Defining “Home Is Where The Hate Is”


I just want to briefly explain the emphasis (and concept) on why I chose to title my blog Home Is Where The Hate Is


First and foremost, let me start by saying that I love life. There was a time when I didn’t, but this was during my much younger years. None of us can ever foresee the future and if we could, maybe it would calm and cool the flames of fire and anger in our spirit. There were far too many things my youth would never allow me to envision, even during my Summer of 1994, when I was 10 years of age (a Summer where I became curious about life outside of the USA and when my uncle exposed me to things I probably should not have seen at that age; Scarface, Goodfellas, Buttman pornos, my uncle’s cold and miserable marriage to my aunt, etc.).

I am not a full-blooded misanthropist like someone like Advocatus Diaboli. Most misanthropists are full of hate, but so are many so-called Manospherians. I am far from asexual. I don’t hate life or populations in general. I just knew since childhood that certain people are not to be trusted and that most people are in it for themselves and they yearn badly to destroy every person or thing that triggers fear in their heart… (I knew this since the 1992 LA race riots that were triggered by the acquittal of the LAPD brutalizing Rodney King). However, I am also in it for myself. I live my life for myself and myself only. I never understood concepts of ‘unity’ (marriages, fraternities, patriotism, etc.). I despise the current American dystopia I live in today, though it is a huge improvement over previous eras. I also despise average females. I despise the hell out of conformity and the enforced living standards, popular opinions and social mores inflicted onto certain individuals who decide to go their own way. I also know the other side of the fence is where utopia is.

This is what I mean when I say Home Is Where The Hate Is. Home is what I was forced to adhere to and I’m just releasing myself from the cycles of human stupidity, conformity and so on. Leaving home… or in this case, watching the bullshit behind you burn and deteriorate as you move forward into your own state of utopia (upward mobility)… This is what I am saying. This is what it is all about. Leaving the bullshit behind you in order to move on and obtain identity, self-respect and true happiness. Of course, people will try to hold you back, but as long as you are numb to that and develop a hardass sense of self-respect, that’s all that’s there. Of course, you should never forget where ‘home’ is. I say that so that you will always remember where you have come from. If you forget your history, you are doomed to repeat it.

I chose to move forward and let the bitches and bastards burn while feeling the burning heat of what I have abandoned. Once a man experiences the finer things in life, he is at the point of no return. He no longer has a tolerance for anything mediocre or related to basic and normalized human/societal retardation.

Bottom line: Fuck ’em all!

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