“Rape Culture” is Only a Snow Job


I was pretty reluctant to write about this topic. I never engage in pathetic gender wars as I have better things to concern myself with. I just turned thirty, which means I have no time for melancholic topics and such. Yes, it’s great to focus on your allies and enemies, but being happy is more vital…


First and foremost, let me start by saying that rape is never excusable, regardless of the situation… unless a woman has a rape fantasy, though if she does, she may not make it known to the world, because for one, that is her business, not society’s nor feminism’s business. Two, she may not want certain advances asked of her by a long line of men who she finds undesirable. With so much pussy out here in the globe and in a generation where women are throwing ass at men like groupies at a Lil’ Wayne concert, there is no excuse. This is why there was a rap/nightclub anthem made back in the 1990s called “If the bitch don’t wanna dance, move to the next hoe!” Besides, women of all ethnicities outnumber men (especially black men) at least 30:1. Rape is just as deplorable to One-itis and Captaining (which means you are only playing yourselves). Once you realize the motives and the deteriorated psychological state of rapists – assuming any of those things exist – you realize rapists are part of human scum that should be driven off of the face of the earth. Whatever root of the problems these men may have (Mommy Issues, sexual frustration, in search for prison bitches, consistently being played by women or ineducable and having pride in not paying for sex with willing ladies of the evening), rape towards anyone is inexcusable. I subscribe to any rapist to have their hearts and genitalia detached from their torsos.


But here’s my question…

Since when in the hell did rape become a fucking ‘culture’? I didn’t know that there is a culture dedicated to or in celebration of rape. It just doesn’t sound right and it’s nothing more than an exaggerated snow job used to gain attention, to emasculate men and forge natural biological male sexual desire. This is equally retarded as when people say that rap music is a ‘culture’. Let me tell you like a wise man once told me: Rap music is not a fucking culture. It’s not a way of life. It’s just a source of entertainment. Similar to playing an XBOX360, you enjoy it for the moment, but once you power off, it’s back to reality! The same can almost be said about rape, except for rape is not a source of entertainment (unless you count sadistic lunatics and males and females who have rape fantasies and get off to watching their favorite rape scenes in movies and TV).



“Rape culture”, in my viewpoint, is similar to other humanistic failures, such as the legalized “War On Drugs”, “Anti-Prostitution” crusades and the “Stand Your Ground” law; pathetic excuses for people in power to intimidate, emasculate and neuter people (men) who they just do not like and who trigger massive amounts of fear in their weak hearts. This is true, even for black men in America who, as Toni Morrison depicted in her novel Sula, have “the envy of the world”.

“[White women] think ‘rape’ soon’s they see you and if they don’t get the rape they looking for, they scream it anyway just so the search won’t be in vain.”  (an excerpt from Toni Morrison’s 1987 book, Sula)

Now, again, I’m not saying that rape does not exist or all cases of sexual abuse is exaggerated or false, but false rape claims do exist, even against men who have promising futures ahead of them. In some scenarios, women only make false rape claims not because she actually hates the guy whose life she’s trying to destroy. It can be done because she was drunk when she slept with him and once she sobered up, she realized she dished out what she could not take back and hates herself, yet tries to “reconstruct her delusional self-image by accusing the bad boy of abusing her.” That, or she wanted hush-hush money or desperate for attention (like most sports athlete sex scandals). Christina Hoff Sommers is not the only one who points out that crying wolf makes it hard for real victims, but it provides a peculiar ego boost. Aside from that, some female victims of sexual abuse are actually ostracized and laughed at by other women, believe it or not.

Female “purists” as well as emasculated men and the police laugh at sex workers who were sexually abused at one point in their lives all the time (“She’s a whore who fuck men for money. She’s white trash. She’s a drug addict. She’s dressing sexually provocative. She deserved it.”). Hell, even feminists who thought former president Bill Clinton “took advantage” of women did not have a high opinion of Paula Jones (one of Bill Clinton’s bedfellows who had a bad rep).

