When Playing by the Rules Countervails Your Mastery

Some of those who may come across my blog will believe (as they have every right to) that I have no respect for the status quo and that I have a pretty subversive nature. Well, one does not need a high school diploma nor a GED to read between the lines and realize this is the case. A study in calculus isn’t even required to put two and two together to realize that yes, I do have a subversive nature and that I always knew there was much more to life than adhering to whatever social mores that society has tried to force-feed me. But my youth and inexperience with life kept me at a point to where I could not put my finger on specific answers to the whys and the hows.

I’ve always hated conformity and all of the other shit that comes with that, passivity and uncertainty included. Children are forced to adhere to an educational system which is dumbing them down and drugging them up into submission. Once an adult enters the workforce (becoming an employee), it remains the same. The message is all one in the same: Conform, or else!

Indulging in societal politics (or should I say pleasing other persons – temporary or otherwise) causes any rational person to bloom late in life, if they ever bloom at all. The audacity to question or create individualistic paths are already castrated since early childhood with fear and fake displays of power, which creates generations of people being lied to, scammed and fucked over, yet not realizing they were ever ruined until after the damage was ever done. All because people become occupied in doing the “right” things or regurgitating standard dogma enforced by parental guidance, religious training or obedience to those who lorded over them, temporarily or otherwise. Therefore, this normalized darkness of being causes us all to be dealt bad hands (though some are unluckier than others).

Why is it easier to conform than to break the rules, knowing the rules were made to screw you?

Well, that depends on an individual’s state of mind, environment and/or gutsy will to unlearn what’s been sodomized into their spirits since pre-school. I break the rules because by the time I reached near-30, I got sick of getting my ass kicked and taking people’s word for face value. This is why most men I know believe that a perfect world would be ran by thirty-somethings.

Amid entering your 30s, you’ve grown up, your feet and genitalia has gotten wet, yet you are still in your prime and you should have your own place to lay your head, you can read between the lines (lies) and you realize how everyone is fucked up in one arena or another.

I consider myself a pseudo-misanthropist, as I’ve mentioned in previous topics. I do not have a general disgust for humans, but I do keep my social circle small and this includes my not involving even immediate family in my personal matters. Even those closest to you have possible ulterior motives, which includes your sacrificing your own elation. That said, without adding unnecessary people to my mix, I realize I am beyond content and ever-productive and I never argue about making my own rules. Being a misanthropist may not be about a general distrust for people, although the reality is that people only care for you based on what you can do for them. Not yourself! It can be a way to express disdain for current affairs.


In regards to the opposite sex, I come to terms that women can do whatever they want, especially in a post-feminist undercurrent. While I have zero problem with this – plus the fact that just like I am better than most men, there are also a handful of men who are better than I am – I refuse to lose touch with who I am and my personal ethics for a mediocre piece of ass coming from man-stroke, dickteasing, greedy-ass beekeeping women. I have no problem attracting women as I do so on a regular basis (even though I refrain from attending nightclubs, ‘gaming’ women or buying chicks drinks), but I always aim for the world’s greatest and guaranteed transactions. Unlike most westernized men who yearn for commitment and emotional connections in the end (guys who have ‘mommy syndromes’), I praise immediate gratification, because for one, I also hate wasted time.

My ‘mongering’ antics (paying for sex with skilled escorts whom are all 5s & 4s) takes me to the point of no return. By comparison, it’s like a person who has been raised and find it impossible to reverse the evolutionary process (or being reduced to a certain stage).

Most men I know – especially black men – lower their standards and inflict mental stress on themselves by ‘gaming’, dating traditionally, dating strictly within their own race, longing for LTRs or playing The Key Logger (all for the sake of playing numbers games or even chasing hoodrats, oinkers, trailer trash and other assortments of ratchet pussy).

I hate bragging, but millions of men can only masturbate to or have “Technicolor Wet Dreams” to the women whose private parts I’ve merrily drilled. Why is that? Well, part of it deals with their conditioning to not revolt against the status quo… to break rules… to empower themselves physically, let alone psychologically. Their pride also conditions them to judge even high-class females as despicable vermin or ‘sluts’ (though the fact remains that all women are ‘sluts’ at some point or another). I mean, if a woman gives her pussy away for free or for low-quality margaritas, burgers and fries, then that does qualify her as ‘cheap’ or ‘low-grade’ (and most social nightlife settings in America are filled with those types).

