Matriarchal Societies are in Dire Need of Extermination


…then again, that’s already happening.

While there are busloads of African-American men who do ridiculously retarded forms of fuckery, African-American women are certainly not spared. The stupid shit some black men do, however, gives black women an excuse to further build a goddamned matriarch full of retards. Matriarchy is a highlighted example of the blind leading the blind.

Growing up, I’ve observed the control that women have tried to exhibit over men – my father, stepfather and my mother’s and aunt’s boyfriends included. The erratic behavioral patterns of women just had to be observed from afar to be believed. Most community members found this to be completely normal. Women did not respect men unless they were either their male sons, highly-social thugs, wannabes or flashy pretty boys who got all of the pussy back in high school. Even that came with ultimatums. As time passed, I realized that the issue of women trying their hardest to control, scam, deceive, emasculate and ‘game’ men was normalized by western society and this façade was a diabolical normality which was, however, strictly by design in a country built by racism to ultimately destroy the lives of black men.

White feminism unconsciously gave black women even more ammunition to idiotically fire their weapons at noises in the dark and target their own men. But I’m not saying that black men did not contribute to the problem by not doing dumb shit, like ‘gaming’ women or knocking them up.

Women innately have man-testing genes that goes along with an unfettered attraction to dominant, hardcore, reckless and brutish men. This is why black women enjoy the company of the underhanded and the risky. Young black females who embrace the street life lean towards thugs and drug barons while a handful of the educated ones have a larger attraction to white men (which may explain the popularity of ABC’s TV series, Scandal). Tariq Nasheed calls this the Negro Bed Wench mentality; even though black females see most black men as cowards for either living on their knees and playing it safe or because black men may not have defended them during the slavery era, allowing white slavemasters and plantation owners to rape and brutally fuck his wife and daughters under the threat of death or castration.

Note that not all black women were victims of rape and sexual abuse during the slavery era. Some were willing slave mistresses and free women of color in the south who attended secret Eyes Wide Shut like sex parties, being happily drilled by whites, Frenchmen and Spaniards (even during a time when the men were still being kept in the dark and fed plenty of bullshit, such as Christianity). Even in this scenario, black females saw dominance in (white) males, which secretly made their panties wet. Though most black men may not be as financially stable even in today’s setup, black male dominance is represented in sexuality, sports, urban music or the refusal to take orders from society.

Once the flings are over and the women age, high-value men avoid them and move on to younger, fresher meat. The aging, stretched out hags turn bitter, turn nun, celibate, oedipal, chronically obese or religious. If these black women have black sons by the studs who fuck them and run, they train their sons to be the guys who they would have like to have dated; guys who they would never have respected to start with – and this could be because their sons remind them of the assholes they’ve dated who played with their minds and their genitalia equally. I’ve discussed this before in a previous topic in lengthy detail.

No self-respecting man wants to date, have sex with, be seen with let alone reproduce with such monstrous, despicable, fat, shitty-ass women. Handfuls of educated, stable and desirable black men choose to let these women rot. Unfortunately, some men leave their sons hanging to endure the wrath and spousification of their mothers.

Younger black women who have not been hit by this epidemic see their mother’s ‘scorned’ demeanor and purposely avoid high-value men who have their careers and finances in order, just to have LTRs or NSA/FWB arrangements with men who are not as prestigious as them, so they can walk all over him and control the relationship… making him feel as if he’s a powerless cuckold, a walking dildo or a house-broken dog.

Females increasingly lust over black studs who may be unemployed, in an out of jail/prison or working human scum blue-collar jobs. These men are the ones who make the women’s panties wet, giving them tingles. Upon moving in with these women who they are in STR/LTRs with, these studs assume that because their sex is so powerful or because their swag or dicks are so big, they can live off of a woman and run the show on her dime and basically, have a field day. As long as women give up the pussy or ass to these broke-ass men, they will always feel they have it made. Then when the fling is over, he moves onto the next chick or lives with his mother or sister again… These men have also been brainwashed by their mothers to devote their entire lives exclusively to pleasing women, ignoring their own life purposes.

Similar to the black men who kisses white women’s asses, yet devalue black women in general, these are niggas with mommy issues (just as pimps, rapists, family-minded men yearning to establish emotional connections with women are).