But let’s face the hard, cold facts: Rape is about power, but also women use sex as power. But… Pussy power is only as strong as a man’s ignorance… and do not ever forget that! Though rape and trafficking still exists to date, we are no longer living in medieval times, nor slavery days. The Rape of Nanking and the Vietnam War are old wounds that should have healed decades ago. Men are forced to be more ‘civilized’ than ever before. That said, guys don’t parade in groups and celebrate job promotions by going on rape sprees, saying “Hey, let’s go to Florida State University and rape some bitches!” In America, most male groups, fraternities and activists look like this:


So, to say that rape is a ‘culture’ is not only a desperate cry for attention, but it proves vaguely that the female gender just has some diabolical desire for not only world domination, but to forge simple, biological sexual desire in men. So now, as delusional as some bitches are, they want to equate wandering eyes, cat calls and suggestive comments about a woman’s attire in public with rape. “Oh, he’s undressing me with his eyes!” Yet, she’s at work or on a subway station wearing Daisy Dukes with no panties on and you’re telling me I can’t look? Bitch, get a grip!


A week ago, I stumbled across this photo, which was posted from a Facebook page. Above the photo, a caption states “rape culture is real”. This particular study was not conducted in 2014, but sometime in the mid-1970s. Hardly anyone bothered to question the study, not the motives behind posting this photo of old statistics, which are about 30+ years old. Only myself and several others. No one thought about the original intention behind pushing this 30+ year old study, nor the questionable motives behind it. People were not smart enough to see through that. All they saw were the numbers. The response was all the same: “Rape is inexcusable”. Some, however, said they were more shocked by the female responses than the male responses, as if they expect males to be stupid, brawny batterers with no brains who think with the wrong head. This is a perfect example of feminist snow jobs and how these people are corrupting higher learning and basic interaction between the sexes (an increasing problem in America’s public schools and Universities).

Then, you have stupid bitches like this one here who writes and believes that if a woman was drunk during sex, then it still counts as rape. This is hard-boiled proof that some women do not want to accept responsibility for their own actions, yet demand equality. So, if a highly-intoxicated female decides to drive home after a night at the bar and she runs over a family, is she not responsible, simply because she has a pussy? So, how is it that sex differs? And if a man was drunk during sex with a woman, is she considered a rapist?

What’s really ironic is that while America is becoming feminized, rape happens in America more than it does in any other country, especially those which have not been corroded by male feminization, unless you add Africa, which has the world’s highest HIV/STD rates. So, what does that say about western society and western colonization? And I’m not trying to sound racist, but every aspect of life is great until it gets colonized and invaded by Americans (greedy white businessmen = capitalists), moralists and feminists.

The fickleness of femininity is at large. Women egg men on and man-stroke/dicktease the hell out of men, especially on Facebook and YouTube by posting semi-nude pictures and ass-shaking twerk videos, only to label their male following as “thirsty”, “creepy” or “losers who can’t get pussy to save their lives” (some of which is true). Worse than that are these “Clutch My Purse” type of bitches who preach that sex oppresses women or that all penetrative sex is “rape”, while they go home fantasizing about rape fantasies (where rape can be about sex AND power)… These are the same women who went out and bought the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy (a book trilogy which has over 60 million female readers nationwide), reading it behind closed doors.


Rape is never excusable, even in scenarios where a guy may have spent near $1,000 on dating a woman, only to discover after the 3rd date, he is wasting his time. Even a married man does not have full sexual access to a wife and even she can accuse her husband of sexual abuse, leaving him no choice but to endure masturbation or chastity and castration.

My solution: Grow some balls along with a set of high standards, focus on yourself, interact with very few female social media addicts who you know are DTF, see the world and bang high-quality escorts, but do not go around bragging. Don’t waste your time trying to learn ‘game’ or ‘pickup artistry’ (which is watered down ‘pimping’ and ‘macking’), unless you want to be laughed at like a sideshow circus act. Last but not least, keep your distance, observe the games women play, but do not engage in them. Never, ever allow a female to guilt-trip you about your natural attraction to women. Once they control your wandering eyes, they control what makes your dick hard. Then, they control your mind. Then, your life!

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