It was once said that well-behaved women do not make history and this goes without questioning or even lengthy observation. The same goes for the male species. To make good with whatever scraps a person’s masters give them (i.e. ‘turning lemons into lemonade’) is sheer laziness at it’s most explicit form. Underworld participants from drug lords and indie-business owners to sex workers and corporate shysters comprehend this on a level conformists are too autistic and burned-out to comprehend. Even celebrated ‘game’ advisors and ‘PUA’ kings recognize this. This is why guys like RooshV, Tariq Nasheed (a former pimp), Iceberg Slim, Donald Goines, Big Boom, 2Pac, Jay-Z (a former drug lord), Johnnie Cochran and even civil rights leader Malcolm X (also, a former pimp) are highly celebrated not only by black men, but several manospherians. The aforementioned men never succeeded playing ‘go along to get along’ and they knew from early on, aristocracies dealt many cards against their favor, thus changed the world by writing their own handbook.

Unfortunately, though, some of these same men wind up becoming greedy in the same sense of the capitalists and control freaks they once despised. This leads to perpetuating varieties of bad advice, which contradicts the sole purpose of why they have become independent success stories to begin with. Knowing that fools and their money leads to huge parties and huger business, some turn into Captain Save-A-Hoes, religious nutcases, self-help ‘experts’ and other bullshit artists. This also proves that in order to pander to a wider audience (who are mostly idiots), there are certain rules to adhere to even then.

Again, ‘rules’ (like scare tactics) are made for stupid people, who are supposed to be kept in the dark and fed plenty of bullshit. But isn’t that how America was built to start with? (not a question, btw)

Members of pro-black Afrocentricity are not the only believers that laws are the new slave master. Tabs are kept on people every day, thanks to social media, GPS, data mining, Wi-Fi, Facebook Check-Ins and apps such as Google Earth, which can send information to which side of town you are currently located. Equally important, most Americans live in a world where people lose their jobs because of how they conduct themselves in their personal lives (the same way the American media treats black athletes, but gives white athletes free passes, unless they are pedophiles). This includes, but certainly not limited to, word of mouth, Facebook posts which reveal people engaging in normal human behavior, such as getting high, smoking cigarettes, promiscuous sex, vacations, personal rants, or even attending their own mother’s funeral. Most Americans live in a world where high-paid narcs and lowlives dream up ways (using technology) to meddle into their personal lives.

…a world where people live on their knees. A world of slaves!

Even in modern black America (which is still ran by a retarded matriarchal system), young black men are still being corrupted by various authority figures to accept female dominance as the natural order of things, which is a very slick way to prevent white male emasculation, which has already happened thanks to female hypergamy, feminism and an ever-growing lust and curiosity for black male sexuality and overhyped interracial dating. Karma, perhaps?

In order to live life on your own terms, one must understand how to break the rules, as well as the rules of the land, in addition to being discreet. The ruler (king/queen) who sits in his/her throne is not always in charge (even the American president is employed by not only the people, but the capitalistic big-wigs whose minds are much more resilient). The king or queen is a lapdog who’s unconscious of any possibilities of those working against their regime. In many cases, the people behind the scenes are really running things. Many historic empires (Egypt, Roman Empire, the Zulu Kingdom, Africa, etc.) have failed due to people going against the grain. Only in few instances (with feminism being one), those who rebel create empowered and awakened people.

Aside from prostitution (the most ethical transaction between humans), there is honestly no such thing as a 50/50 transaction (which is probably why it’s so stigmatized in America). All forms of human transaction are based on not only a supply-and-demand system, but a control-based system (which person has the most control).


What do you think?

One thought on “When Playing by the Rules Countervails Your Mastery

  1. Yo man idk if you like/heard of Kalmah (metal), but here is a badass song, and pretty relevant the slave mentality we are fed

    ‘Smile, obey, behave, educate
    Do what they tell you to do’

    The closest thing to metal that I listen to is Metallica. I am checking this out…

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