The ‘scorned woman’ complex may not apply to ancestral matriarchs who were given power over the men in their ethnicity by whites who did so as a means to destroy black masculinity. Many older black females do have a Florida Evans or Mama Flora’s Family complex who feel that regardless if a black guy is established and in his 30s, he is in the same boat as her children or grandchildren. “I am the head of the family, I am over you and you all are my kids.” In my view of things, this is worse than whatever bourgeois ‘Talented-Tenth’ complex some blacks have (blacks who favor mulattoes and light-skinned blacks to a higher regard than those of darker hue). But once you add feminized laws, hypergamy and female-dominated currency to the mix, it leads to anarchy.

Matriarchy (Female Supremacy 1.0) dreams up ways to make the lives of men miserable for their own egotistical gratification and this is not only limited to pregnancy hustles, bitch-pitching or mother-in-laws attacking their daughters’ husbands for something as simple as coming home from work late. Bitter black single mothers and religious fanatical hags make up some of the strongest advocates of LTRs and marriages, even though these women were never married or had more failed monogamous relationships than Tom Leykis.

Maybe it is true that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She had been used, abused and played. Even if she has dug her own grave, does anyone think she’s going to teach her son to dominate women and have a choosy, polygamous nature? Handfuls of single black mothers increasingly teach their daughters to be strong, independent and assertive while training their sons how to be pussies and pansies and lead from subordinate positions, which is an oxymoron.

This along with the natural laws of attraction cause black men who choose to restrict themselves exclusively to white, Asian, Latin women, sex travels, strippers, porn stars and escorts. For some men, it is strictly a preference with no excuses or reasoning used. For others, it is their final resort based on their community’s current matrix.

Ghetto life, criminal life and matriarchy are cycles that can be easily broken through strong will, but no one said it would be easy. Young black men are not taught to be self-sufficient, alert or strong by religious conference halls, the public school system, nor matriarchy. In order too break those chains, it can take years or even a decade to unlearn that shit, grow a pair and move on and embrace his options. Unless he has strong ties to ghetto, religious or matriarchal traps and indoctrination, he can succeed, but it will take time, implying he does not have a checkered history dealing with criminal felonies, stupid choices, kids, child support/alimony fees or even bad credit.

The gender war and gap in the black community is more treacherous than whatever gender war that is occurring in East Asian countries, which are causing the men to abstain from sex completely and avoid women. That said, Japanese men would not survive in a black matriarchal empire. There’s no way in hell Japanese men have endured as much stress and inflicted health-related ills as the black man has, even by today’s standards. However, black men who avoid marriages, LTRs and other loyalties to their own brand has similarities to the epidemic of the Japanese Herbivores. Except they don’t get pussy. They do not have it as good as black men do, let alone white men. They play video games, read anime or attend social bars. Sex is just not that important to Asian males. (Keep in mind that China is widening it’s strict anti-prostitution laws, plus increasingly low fertility in Asian countries.)

Black men just do not play that shit (race pride or no).


Black male sexuality is just that strong to where they will not allow themselves to be that fucking dickless. In fact, it’s so strong to where they can even allow themselves to lose self-respect and desperately pursue ratchet pussy and getting females pregnant. But that’s pure stupidity. Some of that can be blamed on urban public schooling’s incompetent sex education curriculum and the lack of resources in ghetto hell-holes.

Yes, I had sex with a woman without a condom once, but it doesn’t feel any different from using one – providing you use thin condoms, which are not as annoying as those ribbed or large ones… Then again, a man can not rawdog a woman unless she allows him to, or even if she’s drunk (which feminists want to say that drunk sex is equivalent to rape). But then again, some black men can be sexually indiscriminate. This is where pregnancy scams come in (Maury Povich found himself a cash cow by exposing these adults with special needs).

The African-American community is taking the hardest hits of a matriarchal system, even though white male emasculation is on the incline, thanks to female hypergamy and various sexual lifestyles. Black Players (a 1973 book) was written by a white couple who interviewed a share of black pimps and black street prostitutes who all acknowledged even back in the 1960s that black boys are being brainwashed by female family members, the black church and the public school system to accept female dominance as the natural order of things.

Now, not all matriarchies are dysfunctional. Surprisingly, I have met a number of single mothers from non-western countries who are that way either by choice or by being victims of circumstance. Not all LTRs and marriages work out, I understand that. Monogamy is unnatural state of being in the first place. It seems to me, though, that even some non-western single mothers do have realization and respect for their sons’ natural tendency to have big balls, to make his own way and they aren’t that fucking fearful of their teenage sons spending a night at his girlfriends house or walking to and from a gym to work out. In some instances, the father is also present in the son’s life.

