifestyle do not have time for the Cliff Huxtable family portrait lifestyle, nor is it in their desires or best interests. That said, it may be legalized in the near future and will not be shot down with contempt or fake morality (just as the legalization of gay marriage and marijuana). The downside is that, based on what the article states, streetwalkers are starting to find their way into the internet, which I find despicable. Now, I am not saying this to say that every female escort will be or should be a 5 or even a 4 (and trust me, I’ve dealt with and even walked out on many 3s). Yes, there should be a variety because for one, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 3s & 2s have orgasmic needs, too! Two, it may protect the 5s from the average, pathetic patron who is either a Captain or a creep.

I would hate to see elegance become tarnished and tainted by mediocrity and abhorrence, though I notice that this is slowly becoming the case. I truly despise streetwalkers and I wouldn’t suggest any high-value male patronize them, unless they themselves are bottom-of-the-barrell humans. These women are fucked up, used and abused, they have psychological issues, controlled by pimps and hard drugs and they have severe cases of STDs and drug habits (plus, you will never see one as beautiful as the below-photograph of Carrie Ng’s portrayal as a drug-addled courtesan in the 1988 Hong Kong movie, Call Girls ’88).


Fortunately for me, my observant and cautious nature causes me to read between the lines and figure out who belongs where (who is “trash” and who isn’t). I will never ever advocate streetwalking or patronizing them whatsoever and let me say it loud and clear: LEAVE THE TRASH EXACTLY WHERE IT IS!

3 thoughts on “Escort Etiquette – II: “Where Have All the Angels Gone?”

  1. im sorry you have such feelings about us i have been on the streets its you guys that want blow jobs in your cars i i have also stripped in black night club in houston and was treated like a lady

  2. “Call me shallow” i stopped reading there and laughed. u pay filthy hoes to spen time wth you and you think your shallow? Delusional

    Because I have specific tastes in women, whether they have a price or not? You know, how does that saying go…? “Opinions are like assholes.”

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