Kisses Leading into Nothing


“Not really into kisses leading into nothing.” ~  The Weeknd (Kiss Land)

And yet, here is another reason why I am a semi-misanthropist and why I am not quick to date. I have no problem with having sex with females who are not escorts, but the paid route is always more ethical and a much more beautiful and honest transaction between the sexes. I have females nationwide on my Facebook page who post nudie-selfies, who all throw pussy at me (and other men) almost on a weekly basis. It has to be seen to be believed…

“Odessa, when are you coming to Phoenix, Arizona to come and get this pussy?”

“You should come here to Texas one day so we can fuck!”

That said, I have no interest in gaming women and nor do I debate shitty gender wars and such (this week, someone posted some flawed research about “rape culture”, which involved a study conducted in an American classroom in the 1970s about whether or not rape was ever justifiable. My response was “No”, but the motives behind that Facebook wall post and female outrage was based on personal vendetta and I will make a blog topic about this very soon).

This retard – let’s call her Becky – whom I met last Summer (2013; a “regular” female who is not an escort) informed me from the start that she was looking for love and she no longer had interests in the FWB routine (thanks to one guy she met on, who turned out to be “an asshole”, as she labeled him). The night I met her at a restaurant, she’s yelling at her mother on her smartphone. We both connected and she informed me that she did not get along with her mother and she was on the verge of leaving home. We exchanged numbers and she found me on Facebook. Months later, she found herself living with roommates.

I mentioned Becky previously in other blog topics (here and here) and though she said she had no sexual interest in me, she sent innuendos in the air every once in a long while. A single mom with two jobs, Becky is a borderline-BBW Latina with braces, D cups, about 5’2” and a big, wide booty who has seen many evenings in spandex and yoga pants (I’ve seen her in jeans only once). We had kissed once before in her car in the parking lot of the restaurant @@@@@ where we both met around the Christmas holidays. Before going back in her car, she tells me “You gotta work for it.” The next day, she takes it all back and texts me while I’m at the gym about how she doesn’t need another FWB (the last FWB burned her, but not with an STD).

Four months later (a week ago), I go back to the restaurant for Happy Hour and to watch a sports game. She meets me there and we both converse and drink alcohol (my alcohol was indeed stronger than hers; I had a Mojito). So, I ask to hop in her car upon leaving the restaurant on this chilly April evening. We converse furthermore and I asked her for a kiss (my second time trying to take that step) and we both swapped tongues for several minutes. As she told me before, she wasn’t ready to open up to anyone, but I confirmed that she could trust me. She tells me “I don’t want to do anything sexual out here in the parking lot. If we were at YOUR place or at a hotel, we could.” I couldn’t come to her place, based on her sharing a place with roomies whom she goes barhopping with several times every week.

Then, the unthinkable happens: Becky texts me three nights ago and says “I’m not fucking you. Get over yourself, I’m tired of being nice!” I reply back and checked her about her attitude. I confronted her about leading me on that night, even though she did tell me she was reluctant to open up to me, she wanted those kisses as much as I had. Now, I respect the fact that no means no. That night, she did not tell me “No”, though she simply could have. She leaned forward and placed her lips onto mine and allowed me to touch her face and inner thighs, without any coercion from me whatsoever. I am not a gamer (scam artist), nor some punk-ass rapist. Even though she unfriends me from Facebook, I blocked her ass, I blocked her phone number from my smartphone and I moved on instantly!

This is yet an example of what happens when dickteasing can go wrong. It could have been worse, but I am thankful it did not go beyond what happened this night. I will never advocate abuse towards females, but fortunately and for her own sake, the wrong man was not in her car. I’m simply stating that some scum of a man could have taken this the wrong way and things could have gone worse (though shit like this happens somewhere in the world every day – and even though some men need to practice more self-control, females should learn to not dicktease or man-stroke).

This is why I never, ever pursue drunken bar-hopping chicks, nightclub bar stars, young and disillusioned punk cunts and drink whores. Some of you guys might prefer to conduct yourselves like Ludacris and “watch the women get drunk as hell, so [you] can wake up in the morning with a story to tell.” Some of you guys love bullshit. I DO NOT!

She did turn me on, which was why I tried to get her to let her guard down a second time (I told her on a couple of occasions that I wanted her and she knew that); even though she was the type who posted selfies amid being 30-50 pounds overweight, with no shirt on, proudly putting her love handles on display.

Fuck dating, pedestalling, saving or gaming women and all of the assorted retardation and fickleness that is associated with it all. I’m only restricting myself to real women who I know are DTF (“Down To Fuck”); escorts and very few “real” women.

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