Single mothers overseas aren’t hell bent on trying to destroy their sons lives, interfere with his sexual development, feminize him or call his cell phone every 5 minutes when he’s in at a sports bar or a hotel room fucking a woman. By mothers being in constant fear of their sons’ life, she makes them dependent on her, making her their masters and dominatrixes. Any natural form of reprisal from these young men leads to high anxiety and high angered responses from the mother, which create lose/lose scenarios for everyone.

In a female-empowerment society which leaves young men hanging out to dry, black women continue to pump themselves up about how ‘strong and independent’ they are while their sons are being neutered like dogs by American society and being forced to deal with tragedy and drastic measures (prison life, military, drugs, transvestism, game). This is what happens when fathers are not present either due to their own irresponsibility or due to them being rendered unnecessary in the household. But these women can’t enjoy their free rides (welfare, child support, alimony) if the father is present, right? Likewise, a man can not run the show on a woman’s dime if she has a stable, high-paying career and he doesn’t.

I am not here to generalize or attack single mothers. In fact, I tip my hat off to some single mothers. Picnics are planned, but weather is never predicted. Black matriarchal societies ought to be incinerated and exterminated for the sake of their male and female offspring.

5 thoughts on “Matriarchal Societies are in Dire Need of Extermination

  1. Can’t help but feel your use of the word ‘matriarchy’ to describe the situation is misguided (in the same way feminists often misuse the word ‘patriarchy’). Matriarchy =/= female dominance and most advocates of a return matriarchal roots do not in fact associate with feminists (as it is viewed by many of them as tool of advancement and perpetuation of the white patriarchy).

    Shawn James made the same mistake in his old blog post about black patriarchy and the introduction of matriarchy into black slave communities in order to further divide them and keep them enslaved, which seems nonsensical to me as it doesn’t corroborate the history of our continent (Africa). Here’s a shortened version of my answer:

    “You seem to be confusing female dominance (gynocracy) for matriarchy and male dominance for patriarchy, when neither advocates the dominance of neither gender over the other.
    They’re just concepts of societies built around fundamentally different definitions of family (paternity, nuclear family and shunning of illegitimate children for one, and maternity, more ‘liberal’ views on sexual relationships and commitment, and the education of the child being provided by the mother’s family, with the uncle as the father figure).
    I don’t know what kind of history you read, but the soil of your black, african ancestors was filled with strong matriarchal roots and matrilieneal rules of succession: the ancient egyptians, the himbas, the empires of ghana and mali, the nubian queens, the bantou of central africa etc.

    White men cannot teach what they do not know, so the mere idea that they would’ve replaced the alledged patriarchal system in place within the slave community to replace it with a matriarchy sounds unreasonable. What you have to realise is that by cutting your slave ancestors away from their roots and traditions, they force them to integrate a culture that was not tailored for them, and abandon a millenium-old family model that has kept their ancestors’ tribes and empires together.
    By forcing their own flawed system of patriarchy AND male dominance (because one does not necessarily imply the other) down our throats they made sure to destroy the identity of the black african folk (both the enslaved, deported ones, and those who stayed and were colonized).
    Don’t fool yourself into believing all the rubbish the western would have you believe about the current predicament of the black american community: the “black matriarchy” you speak of is no matriarchy at all, just a people who were cut from their roots, history and traditions.”

    Unfortunately my first language is french, so I don’t have many well documented sites on matriarchy and patriarchy to direct you to that are in english. If you understand French or have a french friend or relative tho, I’d recommend you check out this website:
    The page I linked you to deals with the preconcieved notions most men (and women) have about matriarchy.

    The funny thing is, the sexual freedom and end of the traditional nuclear family structure you advocate for in many of your posts is one of the major differences between matriarchy and patriarchy and that (I believe), make matriarchal societies the more favorable option. Excerpt from the page I linked:

    “3/ Matriarchy demasculanizes men

    In a matriarchal society, the security of the mother does not depend on her spouse, but is rather ensured from birth by the men and women of her family clan. Her children will perpetuate the lineage, regardless of who the biological father is. A social organization such as this one thus allows for a greater sexual freedom.


