Drama Queens; Vol. 2: Abhorrent Horror Stories


In my previous installation of the Drama Queens series, I’ve given eight examples of how women inflict drama and unfortunate situations upon themselves, other women and the men in their lives. Vitally, I’ve discussed how women run back to the alpha studs who inflict drama in their lives. Some situations were very common and bizarre. Here are even more common and bizarre situations.


Some incidents have been omitted for personal reasons.


9) Young girl falls for an asshole stud who plays mind games with her. She is publicly known for having a smart mouth and pushing people’s buttons, even her own parents. One day, she did something to piss her thug boyfriend off. So, the boyfriend cheats on her with another female without using condoms or washing the other female’s bodily fluids off of his dick, goes back to his girlfriend hours later and… the girlfriend gives her boyfriend oral sex, unknowing of her tasting another woman’s juices from her boyfriend’s cock. He tells her much later that she tasted another woman from his genitalia, which sends her into a state of delirium. (an example of this sexual perversial mind game is featured in The Knowing, a song by The Weeknd)

10) An insanely beautiful young stripper/mother/escort in Texas has a knack for dating ghetto thugs, drug barons and gangstas. She spends a night at a hardcore thug’s house and he allows her to drive his car, which she damaged by running into a street sign. Thugs goes apeshit on her, bringing her to tears. It got so bad to where she left her belongings (including an expensive bottle of shampoo) at his house. One week later, she goes back in bed with him and gives him money to repair the damage she’s done to his car. She realizes he threw away her belongings and her $100 bottle of shampoo in retaliation. The two takes a shower together, he purposely pisses all over her buttocks and she slaps him fiercely. They reconciled and started fucking again.

11) A loser/wannabe alpha stud is made an example out of via Facebook. This guy particularly has severe mental issues and he also hides behind his social network facade. Half-dozen women complained to me and other guys about him. Wanna know why? Well, he writes ‘erotic literature’ about kidnapping women and sticking hot hair curlers up their asses, punching walls and making them cry before grudge-fucking them. That said, he tries too hard to be a Dom/Sadist. Aside from that, one woman drove from North Carolina to Texas to see him, only to discover him living with someone else. Dinner, sightseeing, drinks and hotel rooms were all paid for on her dime, because he was broke. Another female became impregnated by him, he steals her credit cards, runs them up not knowing she works for the CIA. Word gets out and spreads, most of the women on his friends list are fat, pasty and obese white MILFs. Other alpha studs hate his guts and exposes him as a fraud. Word also gets out that he carries himself as if he has down syndrome, women in nightclubs avoid him and pursue his friends instead, which causes him to lose male friends.

12) 11th Grade: I overheard a female conversation in photography class. One female tells the other about how sexy she thought this jock was. Regardless of how sexy she thought he was, she admitted she would never approach him, for the possibility of her being dogged out and disrespected to where she would feel even more valueless. I told a guy about this, he said “Some hoes know their place, don’t they?” *Very common.*

13) A female gets into an open relationship with a loser who was in a severe car wreck, borrows his mother’s car to spend nights at women’s houses and never returns it in time, causing his mother to be late for work frequently. The couple visited swingers clubs frequently and they shared eachother with their own friends and family members. This guy was indiscriminative about who he stuck his dick in. That said, he would have sex with one of her family members who were morbidly obese, right in front of the chick. She would get jealous and have sex with some of his friends. Whenever they got into an argument, he would rub it in her face about how she had sex with his friends, just to make her feel low. And it worked!

14) A female hooks up with a guy who both met on a social network. He drives from Massachusetts to North Carolina to visit her at her house, where they’d have sex and smoke weed. Upon departure, he convinces her that he’s headed back home to Mass. After he leaves her house, he hooks up with one of her best friends, who also lived in the same city as she. Thinking she would not know about it, the idiot took photos of him screwing her friend and taking her out to dinner, posts them up on his social networking page after finally arriving back home. This causes the two women to cut their friendship ties and the former chick to feel played.

15) A light-skinned mulatto AA woman who I knew personally was being harassed by a barbaric and jealous dark-skinned AA female officer amid driving on her way to work, for no apparent reason other than she was light-skinned – only to satiate her own jealousy, envy and hatred of women of lighter hue. Before taking the mulatto woman into a nearby police station, where she vindictively shaved off the woman’s natural hair with clippers, she tells the woman’s daughter (who was going to work with her mom), “Don’t grow up to be like your mother!” A recent example of this behavior can be seen here.

