The Errors Behind Saving Money


I never understood the concept of saving money (even by today’s disenfranchising undercurrent), unless it is beneficial to saving for assets, such as vacations, vehicles, major outings or saving at least 10% on electronics and appliances. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Me, personally? Spending and accumulating money is my vice. That is what it’s made for; enjoying the fruits of your labor. Once you die, you cannot take it with you. Yes, I understand money is necessary for your own burial. Yes, I hate living from paycheck to paycheck, being broke for anything more than 7-10 days before my next payday. However, this is the current state of the average American. Others have it worse and this proves that the American Dream is all a pipe dream for Americans to overwork themselves to an early grave, or into bad health.

The concept of saving money seems to be celebrated among gullible and stupid middle and lower class ‘citizens’ who waste their hours collecting coupons or looking for ‘deals’ which aren’t really ‘deals’ to start with. They actually believe this is some type of virtue. Saving money will not prevent annual increases for the cost of living. This generation is laced with ne’er do-wells who are living in debt (which will only worsen), robbing Peter to pay Paul, living with bad credit (which leads to high interest rates and a need for co-signers), choosing to live on fixed incomes instead of bouncing from job to job and ‘borrowing’ from cash advances and worse. That said, it’s no wonder why people are increasingly refusing to play by the rules or choosing to own their own businesses (which is what I do). The smartest motherfuckers in the world realize that underworld (‘immoral’) lifestyles are a much more viable and reliable way to live their American dream. The adventurous side of certain high-paying lifestyles are only a plus. For others, it’s only a way to pay their accumulating bills and such.

Whoever said anything in America is free is telling a bold-faced lie and the believers of that lie are usually the autistic and the ‘slow’. Nothing is free in America. Not even sex with the opposite sex (which is why I do not understand the concept of prostitution being ‘degrading’, but that’s another topic).

It is always vital to find the greatest deal, I don’t care if it pertains to hygiene products, food, budget plans or pussy. Discounts and rewards will always save you a significant amount of money. But what’s the use of saving 10% on something that is not a commodity, but a bare necessity? Are you willing to drive 7 miles away from your local CVS to save an extra $3 at a Walgreen’s?

The main reason behind saving money is not only looking for cheapest way out, but even more realistically is to ‘penny-pinch’. And what the hell for? You can’t buy anything with a single dollar anymore. The last time I checked, a single dollar bill was useless since the turn of the new millennium, therefore it can not be used for anything useful (unless you count ’10 For $10′ deals at select grocery stores, packs of chewing gum or a small spring water). However, there are sales tax for most purchases. Which implies that for every dollar or less that is spent, state sales tax has to be included (which TV advertisements will not even mention amid their advertising for McDonald’s Dollar Menu items).

The errors behind saving money include idiotic people who have severe mental obsessions about saving so much so to where they may be that cheap and gentle to where they have to grab small packets of Ketchup or Splenda from coffee shops because their cheap-asses can’t afford a $4 box of it from Wal-Mart. Other retards find themselves going to the gas station every single day just to put $6 in the tank (1.5 gal.) when they can just put $25-30 in there every week, which will save time (which is more valuable than money). Not only are middle and lower class folks becoming stingy, but business owners are even worse.

Are times that fucking tight to where management at McDonald’s chew out their employees just for giving away 2 or 3 extra packets of BBQ sauce to go along with a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets?

I can understand saving money for personal entertainment, assets, preparing for the future or even creating a will for offspring. Even still, are you for sure your presence will exist even 5 years from today? Once you kick the bucket, you can not take that money with you. Might as well go for broke and live the most fulfilled life possible. Lots of people do not do that. They choose to save money to buy more bullshit that puts them in debt. This includes, but certainly not limited to, saving up for college, while job security is almost nonexistent in the US, buying overpriced houses, furniture, dishes and curio cabinets that may never be used just to woo and wow suburbanites and cackling hens who could care less.

What’s the use of saving for college, when college will run you about 1/10th of a million dollars, if you are lucky? Wouldn’t it be wise to take that $100K and buy a small bachelor pad with a few pieces of furniture? Whatever money that is made thereafter can be used for utilities, transportation, adult entertainment, travel, etc. Others save money for temporary gratification which leads to misery, such as weddings, wedding receptions and having kids. Which brings me to this question:

Why are people getting married and having kids when there’s a recession in a country – especially in a generation – where the divorce rate is around 60% – which are almost always initiated by wives, the in-laws and daytime talk-show ‘divas’ who always push the ideology that a woman can always find a better man, regardless of how fat, nasty, smelly and decomposing she is becoming? Why not take that money spent on wife-and-kids routines and just buy your own place, own your dream car, travel and drill the orifices of bad bitches by the hour or half-hour?!

Then there’s the concept of eating cheap, processed, carbohydrate or sugar-filled foods or starving one’s self just to save money (which is what’s happening to America’s college students). You actually believe that penny-pinching by eating shitty meals from Wendy’s Value Menu will not take a toll on your physique? Once your body stretches out like a pregnant woman carrying twins in her womb, it will be hell trying to get back in shape without dishing out even more money for cosmetic surgeries. Trust me, I know! Eating healthy is quite expensive and is costly – which explains the pathetic state of the average American physique.

The errors behind saving money is more ridiculous behind wanting an accumulating amount. To me, it’s just as bad as greedy capitalism. Then that means you are not living. You are not alive. You penny-pinch, which also causes you to nickel and dime (or borrow from friends, family members or cash advances, which demands your repayment, which also comes with high interest rates). That is no way to live.

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