    The matriarchal man is thus sexually liberated, as well as responsible for the children of his clan and the protection of his family members (mothers, sisters, nephews, nieces etc)”

    Doesn’t seem that bad, does it?

    PS: sry fr the long ass rant

    Well, I was reading about Queen Nzinga of Angola and I’ve also heard about how she was comfortable with slavery, if it was done on her terms. Yes, matriarchy and gynocracy are two different things, but even still, you cannot have one without the other. In a society where women outnumber men, who do you think is going run run shit?

    As Thugtician once said, “Women are given a lot more latitude to cause trouble than men. By the time we realize a woman is the source of the problem, the damage they have caused is often unfixable. For further evidence on this point, I direct you to a black community near you.”

    I know a lot of “queen worship” originated from ancient Africa and a lot of that still exists today. This has also led to thirsty men and pussy begging from men who women truly don’t respect. Why? Because men simply DO worship them and portray themselves as needy, impatient and desperate. But, women are lead by emotions and have a desire and need to be led by dominant men. If there were more men like this, perhaps the black community wouldn’t be in a rut in regards to the lives of children (although I have no children and don’t care to have any, but my two fathers showed me WTF was up). In regards to sexual freedom, you don’t think that would exist in a male-dominated society? If so, then you’re wrong.

    1. Well, I’m not sure how your example about slavery relates to what I said in my previous post. It’s not like I believe that ancient matriarchal societies were without flaws or anything.

      You said Africa has matriarchal roots. Am I right?

      Well yes, I think you actually can. By definition matriarchy refers to social order based on maternity, which doesn’t imply female domination, in the same way that patriarchy doesn’t imply male dominance (I mean, what type of male dominance is it that forces men in most societies to go die in the field while their women stay safe at home, or ties them to one woman and forbids them to exercise their sexual freedom?). One may exist without the other simply because in the traditional re-partition of power and work of many matriarchies, men do wield the power (they’re rulers, charged of handling external matters such as warfare and politics, while domestic matters are being handled by women), even though they do not possess it. All of which doesn’t fit the (to this day, still theoretical) gynocratic model, with women as the ruling class.

      Yes, I agree with this highly. But even though the women may benefit from the welfare and politics that keeps them dependent on the system, it causes them to not need men to help with their children (especially male children) and to actually run the show on other people’s dime.

      But semantics aside, I get that the skewed male-to-female ratio may constitute a fair argument.

      I wouldn’t call it a “queen worship” so much as I would call it “mother worship”, which places mothers at the heart of society, thus above men and other women. To come back on what I said about men as rulers, Afaik a good ruler still has embody most positive traits traditionally associated with masculinity : a competent ruler must still know how to lead. And such a man, whose sexuality isn’t bound by societal rules, has no reason to beg for pussy when there are plenty of women just as sexually liberated as he is (and who have NO good reason to withhold sex from him, since becoming a mother means elevating their social status) to choose from.


      You’re definitely right about this though: The lack of respect and general mistrust among black men and women in America is a major obstacle too.

      As for the lives of black american children, I believe a stronger and better balanced family structure (kind of like a clan, actually) would greatly help. I only speak from experience here, but as a child who had to their life from childhood to adulthood without a father, I can say for sure it would’ve been incredibly harder for my mom to raise me ‘right’ if it weren’t for the rest of my family supporting her and actively participating in my education. Even though I was aware of their existence, I’ve been sheltered from many of the ills that plague french (and all) ghettos: teen pregnancy, reckless sexual behavior, drugs etc. While many of the friends I’d grown up with didn’t have this chance.
      All this to say, a monolithic family structure that isn’t likely to break anytime soon is imho a safer environment for the child than a marriage, LTR or other monogamous union that could implode at any given time (usually on a whim of the woman) and which you clearly yourself dislike.

      As for your last question: it’s not that I don’t believe in it. Just that in thousands of years of patriarchy I’ve yet to see a male-dominated society which allows sexual freedom for both men and women equally : if sexual freedom = sexual freedom for men to sollicitate prostitutes without fear of social stigma but women_still_be_hoes_if_they_fuck_more_ than_one_guy_per_year_tho, then we already had that, and I wouldn’t be satisfied with that. If you have a counter example of a male dominated society in which sexual promiscuity of neither gender is frowned upon, then I’d be glad to know more about it.

      So, third-world countries aren’t male dominated societies?

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