*Even legendary jazz musician Miles Davis stated in his autobiography, in so many other words, that black women’s attitudes stems from their fear and jealousy of women of lighter hue and other nationalities who have no problem having lots of men pursue them. This proves that all the Female Empowerment and Sistahood movements are pure jokes. And then, AA women have the nerve to wonder why hoards of men refuse to fuck with them or even offer them the slightest acknowledgement, such as eye contact, or a simple “Hello”.

16) I mentioned before about a supreme and highly alpha friend of mine who had no problems with calling women out and treating them like the cunts they are on his social network page. This ranges from him calling one woman a “cow who looks like something from out of a zoo” (after she said he had no class for accepting a payment from a female nurse who he dicked down years ago), he tells another one the reason why he never bothered to visit her was because “her pussy was loose and looked like chewed bubble gum”, he posts photos of women who he finds ugly, which causes the ladies to chime in and degrade the ugly chicks more than he had. His assholish tendencies lands him lots of pussy being carelessly thrown his way. Again, men attract women with reverse psychology, not philanthropy!

17) Here’s another bizarre horror story: An unhappily married woman, married to a fat near-blind potbellied schlub, finds her “worth” by dating a personal trainer in his 70s. Upon his helping her become health conscious, she cheats on her husband with the personal trainer, gets pregnant by him during a family vacation and has an abortion. Her two sisters and her mother is aware of the affair and keeps it away from her husband for nearly a year. She would’ve gotten away with it, but turns out the personal trainer had insurance policies out on two other women who he was fucking and one mysteriously died (the personal trainer took the money from the insurance policy). This woman winded up in physical altercations with the trainer, one which includes her trying to burst the man’s car windows using her four-year old daughter’s own legs. Only then, the woman’s sisters and mother informs her husband of the affair, only to leave him broken-hearted and to divorce her and take custody of their daughter. This woman also had a fetish for abusive men and became sexually aroused by provoking men to beat on her and check her panties to see if she was cheating with other men.

18) A female on my social networking page was pursued by me because I thought she was somewhat attractive and a freak. As I’ve mentioned on What I’ve Learned from Facebook 2, this woman had psychological issues. Though we never met in person, she hated the fact that other women pursued me. Calling me at my job at 11:45am one Saturday morning, she blows up and says “I hate niggas like you!” After my observation, I found out this woman has emotional issues and has a life filled with drama. This includes the father of one of her kids beating her ass while she was pregnant with his child at a department store on Christmas Eve. Yet, she runs back to him and uses him as a chauffeur because she’s in her 30s and does not have a car. She gets kicked out of college for attacking one of her professors and every man she ever slept with made her insanely angry upon her discovery that she was not the only one they slept with, yet she admits to having done lots of dirt behind the guys’ backs. Did I mention that she would inbox my female friends on Facebook, lying to them by telling them that I said they are “whores” and “stalkers”, just because she hated seeing particular females liking and commenting on all of my pictures?

19) A group of females on Facebook band together to rally against a female who previously harassed other women. Word gets out the female is an escort and the group of women gang up on her, screenshots her escort profile from the online escort service, posts her profile on a Facebook group and calls the police on the woman, threatening to have her arrested in retaliation to drama she has caused to other women.


I know some of you may feel like I am repeating myself slightly, because some of these examples were featured in other posts, but I wanted to put as many examples as I could on this particular post to show you all that this is what appears to be normal in a post-feminist society. There are other examples that I did not put here, but are featured in other topics, such as Where’s Georgia?, A Canadian Threesome, etc. Regardless of what some women tell you, listen to and watch their actions instead of their words. If you place emphasis on shit like ‘what women want’, you are no better than a homely chronic masturbator. Which means you deserve every bit of pain and suffering you will encounter. Bitches love drama and this is why women enjoy social networking, getting reamed out by undesirables, listening in on celebrity gossip, building slut pacts and even filing fake police reports and capturing screenshots of needy, gullible and desperate men chasing them. Bitches love drama, so if it is deserving, give them plenty!

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